Valentines Thoughts And Hopes

​Hearts hearts day is really coming soon. February 14, TUESDAY, work day, and what a day. Hopefully, the caller will be much kinder and the spirit of the day will be well marinated in their hearts. Regardless, I hope Valentines means genuine love more than romance. I hope it’s going to be love that has been growing deeper day by day. I hope it’s not a love defined by lust  nor an excessive budget that makes one broke by the 15th. I hope it’s more than impression but IMPACT. 

If there is, I hope that people will not be pressured to be in a a shallow relationship for the sake of having one. I hope ladies will not surrender their virginity because of man’s persuasion or lest just to experience love in a wrong perspective. I hope that men will value women not just because of their body shape but in the sparkling gems of their hearts.

I hope that there will be no money being wasted just to indulge to the voices of social media. I hope that a love expressed by Jesus Christ will manifest more than the love defined by the world. 

I hope that young girls will pursue their dreams more than imagining some kissing scenes they’ve watched on tv. I hope that the love shown by Jesus is the kind of love that media will be showcasing.

But while I am hoping, I read in one quotation that says:


Yes, change starts with me but if you are capable of changing, will you make a bold move with me to initiate in making a DIFFERENCE more than making a POINT? 

I leave that question for you to think👸


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