Let’s Simplify Success

With so many information that could overload our brain, success may become paralyzed in the inability of not doing anything. Sometimes, what we see in pictures will enamore us so much that we just don’t realized it that time passed by so quickly without accomplishing anything. As a result, we continue to become an spectator in someone elses glimpse of their success and our only accomplishment is watching others succeed.

So let’s make life simple. 

Let’s simplify success.

Let’s find our niche in line with our uniqueness.

Here’s to how I simplify my life.

1) I MEDITATE only TWO VERSES per MONTH. I know that reading the Bible is very necessary but I realized that mere knowledge of the WORD is too shallow compared to someone who lived the WORD. There is depthness in the one who allowed the Word to take Root in their hearts compared to someone who are just hiding behind the Divine Word and does not put it into practice. 

2) I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. My pet peeves are people who are too noisy but are not willing to do their personal demands. So in order for me to have consistency with my personal values, I learn to evaluate my personal success and never mind what others are doing. At the end of it all, I am accountable of my own personal performance.

3) I COME TO WORK 45 MINUTES IN ADVANCE. One, it will give me time to prepare for my tools. Two, it allows me to relax and get ready for the day. Three, it enables me to review my notes and learn from my previous performance or mistakes.

4) I COMPETE WITH MYSELF. The greatest disaster is doing life while eyes on someone else. People have a different learning curve and the learning time varies but what I should keep up is my daily personal growth and how I can improve from my previous work or life score.

5) I DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES EARLY IN THE MORNING SO THAT I HAVE THE TIME TO REST IN THE AFTERNOON. Since my work officially starts at 2AM, I have to make sure that I can relax in the afternoon because I can re-charge in stillness. Noise saps all the energy out of me and so to be in a quiet room to breathe in and out without doing anything is simply a bonus.

6) I HAVE TO BE ME AND TO LIKE ME. I have a different way of doing things, learning, views, etc. I admire how God made me so unuiqely from others and by enjoying me, I enjoy how beautiful others are to be so far distinct from me. 

7) I LOOK FOR MENTORS WHO HAVE THE SAME VALUES SYSTEM AS MINE. Since I can’t find them in person, God has His own way of letting me know people in You Tube. One that I watch these days is Nina, and her you tube channel is THE MINIMALIST NINJA. I always tell my boyfriend that I really have a best friend in her. 

7) I DO WHAT I CAN AND I PRAY FOR WHAT I CAN’T. Instead of complaining why this and that? And why he or she does it? Why does so and so said that? Etc? I learn to give my 100% in everything that God has allowed me to experience because that’s where my accountability lies but on the other hand, I learn to take a back seat on something that’s impossible for me to do and trust that My Heavenly Father is working behind the scene so that His plans for me will come to pass in His own timetable.


You don’t need to copy someone else.

You don’t  need to follow the blue print of somebody else’s success. 

You have a pathway to take and so walk in it with conviction and confidence. Make it a pathway too pretty to resist. 

Because one day, someone who might get lost in life will temporarily pass in your route, let your foot prints be a message of perseverance, fun, faith, and authencity to stand out so that in your IMPACT, they may go back to their own PATHWAY and like you, will INSPIRE someone else to become the best VERSION OF THEMSELVES TOO.

A glimpse of where I came from. Because a woman from a mountain can live in the City and find work if she will DREAM and DO IT.


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