The Blessing Of An Emergency Fund

This year one of our goals with my boyfriend is to save. We learned upon watching financial expert Rachel Cruze that Baby Step number one is to save a thousand dollars for an emergency fund. We are in the Philippines so it should be fifty thousand pesos to save (P50, 000.00). Personally, I also learn from Minimalist Ninja (The Minimalist Ninja at Youtube) to be content and to live a minimalistic life. These people helps me to continue with my goal to save and so we did. We did NOT upgraded our gadgets. We continue to live a simple life and we just save and save. We did not just only do that, we continue to tithe and  give bless others financially when the Holy Spirit prompted us to do so. 

Last March, our landlord sent us a letter that they will not allow boarders to park their motorbike within the premises and on top of that they will increase the rental. Well, the rental increase seems big and we could not find another place to rent that fits our budget. So we finally decided that we will build a tiny house on the land that we have acquired last year, Praise Jesus. My boyfriend has been very active in planning and budgeting how much we will be spending and yes it’s somewhat  big but looking forward, we will not be paying for a monthly rent. 

Had we not saved money for emergency then this could have been a very stressful month for us. The Lord must have prepared us for this year. He definitely knows the future and it really pays to save. 

We will continue to save money and fill our emergency fund again while we will continue to save too for Baby Step Number 2 which is to Save for 3 to 6 months expenses. 

Proverbs 13:11 says dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money LITTLE BY LITTLE MAKES IT GROW (NIV).

Let’s not waste our energy at work by wasting money away. Let’s save first to avoid stress when emergency comes.

Cheers to a prosperous 2017


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