January 20th marked the fifth year anniversary for me and my boyfriend and we have been so thankful of the journey that God has allowed us to walk on together. 

The relationship started way back when during our church activity,  I saw that he had a classy camera and he took so many pictures for all of us that I figured that he should add me in at Facebook and tagged me for all my pictures. We were so thin then and he was not my type being so white and was terribly shy who only smiled but seldom talked.

This was how white and thin he was when we started as friends and this was the place where we had our church activity. This was at Genesis Valley in Pit-os Talamban Cebu City I guess (Hopefully this is correct information) because it was too long ago already.

And I was always thin, having a tired and happy eyes, and oh how I miss my long and straight hair too. I wanna have my hair rebonded but I am already working now and I don’t want all the attention that I will be getting for having a new hair so I will not do anything with my hair now (hahahaha).

And these were my Bible Study and church friends.

There were a lot of us but it will take so much time checking the photos. Majority in these photo were new babes in Christ. So precious children of God.

True enough, after the activity were over, he added me on Facebook and tagged me for all my photos. He initially chatted me on messenger and I respectfully responded because I cannot be mean to new people at church. Newbies were my assignment then and I could not lose anyone of them so I have no choice but to force myself to be kind even if I don’t want to (confession time for being a real kind of fake minister, sorry). 

Being single then and having an assigned car to drive, I stayed in the church even until midnight because the internet connection were so high and I can you tube and chat all I want. True enough, at midnight hour, when I was about to go home, the gate was locked and I can’t get out. The gate was so hard to open and having my skinny figure, very underweight to be exact, I don’t have enough power to open it and drove back home. I was so happy because I had an excuse to stay in the church and Facebook with all I want. I was a Facebook and Joel Osteen addict then. However, when I went back to the office, he send me a message so I thought that it would be best to answer him having all the high internet connection that I wanted. I told him that I was stucked in the church premises alone and he offered to opened the gate for me. I did not believe in him so I just jokingly answered why not?? I thought that he was just joking like everyone else who had been so used to have me stayed in the church. Fifteen minutes later, I heard the church buzz sounded and when I went down, viola, it was him. I suddenly believe that he was a man of his word and he must be a good match to my single friends then (hahahaha). 

After that short kind of personal encounter apart from our weekly Bible Study, he texted me every 4 o’clock in the morning and asked if I could be his bestfriend. And since he helped me, I would be very ungrateful if I refused. He would always told me how he would be so sad if one day I will have a boyfriend and we can’t eat out and laughed together. I feel the same way too but I thought that he was not interested on me so I did not assumed anything. That’s always the sermon of our Pastor to single ladies, “Don’t assume that a guy likes you simply because they are nice to you or give you flowers and chocolates. Accept what they give but don’t fantasize because they might borrow money from you as their motive or ask you as bridge to know someone else.” Ouch!!!!

Our friendship grew and we were officially in a relarionship on the 20th of January. We let our relationship flourished and we kept quiet but being a leader in the church, we could not hide it any longer. We told our Pastor and to my embarrasment, he announced it to the whole congregation during every service. There I realized that I hated to be the center of attention. How I wanted to be invisible but he was a man enough to face the heat of the moment and so gracious to stand when asked to. Everyone knew him. Everyone liked him. Everyone asked how in the world will I ever have the kindest boyfriend being fully known as strong woman, old being in my 30’s, short, and not so physically beautiful.  Yes. Someone asked me that! Promise. It stirred up the rest of the single ladies to believe of their own forever.

On our First year, he was my personal body guard and personal assistant while I was his personal driver too (hahahaha).

Fast forward until our fifth year, I learned how wonderful of a gentleman he is and how he grew to become a wonderful leader to me and for others. He is a firm man but so peaceful and content that his personality rubbed off on me. He is a happy kind of guy who makes me laugh. He is a peaceful man who meets a perfect melancholy woman and that makes a perfect temperament match. 

This year I told him that he does not need to buy me gift knowing that we will be saving a big amount of money monthly. 

I surprised him with this gift. I did not spend anything for this but he find it to be so cute and sweet coming from a not so sweet girlfriend that I am. 

To make it more beautiful, he bought a small cake to match it. On this picture,  I already eaten half of it (Hahahaha).

And in all those five years, we held on each other when we were in the valley and gain some weight in the process too.

Glory to God for our Happy 5th and counting. 

And as I am writing this, I figured that Jesus is a perfect match maker if we  only TRUST IN HIM. 



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