Getting Real With The Rain

I was awakened by the raindrops at dawn and it’s noise inspired me to sip my greatest coffee. The smell perfectly fitted the winds and the rains while I scrolled down Tube Mates to check the best youtubers to download for doses of inspiration. The sun must have shone but the day is so dark that the bed gave me a strong invitation to lie down. I wanted to say yes to the invitation when the laundry basket broke into its widest smile giving me option to either be disciplined or to follow this best feeling of just wanting to stare at the wall while hugging my pillows underneath the soft and sweet smelling blanket. 

But then again, if I’ll say I Do to my bed, it will still be me who will be conquering the mountains of laundry in the end. So with a heavy feet, I sorted the clothes and with a heavy heart I carried the basket down to where I should go to fight it’s dirt.The water gently touched my hand and right in front of me where smiling green trees absorbing the rain. The bubbles brought by the purple downy slide through my fingers and the smell of eternity perfume were more than a relief to encourage me to finish the task. Without noticing the time, I find myself absorbing the drops of rain as I hanged the clothes with so much hope that when it rains, it shall have sunshine to dry the clothes soon. As the momentum of energy hightened, I’ve done the dishes, and cleaned the room and there I find so much peace as I laid flat on a clean bed, an organized sanctuary, and a task done before my shift for the week begins. 

So it’s best to be present and hug the moment. To make the most of what’s now hoping that today’s great choice will contribute to an excellent tomorrow. To always be reminded that there’s beauty in the rainy days as it has when the sun shines. To be fully persuaded that regardless of how the weather goes, the atmosphere in the heart remains tranquil and graceful enough to face the inconsistency of what the Universe gives. 

So when it rains, enjoy every drop of it and when the sun shines, shine with it. The same goes through with life. It’s not always sunshine but it  doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful. It maybe a different season but you can shine through. 

Just embrace your season. Thank God for life varieties and life opportunities to blossom and to flourish into becoming the best version of you. 

Remember, you will never slip out into this world without His design for you to come through.  

May yours be a rain of His blessings and grace💞


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