Mind Your Own Performance

​Workplace is not a charity institution. That means once we log in and sit down in our desk, we are expected to perform to what has been required by the company.  Therefore, competition cannot be avoided. We cannot help but look at someone elses performance hoping there’s will be much lower than ours to feel good about ourselves. But competing against our team mate isn’t healthy and I don’t believe in creating a healthy competition among team mates. Instead of building teamwork, someone who is egocentric will feel too good about themselves and develop a superiority complex while the insecure will drop down their shoulders and in contrast will have inferiority complex believing they can’t do the task.
What I find healthy instead is competing from my own performance. I checked how I scored, learn from my mistakes and aim to beat my past metrics. That way, I gain momentum to excel at work without looking down at others or worhipping the topnotchers.
The same thing holds true in the other areas of our lives. We will never live a peaceful life if we will mind other people’s posts, comments, unsolicited advices, and wild critics. We only have ONE VOICE to mind and that’s His Voice. 
So if a post of a certain person irritates you, UNFOLLOW or like how my brother lives his life, Don’t join the bandwagon of social media. Work instead and feed our families or let’s reach our dreams. 
If a certain individual really boils our blood because they are wired differently from us, then let’s be kind. We can always be kind even if we keep our distance.
What’s even more commendable is, let’s MIND our own life, let’s see if what we do, say, and post is pleasing to the Lord. If it does, then let’s keep growing,  let’s keep improving, and let’s keep learning until we become the person that He envisions us to be. 
1 Thessalonians 4:11 in The Message says, Stay calm; MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS; do your OWN JOB. You’ve heard all this from us before but a reminder never hurts.
WIN it my friends🏃


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