My Realization Over A Cup Of Coffee

I woke up super excited to drink my coffee at our unfinished terrace with my Bible, planner & colorful pens. Every sip is oh so breath taking as I was looking over the greenery of trees and the calming effect of the breezing wind.

This is really me every day. No make up on with my favorite very old short & shirt but with a fresh perspective on life. I have no plans of buying new house clothes yet because I still have to discard and give away stuff. 

As I sit down and chill with Jesus I realize that:

I AM A MINIMALIST. I don’t like clutter because it disables me to think and be productive. I realize that I don’t need too much to enjoy life. 

Let’s start at my notebooks, Bible, & pens.  Looking back, I’ve got lots of notebooks which I write down my thoughts but I have this bad habit of not filling it up to the end. I leave it with so many pages left unwritten because I find something new interesting. As a result, I brought the clutter myself and I get irritated by these stuff so I stop journaling instead (hahaha).

For now, I am keeping my thoughts in this beautiful planner given by my best friend (Ter Anne) because I find this to be so pretty. So my schedules, budget ideas, verses to meditate, prayer requests and TO DO’S are all here. With that, I don’t need too many notebooks in my back back which in essence is also very good for my shoulders. 

I also keep this beautiful notebook from Ter Anne again. This was her random act of kindness given during our Bible Study. I am using this for my blog ideas, directions,  and future book who knows? Since I decided to have P50.00 budget internet per month, I can just write everything I have learned in this pretty notebook and post it once a month. I figured that before I will post anything, my content must have been applied and tested by me. I also don’t want people to be impressed by my write ups but I am not doing it myself. So I will have 29 or 30 days to practice my values then I’ll post it once I will have my connection. 

I need post-its when I read my Bible because sometimes I just receive one liner thought from the Holy Spirit so I use this. This was my gift from my partner when he went to Hongkong. Sometimes, I just stare at this because this just reminds me of how I am so loved and thought of even if he was too far away.

I am saving this for next year God willing. This is so beautiful and a gift from teacher Susie for my birthday this year. I wanted to use it but since I still have my other planner, I wanna use this for my future thoughts and life realizations, God willing. But today as I was reading my Bible, I stared at this and was so inspired by this beauty.

With my other empty notebooks piled up, I will be giving it away to my sister who will be going back to school this June. 

Since I am a follower of Jesus, I want to know Him more and it is only by reading His Word and by listening to the Holy Spirit. I realize that I don’t need too many Bibles for inspiration & most of the time, it is only being displayed on the shelf just to look spiritual. I only need one Bible to read coupled by colorful pens for spiritual feed. So I am keeping this Bible which I purchased 5 years ago. This has been worn out and has so many post its but I heard God in this Book. I am also being corrected as I read it. 

So that’s the start of my minimalism journey. Less is more. With less notebook, and one Bible to read, I can hear Him clearly. I can also save money and I am flying light. As if the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And it is also very satisfying to fix my gaze at Jesus and to focus my energy on the very thing that He calls me to do instead of what others expected me to do and perform. 


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