Today, I bring all my prayers and petitions to the Lord. Prayer like, “You have to help me in this area God” comes out from my mouth. I poured out my heart to God exactly like the advice of King David in the Book Of Psalms. I reminded Him of His promise that if I look to Him for help, my face will be radiant with joy and no shadow of shame will darken my face (Psalm34:5 NLT). As I am praying, I noticed that I have laughter and joy in my spirit. 

Since I woke up quite too early because I was so hungry at 3:30 in the morning, I wanted to get back to sleep but as I lie down in bed, I uttered, I wanted to have fun too while in the process of waiting for Your Answers. 

Then I saw in a vision these happy kids who went to their parents to ask for something and without a shadow of doubt believe that their parents will definitely do what they are asking for, went happily to their friends and played as if they have what they asked for.

And that’s the message that I want to get into you today that a trusting heart anticipates and expects joyfully. That when you have expressed your need for help to God, expect that His creative way of giving it to you will absolutely come. In the meantime, give thanks. Enjoy the waiting moment. Don’t fret that it has not happened yet but be joyful that it’s going to manifest because it has been poured out to Your Heavenly Father. Have a clean kind of fun while anticipating for your breakthrough. Don’t dilute your trust with worry but add it with joyful expectations that your answers are in the wrap that you are about to open. 

So, just like the kids, play while waiting. Have fun. Keep going. Keep thanking. Keep believing. Continue that Bible Study. Don’t resign at work. Save that money. Laugh. 

And when your prayers will be answered, make God famous by bragging about how awesome a DAD HE REALLY IS. 

Have a lovely Sunday friends💟

********************************************************Note: I will not be in Facebook and Messenger for a month so I will not be able to reply to your comments. 


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