Vibe Is Contagious

​Looking back, specifically last year, I was like an untamed horse whose becoming wild with my thoughts, Having been in prisoned in saying my personal convictions, I felt like I have all the freedom to just say whatever I wanted to say in excuse of being real. After all, I know that Jesus loves me and His mercy is new every morning. But, with God’s mercy and love comes responsibility and if He really love me, I suppose that I should be a carrier of His vibes in my walk, talk, and write. While I did not sat down in a comfy chair at a coffee shop to evaluate myself, I know first hand that there were countless nights that I had been reminded of my reactive posts on social media and how it could have been avoided if I think before I click.
This year, in line to my new minimalistic approach in life and of course with the Touch and Help of the Holy Spirit, I want to be a carrier of Jesus vibes. 
Jesus, wherever He went, people flocked to Him because His presence was attractive. With Jesus, people will go home full and not hungry. The sick will be healed. The insecure will find healing in His presence. The crazy person became whole and turned out to be His evangelist without training.  His life was simple. He did not live in a mansion but He was oozing with confidence and gave so much love because He knew who He was. Yes, Jesus was God, is God and will always be, but He became a man, was a man, and literally walked on this earth and could feel the joys and pains of humanity. He was not just a teacher and preacher but He was a perfect example of walking the talk.
As I reflected from my own way of walking in this life, I realized that I have been a preacher without the fruit of the Holy Spirit to match. I have been a writer who sometimes write in the impulse of the flesh instead of the leading of the Holy Spirit. 
I want my 2017 to be different and that’s why I just endeavor to write twice a week during my rest days or more if there’s an internet connection available and if I have a ready post to publish. I will only be using my social media to ignite positive vibes in people’s lives and hopefully the readers will have something to take home as a thought to win as they continue to learn as I do. 
In saying, I had not been posting my comments to the government’s opposition. There were days that I was almost tempted because I admire the President but my job is to pray for him instead. If I have to be loyal, it has to be on the Lord Jesus Christ who is eternal. There were times this month that I wanna blast people because of what I felt as a show off post but in reality it isn’t but I am reminded with what the Holy Spirt taught me before the year ends. 
He said: 

Mind God. 

Mind Me.

Love People.
Even last night, I was tempted to type and click my feelings with the motive of hitting someone because I felt that he is just motivated by greed. But after 20 minutes, I was convicted that it’s not suppose to be posted in the social media platform. It’s not Jesus style. Jesus wasn’t moved by people’s opinion but by the instruction of His Father. He did not take time in answering His critics rather He kept quiet and mind His very reason of why He was on earth. So, I deleted my long post and hopefully it was not being screened shot. You see, I am still growing in this area as well but it was a great first move already. The Holy Spirit must have been working really hard so I will be convicted and I will get back to my God goal espcially in regards to posting in social media.
I believe that regardless as to whether we see each other or not, our posts reflects our vibes and the vibes we carry is contagious. My hope and prayer is that, as social media journalists, we will start to break the bandwagon of negativity by being a carrier of Jesus vibes and let it ripple down to our home, community, and the workplace. I know that it’s hard and difficult but let us take it one day at a time. Let’s accept the #PositiveVibesChallengePost. We don’t necessarily post verses because posting scriptures without a changed life is saying yes to ritual and religion. It is very impressive from a distance but it’s not giving an impact up close. We can still get real but remails positive like Jesus do.
May all of you is doing well in your life and career and let’s carry on “JESUS VIBES.”
Have A Blessed Day Everyone🏃


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