I am a woman who always refers to the Bible as my go to Manual. I am convince that when the Word of God stirs up my heart, I am 100 percent sure that it’s going to come to pass in my life. His Word has never failed me and His inner voice of daily guidance saved me from fatal mistakes that could have been detrimental for my future. 

This year, I believe that His Message for me is to make my life simple without compromising the core of my roots. That I should wake up convince of His unfailing LOVE regardless of my unintintentional mistakes and failures. That His WORD will not just be posted and shared on Social Media to make me appear more religious to people, rather HIS TRUTHS should be nourished daily within me, allowing it to take root so it is going to bear fruit in my life. 

This year, I allow the Holy Spirit to speak into my heart so He could birth on the inside of me a Verse that I need to marinate and meditate in my heart once a month. I also ask Him to give me a quotation from people that would be beneficial for me so I could flourish based on His leading and mentorship.

So here’s to my January:

Every day I read it and meditated on it so that when something comes up, I will be able take time to listen to the dialogue of my heart. Just this week, I am impressed to give my first fruits to the Lord and since I experienced giving my whole salary last year to a local church, I did not hesitate when I received the same impression to share half of my salary as my first fruit this year.  I had a genuine talk to the Holy Spirit and I was so willing until I saw how much I should have been receiving on my first fifteen days. It was quite big and there I remember the verse to keep a vigilant watch over my heart because there’s where life starts. As I reflected on what was going on the inside of me, I saw a thin layer of my love for money and the attitude of greed. 

His WORD, when given the time to take root will expose the dirt that has been hidden on the inside of us. I repented over my love of money and greed and slowly joy and gratitude burst like the beauty of the sun that shines brightly early in the morning. He reminded me of how He sustained me last year and how He has blessed us with so much that enables us to be a conduit of His blessings to others. He showed me over how we can’t out give Him because He always bless us with more. 

So I learned that it’s not about how many verses I read in a day and how many of these Living Scriptures are posted in social media. I discover that it’s about allowing His Word to take root in my heart so that my lifestyle will line up with His. 

Why I entitled this as KISS?!? 

Because for this Year, I’ll KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTERS.

May each one of us will  be on fire with His guidance through His Word and may we will be a beautiful reflection of His counsel everyday. May we become a sweet smelling reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a great day everyone💟


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