Saving Little By Little

As you all know, one of our goals this year is to save, save, and save. And by saving it does not mean to say that we will not give. In fact, before our pay check comes in for the month, we already have a budget and number one in the list is our tithes. Tithing reminds us that what we have comes from the Lord and not just by our efforts and hardwork. It is always a combination of us doing and God blessing. What’s hard at work will be compensated by His steadfast love and grace along with the inner coaching of the Holy Spirit and hopefully, we recognize His voice well enough so we will be able to follow His instructions to make us successful in whatever we do.

So once we have our pay, we set aside a little cash for savings. We don’t splurge everything in the mall just because we have another pay coming. Was it easy in the beginning? NO!!! I was a spender until I realized how terrible it is to have nothing and no one will lend us cash. 

Then I came to watch the 2 minutes podcast of Rachel Cruze and I was all the more motivated to save. First, she’s funny and 2nd, I am convinced that she lived it. So, it pays when we surround ourselves with like minded people to maintain the fire in reaching our goals.

How much has been accumulated from your little by little kind of saving??


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