Goals & Discipline

Our two main goals this year is to save at least 6months of our expenses and to be able to give to our family so we keep our money really organized. 

So here’s to fulfilling our goals:

1) WE ORGANIZED OUR FINANCES. We have this money organizer that we bought from National Bookstore and we make sure that our salary has it’s place. We first prioritize our tithes and move to our allowance weekly plus grocery. My salary is for boarding house rental and savings.

2) WE EAT MOSTLY AT HOME. For breakfast we usually buy it in the office but since I will be home by 3pm, I usually buy 1 cup of rice and partner it with a delicious spanish sardines and “sukang pinakurat” and cook in the evening. 

3) WE ONLY HAVE INTERNET LOAD A WEEK. That means I downloaded videos a week that will inspire me or of my wavelength so I will not make any excuses of not fulfilling our goals. I also make sure to blog twice in a week to maximize my minutes and update social media.

4) MAINTAIN ONE NOTEBOOK/PLANNER A YEAR. I used to be a notebook and pens addict and I find myself buying notebooks but I don’t finish using it in a year. Sometimes, I just buy it and will never use it and it just added clutter in the room. So far, we have not visited the mall yet amd if I do, I don’t buy anymore.

5) WE DO LAUNDRY INSTEAD OF GOING TO A LAUNDRY SHOP. I do my laundry every Monday morning so that I will have enough time to rest in the afternoon and my body will be ready for work the next day. So, we place the laundry budget to our miscellaneous expenses.

6) WE WILL EXECUTE OUR TWICE A YEAR SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES. We scheduled it in June and December and we started saving already so that we can buy clothes that are of good quality and something that will last long. In that way, we will be able to save way earlier before hitting to the mall.

7) WE SAVE FIRST BEFORE WE PURCHASE. If I like a book for example, I go to bookstores, check how much is the cost for the book that I like then save for it. Once I will have the cash, then that’s the time that I will buy.

8) BUY MAKE UP ONLY WHEN IT’S TOTALLY OVER. What I mean with this is, when I still have my lipstick for example,  I will wait that I really make the most out of it. If I can still use it then I won’t buy. I should finish it first. 

9) WE STARTED SAVING FOR GIFTS. Because we are followers of Jesus, we set aside an amount of money just in case the Holy Spirit will tell us to give. However, when He tells us to give all, we also make our heart ready and to not be so attached with things. We experienced the ability of God to provide and we always know that when He speaks to us to give, He will always bless us with more. He is proven and tested in that area. 

10) I WORK. The best way to help my boyfriend is I will also use my talent to earn. It’s going to be too demanding to have a goal in writing but I am not doing anything. With this, we have been able to bless each of our families and it gives us so much joy in our heart. 

We learn to be content in where we are and we learn to wait for the right time to make a purchase. We are learning to become a good steward of our finances while at the same becoming mindful that the blessings come from the Lord so that stuff won’t control us.

This is just for now. 

Have a great day.


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