One of my epic fails in life is that I give up when I am almost at the end of the summit. The voice of “WHAT IF” will cross in my mind a thousand times again and again and this chit chat became so big that it conquers me and eventually my fight to win for my dreams. I will never forget of my previous employment experience and how I unethically left and lose my demeanor of grace and respect simply because I entertained uninvited guests chit chatters in my head. 

Truth be told, underneath my bad exit was my fear of not being endorsed. Those fears where boiled all the more when I surrounded myself with complainers and without me knowing it, I sipped the toxic kind of coffee called GOSSIP and I went home so guilty of an action I never expected myself will do but I did. 

Fast forward, when I surrendered once again to Someone greater than myself, something on the inside of me gently says, “GOD IS AWARE.” He is aware of the best job ahead of me. He knows the best year I will be engaged. He has the best career for me with my name on it. He has me in the palm of His hands. He knows the danger ahead and He already charged His angels concerning me to protect me in all my ways. It was when I leaned on and trusted that the Universe has nothing but my good that slowly the layers of fears has been broken down until I just wake up and constantly say, God you are aware of my TODAY and I thank you that You have cleared the path for me and for my loved ones. This has been a great released for me and instead of waking up afraid of what’s to come,  I wake up EXPECTANT that the UNIVERSE has my back and the destiny that He has for me will SURELY come to pass. 

So, when my training took a little longer,  and when I heard a little negative chit chat on the side, In silence I sigh in TRUST that whatever the outcome will be, either I get endorsed or not, the EXPERIENCE makes me a better person and the months gave me the opportunity to SHINE because of His Glory. In Psalm it says, GOD’S GLORY, MAN’S DIGNITY. Yes, His Glory in my life has DIGNITY as my beautiful side effects. By just trusting in His ways, I GOT ENDORSED, NO SWEAT. Let’s just put it this way: His BLOOD, my FAVOR. 

So, when the voice of uncertainty knocks my head, I sigh in HOPE and gently declare to the UNIVERSE my prayer and say “LORD, YOU AE AWARE AND I TRUST THAT IT’S NOTHNG BUT FOR MY GOOD.”

That simple prayer gives me so much peace. And when the knock becomes so violent, I reminded myself of how I was born totally poor but He fed me. How I lost my mother on my birthday when I was 10 but He nourished me. How I drowned in the ocean and gone for 30 minutes but He has saved me through my father. How I fainted under the banana tree out of hunger when I was 11 and He strengthened me. How I lost all the people I thought I have poured out my life more than my family but He made His loyalty and unfailing love more evident to me. How I was down in debt and it looks like there’s no way out but He taught me stewardship to even knowing how to save. How I was being bullied to be so UGLY and SHORT to being so Favored, loved and valued wherever I go. How I was I was teased to never have a boyfriend and husband because of a natural ugliness to have been blessed with a boyfriend who worships JESUS, prayed to Him and for me and values my PURITY. How I was prophesied to be a “HOUSEHELPER” forever to becoming a PROFESSIONAL TEACHER, WRITER, SPEAKER and MORE TO COME. How I was a BITTER woman with no one would like to ever be around me to a sweet blooming lady and impacting people for eternity.

Yes, God is aware and when we Surrender and just trust in His ways, it’s going to be a journey with a beautiful story that will GIVE HIM THE GLORY.

So, trust Him. 



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