Be Contented

​Having a preview of someone else’s life is just one click away and the more we gazed at people into thinking that they must be so lucky and we must be probably a crap, we created a spirit of discontentment in our lives. All of a sudden we forget that we have been so blessed to have eyes to see, nose to smell, feet to walk, hands to touch, and mouth to taste food or foods during the holidays. In a snap, our happy disposition has been changed and turned into a toxic human being no one would like to be around with.  Then in just an instant like a magic wand, we want to have what others have. We want the house of Emily Brunt, the successful show of Oprah Winfrey, the car of Angel Locsin and the perfect family of the Gomezes. Oh oh. Why? Because we see a little preview of their well edited lives in pictures and we lose to appreciate what God has entrusted us in our season. 

We live in a nice house but we can’t rejoice because we want the house of someone we’ve just seen at instagram or probably the newly built house of our neighbors. We don’t have any idea if the one living there has no sleep at night wondering how to pay their well known beautiful space. We pay our jeepney fare and sulk in our corner sit envious of those flashy cars that passed by without us knowing that the car is going to be taken away from them by the bank because they can’t pay the monthly payment. We have a basic phone to send and receive a text message but we can’t be happy because we are so envious of someone elses latest iphone without realizig that they are paying for it monthly and they don’t have enough money to pay for their house rent and is so stressed out on what to pay for their children’s tuition fee.

Let’s start to be contented and be grateful with what we have without losing our childlike kind of faith by believing God for more. But with promotion comes faithfulness. If we can’t be faithful with what we have now, how can we be faithful when we are trusted with more? If we can’t give now, how can we share our blessings when we have more than enough? 
If we are discontented now when we are not even paying for the air that we breathe, then to have MORE isn’t a promise to live a contented life. 
Contentment is an attitude and a direct consequence of a grateful heart.
In 1 Timothy 6:6 it says, Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. NLT
So there you go. Let’s start cultivating a heart of contentment to win the war against comparison.
That’s #ChilisWinsDayTips to be a winner in life🏃

~Yes, this is my phone for a 2 years. It can receive text and send a text message. It can call and receive a call and I am happy with it. It’s way too cheap and I am not paying the telephone company monthly to be IN~


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