One of the musings I always hear when people give and help someone is this: “I am always ready to help and be there for people but when I am the one in dire need, I have no one to run to for help.”

That complaint is valid but if we only give to receive from people then we set ourselves up for a major disappointment. 

When we give or provide financial assistance for example and we do this so that we will feel good about ourselves and people may have something good to say about us, we will be too frustrated if they don’t even know how to utter the word THANK YOU. When it’s our turn to ask for help and these people turn their backs from us, it’s nothing but a feeling of BETRAYAL.

So here’s my tip: BE WISE AND GENEROUS.

If God placed it in your heart to really share your blessings to others, make sure that you have something left for yourself. I learn that it’s wise to save at least 6months of our expenses. I also have it in my heart to save for emergencies so that what has been saved for the expenses will not be touched. Do not set aside yourself in the name of martyrdom because there’s only one real martyr in the name of genuine love and He is JESUS. 

If for instance, people will come to you and ask for assistance and in most cases it’s always in finances, learn to say no without additional side comments. If you can refer that person to a charitable institution,  the better and if you have a little to spare, then give it instead of lending it.

We cannot blame the recipients of our so called generosity by not returning the same act of kindness to us because they are not the source of our harvest, JESUS IS. 

Lastly, don’t go into debt so that you can assist someone but only do it during  emergency cases. Remember, when the people you helped get over from their mess, they may even forget paying you for the debt you incur so that they will be saved from their wrong choices.

So be wise with your finances. Bring back the tithes to God first. Save. Then Give. And when the people you help forgets about you, it doesn’t hurt because you just simply give without expecting anything in return.

I hope this help.

Have a lovely day🚶


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