When Will You Have A Boyfriend?!?

This is February and LOVE IS IN THE AIR as people say. We hear it from the radio. Watch it on TV. In fact, worst these days is being able to watch these teenagers doing some kissing scene with their boyfriend and girlfriend and everyone is saying it’s okay in the name of drama. Thankfully, in my time, I grew up with no TV and all the radio drama can just be formulated in my imaginations. And in my imaginations are marriages that last for a lifetime. The couple who love each other and bring their children to the church. Etc. Etc.

Then I came to the City to search for a scholarship so I can study and my mind was opened to the reality.  People related your identity to being IN A RELATIONSHIP. If you are NOT, then you are UGLY. But, I knew then that I was because that’s what my neighbors told me. I WAS AND AM UGLY:mrgreen: But, I don’t believe this label anymore. I AM WONDERFULLY AND BEAUTIFULLY MADE BY GOD. No more. No less.

I tried to prove myself showing that I am a woman with worth even without a boyfriend. I studied so hard. Then I happened to join a CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION. There, I participated in their activities and I was in the THEATER MINISTRY where I made people laugh. People thought that I am funny and being so celebrated I tried to be a people person and continued to make people laugh even if it saps my energy. That started the DAY WHEN I BECOME SOMEONE ELSE JUST SO I FIND MY WORTH.

And I turned into my late 20’s. People who worshipped Jesus wondered why I did not have a boyfriend. They said no one probably will like me because I am too short and ugly. In fact, I remember a visiting church from Manila with so many delegates and there was this guy who seemed to have interest on me and finally a very spiritual matured woman told him don’t because I am too short and how pitiful our children might be. OUCH!!!! These are ladies who worshipped God in public but are way too mean. I became way too bitter and I can’t rejoice to those who have a boyfriend much more to those who are married.

I silently cried. But I remember what the Holy Spirit told me in my heart, “I HAVE PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR YOU.” That was the best relief. HIS PROMISE. Then I learned that my tongue has the power over life and death. So when people asked me, when will you have a boyfriend, I just answered that GOD HAS PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR ME. I said that over and over and over again until they will get tired of asking me WHEN.

So to everyone out there who are being pressured by peers in order to have a boyfriend, HERE ARE MY UNSOLICITED TIPS:

1) BE CONVINCED THAT YOUR WORTH IS IN CHRIST. Jesus was the ONLY ONE who shed His blood for you because He loves you even before you said YES to Him. He went through Hell for you so Heaven will be yours. He is the best boyfriend ever. I promise you. I enjoyed my single life when I discover that life isn’t about RELIGION but your RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. The rest are just bonus but HE IS THE ULTIMATE BEST.

2) CELEBRATE YOU. People may label you as ugly, short, bitter, unlovable, etc.and that’s fine. Why? Because they only make a judgment about you out of what they perceived you to be but GOD ACCEPTED YOU AS YOU and that’s what matters most. Don’t become like someone else in order to be celebrated. Remember this quote? IT IS BETTER TO BE HATED FOR WHO YOU ARE THAN TO BE LOVED FOR WHO YOU ARE NOT.” I was there. I was having a horror kind of life by playing a dual personality just to appreciated. Become the best version of yourself because it is when you are authentic that the best YOU SHINES OUT.

3) APPRECIATE AND ENHANCE YOUR PHYSICAL SELF. It’s true that I am short and people may think that I am ugly but NO ONE CAN CONQUER SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES IN THEMSELVES. In the process of being belittled, I learned to present myself well in public and as I valued myself, I find that people valued me as well. 

4) HAVE FUN. Don’t take life too seriously simply because you don’t have a boyfriend. Learn to laugh. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy being around peple and celebrate others as well. It is when you are relatable that people start noticing how wonderful you are as a person. 

5) GET BUSY WHILE WAITING FOR GOD’S SPECIAL BEST IN YOUR LIFE. Your life should not stop simply because you are not in a relationship with someone else. Find a good cause to join or get involve in your Local Church. Visit the sick people in the hospital and pray for them. Be generous. Be a friend. Finish your masters perhaps and excel in your craft. Dream and start doing it. Remember that beautiful people are those who keeps on dreaming and doing their dreams. They are the ONE’S who shine the most. 

6) DON’T MIND WHAT PEOPLE SAID. Take note that the bashers remain to be bashers behind their mouth and probably their computer’s screen but if you focus on what God want’s you to do, it’s you who will succeed in life. How will I know? I was there. I’ve seen those who bashed me in the past and still bashed me now but aren’t progressing but I also know that KINDNESS IS ALWAYS THE BEST REVENGE. 

Those are just few of them. 

So, if you are not in a relationship as of yet and people are bashing you, SMILE AND KEEP BELIEVING FOR YOUR BEST. GOD has His best for you in mind. And when you are in a relationship with JESUS CHRIST, then you must be in the BEST STATE KIND OF LIFE.

Don’t be pressured by the people around you. Take it as a challenge to MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TO LIFE AND ONE DAY WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR BEST, inspire other girls or boys to learn to wait for the best.

Taken when we had our vacation with my boyfriend’s family in Leyte💗


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