Life Hero 1

I woke up way too early because my body get used to waking up at 1:55 in the morning. Sooner, it will change to 1am because of daylight saving time and I sat down with my greatest coffee staring at the blank wall. I tinkered in this tablet scrolling instagram and few of FB POSTS but I still have nothing to write. All I know is that, it looks like I have a hormonal imbalance for wanting to cry without any reason at all and for remembering some of the people who made an impact in my life but they are no longer around, most of them has been dead long time ago and the rest are no longer in the Philippines but living in other countries and some are still in the province amd there are few people who are still around.

So here’s to the people who impacted my life. I will just share two and reserve my tears of thanks on my next post for my other life heroes.

Papa Tony & Mama Paring (not in photo). He is my father’s brother and he stood for us as our second Papa when we were in our toughest days.  Countless days, we stayed in their home, well fed, dressed up and loved so much. Their children became our closest friends and we had been so well protected around them. I remember how Papa Tony brought food for us almost everyday and hugged us to let us know that one day, everything will just be alright. Thankfully, it slowly did. They have a heart of gold and when I met them again, tears just flowed down in our eyes with another tight hug in thanksgiving that God has been so good to us. He is still alive and lives in a simple home in Leyte but boy their home is a sanctuary of peace to stay for a vacation. I pray that they will live longer and may they will continue to enjoy the best of health and life. In my heart, it’s time to give back.

Yoyo Mon. My mother’s brother. Before our mother died, she left us to him and he took it to heart. I will never forget how he silently knew that I had chicken pox all over my body. No one really cares then and there I was lying in bed praying that I will get healed when at 9 in the evening, I heard a consistent knock in the door and there he was bringing a soverax for me and it has been in my heart until forever. I remember how he rescued me while I am in the middle of the road in the City because the car that I was driving stopped for no reason and there I was causing the traffic but oh how I feel so secure when he comes smiling just like how he used to be in this photo. I remember how he prepared sardines for me when I visited him because I was so discouraged at work and he knew that sardines is my favorite. I remember how he helped me in various times and how he understood when I can’t be understood. He always smiled when I kept thanking him of how he saved me way back and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to share Jesus to him along with some of my relatives. Yes, they too shared Jesus and that’s the best to remember. He already died and I’m sure that he is in heaven and must have seen momma but his love for me never dies.


That’s for now because it takes a lot of courage to write about someone whose impact sink too deep in my heart. My tears won’t stop from flowing. 

Friends, let’s not stop being kind to the less privileged children & teens  because you have no idea of how much you have inspired them. You have no idea of much you are a hero to them. You will have no idea of how much your life will become a road to their future success. You have no idea that in your kindness, you are touching someone DESTINED TO BE KINGS & QUEENS. 

In Galatians 6:9 The Message translation says, “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up or quit.”

Have a lovely day💗


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