25 Facts About Me

A lot of those who read my blogs wonder who I am so here’s to the 25 facts about me👸

1) I AM AN INTROVERT. I recharged by being alone with my coffee, tinkering my tablet and not doing anything but just to stare and enjoy the moment of silence. That’s when I can hear God the most.

2) I DON’T LIKE SHOPPING MALLS. If I go, I dash to a bookstore and leave. 

3) I DON’T LIKE WINDOW SHOPPING. It’s a waste of time and energy.

4) I LOVE NATURE. Just by seeing the seas flow gently, the trees sway beautifully, the sun smiles brightly, and at night when the moon stopped to just look at me and the stars twinkle to celebrate me, oh, I am in awe of how MAJESTIC AND MATCHLESS GOD AS AN ARTIST IS. 

5) I AM A TO DO LIST WOMAN. I write what I need to do and I follow through. What I write is enough pressure to get up in the morning. If I don’t feel like doing anything, I will not write it so I will not feel guilty:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

6) I LOVE BRITISH ACCENT. I watch You Tubers who are based in London and I can stay whole day dowloading their podcast and just hear them talk. London, here I come🏃🏃🏃🏃

7) I ONLY HAVE ONE BOYFRIEND. I am in a relationship for 5 years already and it’s been worth the wait. 

8) I FEEL SUPER LOVED BY JESUS. When I think about His blood shed out for me. When I think of Him going through hell just for me so I could go to Heaven with Him, that’s ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FEEL SO LOVED & COMPLETE.

9) I AM A MINIMALIST. Too much stuff gives me migraine. I just need the best few to survive.

10) I LOVE SAVING MONEY. Too much money is not a sin, the love of money is.

11) I LOVE GIVING. I am the happiest when I make people smile and feel the love of Jesus because they felt remembered as they receive finances, other stuff, or my time.

12) I HATE BEING LATE. It gives me so much stress if I arrive at work late or even in other events. 


14) I DON’T LIKE RELIGION. It is doing something to please the Pharisees and Sadducees and hearing the leaders voice more than Jesus. 

15) I HAVE A LOCAL CHURCH PHOEBIA. That explains why I don’t want to commit to any local church activity because at most the leaders seemed best at far distance but too dangerous up close. But, I still go to church and join a Bible Study with my best friends.

17) I LOVE COFFEE. That’s where my morning routine starts.

18) I LOVE BOOKS. But now, I am giving away some of it and just retain few books which I think I needed for life.



21) I LOVE PRAYING. That’s my best offense. 

22) I SHOP LIKE A MAN. I have my list. I go straight to where I can find it. Put it in a basket. Then rush to the counter.

23) I DON’T LIKE COOKING. I thank God for Jollibee, McDonald, Greenwich, Orange Brutus and all other restaurants and carenderias:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

24) I LOVE TO WRITE. That’s an extension of me.

25) I AM A BACKPACK GIRL. It’s super cool.

So that’s just me. 

Have a lovely day💗


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