Highlights Vs Reality

​There is no doubt that we are in the time of our lives where the worship of stuff is the in thing and comparison is wildly overwhelming. We just click in and scroll instagram, facebook, twitter, and we see a picture of too good to be true poses, smiles and things that if we are not careful will slowly crept into our soul. Most of the time, we see prayers to the Lord in these social sites that is so contradictory to what Jesus said when we pray. In Matthew 6:6 Jesus said, But when you pray,  go into your PRIVATE ROOM, SHUT YOUR DOOR and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you (HCSB). We are in this season when verses are so easy to copy and paste to appear religious, me included, but has no evident of a changed lives. We are in this phase of BeautyPlus and 360 filter kind of applications that makes our photos appears fabulous as if everything is perfectly going on but it took 20 times of filters to finally decide the best angle. We are in this moment when everything can just be posted to keep up with the Joneses that we failed to keep up with what He says. In just one scroll, we can see the opinion of one famous individual in a far away land and we are just a type away to also make our thoughts known. Yes. That’s so me. 

At times, we become so engrossed of what others have become that we failed to check how our lives have turned out to be. The opinions of so many people who don’t know us become our go to advice to live. In some cases, we become so obsessed with what others have that we slowly kill ourselves in the process just to be in where everyone is IN. 

The truth of the matter is, the social sites photos of people including us is really not the real us. We see people in their best smile that seemed to have the best vacation and we join the loneliest party called PITY PARTY because how come life for them fares well but it doesn’t sit well with me? We see someone that seeemd enjoying their marriage life and we sulk in the corner joining a radio drama of why does she or he has the best spouse while mine doesn’t seem to care without us having an idea of how they kneeled down in prayer very early in the morning to have that kind of marriage while we fall asleep. We watch people driving their own brand new car and we wonder why we are still riding a bus without knowing that they push their butt off to work in order to pay their vehicle a month.
What am I saying? The social site photos are not always the real us. 
So what we going to do? Let’s see what we have and start thanking God. Let’s thank God for our job. It may not be the best job but we have a job and it puts food on our table. Let’s thank God for our health. We may not have a medical insurance but the Lord blessed our bodies with His strength and His vigor. Let’s thank God for our house. We may not have a mansion like our neighbor does but we are not in debt. Let’s thank God for our families. Ours may not be perfect but it has been the best. Let’s thank God for our partner, spouse, wife, and husband. They may not look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie but they are the one who sacrifice their life for us to prove their love. Let’s thank God for who we are. We may not earn millions yet and our face may not look like someone in the magazine stand whose been photoshopped a thousand times over, but hey, we are created in the image and likeness of God and regardless of how small we seemed to be, we truly matter in His University.
Let’s not compare our lives in the highlights of someone else because we have no idea of how their back story really looks like. Let the authenticity in us shines out and let the spirit of Praise be our new habit. 
We have been so much blessed to compare ourselves to a facade that we failed to see His day to day grace, mercy, unfailing love, protection and a Father kind of care.
Let’s get real without being fooled by someone elses filtered highlights.

~Because the reality is I don’t always wear make up and life is not always organize as I wanted it to be~


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