The Power Of A Notebook And A Pen

The month of January is almost over and as I am reviewing my goals, I could see that a goal which is specific and is clearly written on paper and is seen everyday will really come to pass. 

I don’t know with all of you but everytime I write something on paper with a timeline, I just know that I will have to do it or else, it will bother me or it will make me restless. It also helps when a written goal is specific and realistic because if it’s too much, it will become a major disappointment. 

So for me it’s the following:

1) Save P ____ every month. Although the amount that I set aside for the month did not really match, I am glad that we have saved this month. 

2) Meditate one winning Scripture and one quotation. I did. The good thing about this is that, I have allowed a verse to take root in my heart. I am not overwhelmed. I am not pressured to read the Scripture for the sake of reading and in the name of religion. And this works well for me. 

3) Post 2 Blogs per week. Definitely. Sometimes it is more than 2 because I’ve got thoughts and in order not to forget it, I wanna write it and if there is still an internet connection, publish it.

4) Read one success book in a year. I have started reading the rich dad poor dad but I felt that I have to read Rachel Cruze book on Love Your Life Not Theirs and I am still saving for it. I have not visited any bookstores as of yet, I probably will when I have enough cash to purchase that book. 

5) Finish the Laundry that has been there in my boyfriends cabinet by December 2017. I started to wash it by 5 per week so it will really zero down by December God willing and hopefully even before the year ends.

6) Be Thankful All The Time. I write down my Praise and Thanksgiving to Jesus everyday or once a week. I have not joined the negativity specially in social media and I am trying to be more mindful of my blog to inspire many. 

7) Pray Everyday – I just assigned what to pray for everyday so nothing will overwhelm me.

MONDAY – Workplace, Teammates, Performance, Bosses

TUESDAY – Family -Mine and My Love 

WEDNESDAY – Friends 

THURSDAY – Local Church/Quest Fellowship, Volunteers,  Pastors

FRIDAY – Philippines, President, Leaders

SATURDAY – Israel 

SUNDAY – Healing For Those Who Are Sick

So everyday I check my beautiful journal and just do what I write. It gives me so much peace and personal fulfillment when I am doing what I wrote down on paper.

How’s your January so far???

This is a gift I receive from Cher Lorianne and I so love this💗


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