Happy New Goals

It looks like I will have my internet minutes up until today for a blog so I would rather make use of this opportunity to type in my thoughts for 2017. 

As I was just writing down what God has done this year, I was at the same time encouraged that goals written on paper has 90% potential of coming to life. Of course it is in the understanding that the goals are right in front of us and we keep declaring that it is going to come to pass. It does with the touch of the Master’s Hand. One of our goals that come to pass was our goal to save a certain amount of money by December 31, 2016. Thankfully, before this day comes,  we were able to hit our goal. Before January ends, we may be able to open our first joint savings account. Thank you Jesus.

So we have this plan of building a simple house to a lot we purchased. Well, this is a right as of yet since this is the only one that we can afford as of this time but we are excited about it. We have sacrificed a lot since as we decided to buy and pay for this lot every month,  my work was on and off so we really have to maintain a tighter budget to be able pay. Now that it’s fully paid with the help of my sister, we will one day build a house. But even if what we have in mind is very simple, it will cost a lot too so we are planning to save for 6 months of our expenses this year so that once we will start the construction, we will not be stressed out for our monthly expenses. 

We have written down how much we need to save by the end of this year and the sacrifice we have to make to meet our goals. This means no new clothes, bring a home made food to the office, cook at home and have a monthly budget and stick with it. 

So there. We only have one specific goal this year.  It looks vain here because I will not say how much would that be online but it’s a goal that needs the mercy and the faithfulness of God which I am convince that He will always will. 

So what’s your goal for 2017?

I am declaring that 2017 will be a flourishing and peaceful year for all of us.

Happy New Goals Every One🏃💃


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