Mad Day But Madly Loved

I am a very motivated woman until Rest Day comes. For me, rest day is my lazy day when I don’t need to wake up at 2am and if I’ll do, I download nice content from You Tube and just have the best time of my life enjoying the time. This is the moment when I will savor my coffee without putting a time frame and just HUG THIS DAY CALLED REST DAY. This is how I re-charge from all the pressures at work. I don’t talk. I just enjoy the stillness at dawn. Sometimes, I grab my beautiful journal, write down my thoughts, meditate my verse for the month, blog, or just do nothing. 

So today, I lounge in bed and absorb the silence that I could definitely find until I heard my ever sweet boyfriend in all his good vibes and bubbly spirit wanting me to hurry up for church. The more I heard him talking, I was so infuriated that I stood up, took a bath and in my anger for being disturb from the time I allotted for myself, I unbelievably broke my hard to bend toothbrush. I was so mad!!!

And so we went to church and arrived there late while I brought my bad attitude with me. I listened to the pastor but I crossed my hand when the band ended it with a nice song of The Best Is Yet To Come. I just know deep within me that I need to get real with the Lord in a room with just me and Him. Yes, I love going to church but I also hate religiosity. 

My boyfriend remained calm all throughout, smiled the sweetest but my mind was just racing home. All I know is that I want to really re-charged from the pressures of the week and there’s no place that can cater it except HOME. 

So in my MAD DAY, my boyfriend held my hand and just simply said, 

“My Love, even if your hormones will strike you so badly, even if there are days that I can’t understand you, I will continue to love you as you are.”

And my tears fell like rivers and my heart shouted with so much thanks to the LORD who must have fulfilled His promise when He spoke in my heart in 1996 that He has prepared someone special for me. I was 17 years old then and 15 years later, when I was 32, I met the most amazing man in my life. It took a little longer than expected but to be in alignment with Heaven’s Calendar is way better than the time I have in my mind.

I could still remember how I gave up my list of what I wanted in a guy when I started to get to know Jesus and surrendered my love life to Him while allowing Him to choose the best for me. I so believe that He really did and He gave me with more than I deserve. 

He was singing Heavenly songs while doing home chores.

As I was given the time of my life to just sit down to reflect and be quiet, I ask forgiveness from my Father in Heaven who knew me even before I was born and instead of being condemned, I could only feel the liquid kind of love that melted my selfishness away.
So in my Mad Day, I felt so Madly Loved by My Father In Heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit and from the man who represents Jesus in my life so well💟

Regardless of how your day feels like today, His unfailing love for you will never change. It’s just gets proven to be so tangible in your worst time. 


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