When I was still working in the religious organization,  I was labeled as PASTORA FASHION because of how I dressed up, how I applied make up and of how I accessorized myself.  I also believe that presenting ourselves the best that we can isn’t bad provided that we did it moderately and it will not lead us into debt. 

Today, I still have two pouches of Make Up. I check and notice that there are still a lot that I don’t use and some really needs to be thrown away. 

These are my make up pouches. On the left was given to me by Ter Anne when she and her hubby went to Japan.  On the right was the pouch I purchased two years ago. I loved the design so I bought it out of impulse and not really out of need.

The following are my make up essentials after decluttering:

I keep this for my lips that cracks sometimes but since drinking a lot of water these days has been my habit, it has not recur anymore but I still use this when I am at home. I also apply this on my skin when I get burned out cooking and the oil spills out to my skin. 

I don’t apply day cream but my partner discovered this and it suits me perfectly well. He bought another one for me when were in Pagadian because he thought that the first day cream that he purchased was left in Cebu. That’s what it makes it two.

One night my partner brought his co-workers catalogue from AVON and he asked me to choose whatever I like and I chose this. I love this blush on. It melts on my face and I don’t look like Santa Claus. It comes out naturally on my skin as well.

We saw this at Watsons and the waterproof label  sold me out plus it was on sale. Then I was sweating under the heat of the sun and it melted. It was water proof amd not sweat proof (hahaha). But I will use this until I can consume everything to not waste money.

I got this last year and my lips will only go for Revlon lipstick. It’s quite expensive though but I can save for no allergies plus I got it in 50% sale. I guess, I can still use this for another year.

It has been with me since last year. It is still sharp and I am loving it.

I bought this because I like the picture, it’s so chic but it’s also natural when applied on my face. I purchased this two years ago but I am keeping it for the mirror. I don’t need to buy another mirror but I can save extra for not buying one unless of course if it is going to be broken. Hopefully, not in 10 years (hahaha).

I save this when I go to fast food restaurants and the line is long for handwash. It is still full because I made use of the wash area when we eat outside. But since I am still staying at home, I go for soap and water.

Pepsodent was not my toothpaste then. But I noticed that it’s a lot cheaper.  I only got this for P10.00 while the other toothpaste on this size cost P27.00 to P30.00. I saved money by shopping wisely even for toothpaste.

This pouch is to be given away along with some other make up that I don’t really use. 

And this is my only make up pouch left after tons and tons of make up. 

Some were thrown away because it’s no longer of good use and it will not add value in someone else’s life.

This is still in my pouch even if it has been fully consumed because this was a beautiful gift from my sister from Australia. No more perfume. The smells gone but I so love the color and the design. This reminds me of the love of family, generosity, and the importance of people. This is my thank you perfume. Everytime I see this beauty, I give thanks.

As I am thinking about this, it brings me to Psalm 139:13-17 ESV

13 For you have formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows very well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.  17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them.

So ladies and gentlemen, you are not your make up essentials. You were loved, valued, and cherished by God Himself even before the world sees you. Way before the ULTRASOUND had been invented, you were cared for by a LOVING FATHER IN HEAVEN. You were naked then but His thoughts for you were precious.

It’s not wrong to have make up but don’t ruin your budget just so you will fit on the image the world of instagram or social media presented to you. Don’t let it be your life pursuit. Start considering what adds value to your life and be content by the love of God through Jesus Christ. 

Now, if you are a make up artist, then buy tons of make up please. That’s business but at the same time that’s your outlet of your creativity. You earn from it and that’s good.

BUT DON’T LOOK GOOD BROKE. Yes, others are so impressed by your appearance but you are deceiving yourself because when you go home and remove all your make up, you are so stressed out of where to borrow money to pay for your kids tuition or how to pay rent because you are so busy impressing the people you don’t know and much more you don’t like. 

Just love you. Do you. Enjoy you and shine in the best you.

Remember, you are lovely even sans make up. 
Have a lovely day💗


25 Facts About Me

A lot of those who read my blogs wonder who I am so here’s to the 25 facts about me👸

1) I AM AN INTROVERT. I recharged by being alone with my coffee, tinkering my tablet and not doing anything but just to stare and enjoy the moment of silence. That’s when I can hear God the most.

2) I DON’T LIKE SHOPPING MALLS. If I go, I dash to a bookstore and leave. 

3) I DON’T LIKE WINDOW SHOPPING. It’s a waste of time and energy.

4) I LOVE NATURE. Just by seeing the seas flow gently, the trees sway beautifully, the sun smiles brightly, and at night when the moon stopped to just look at me and the stars twinkle to celebrate me, oh, I am in awe of how MAJESTIC AND MATCHLESS GOD AS AN ARTIST IS. 

5) I AM A TO DO LIST WOMAN. I write what I need to do and I follow through. What I write is enough pressure to get up in the morning. If I don’t feel like doing anything, I will not write it so I will not feel guilty:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

6) I LOVE BRITISH ACCENT. I watch You Tubers who are based in London and I can stay whole day dowloading their podcast and just hear them talk. London, here I come🏃🏃🏃🏃

7) I ONLY HAVE ONE BOYFRIEND. I am in a relationship for 5 years already and it’s been worth the wait. 

8) I FEEL SUPER LOVED BY JESUS. When I think about His blood shed out for me. When I think of Him going through hell just for me so I could go to Heaven with Him, that’s ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FEEL SO LOVED & COMPLETE.

9) I AM A MINIMALIST. Too much stuff gives me migraine. I just need the best few to survive.

10) I LOVE SAVING MONEY. Too much money is not a sin, the love of money is.

11) I LOVE GIVING. I am the happiest when I make people smile and feel the love of Jesus because they felt remembered as they receive finances, other stuff, or my time.

12) I HATE BEING LATE. It gives me so much stress if I arrive at work late or even in other events. 


14) I DON’T LIKE RELIGION. It is doing something to please the Pharisees and Sadducees and hearing the leaders voice more than Jesus. 

15) I HAVE A LOCAL CHURCH PHOEBIA. That explains why I don’t want to commit to any local church activity because at most the leaders seemed best at far distance but too dangerous up close. But, I still go to church and join a Bible Study with my best friends.

17) I LOVE COFFEE. That’s where my morning routine starts.

18) I LOVE BOOKS. But now, I am giving away some of it and just retain few books which I think I needed for life.



21) I LOVE PRAYING. That’s my best offense. 

22) I SHOP LIKE A MAN. I have my list. I go straight to where I can find it. Put it in a basket. Then rush to the counter.

23) I DON’T LIKE COOKING. I thank God for Jollibee, McDonald, Greenwich, Orange Brutus and all other restaurants and carenderias:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

24) I LOVE TO WRITE. That’s an extension of me.

25) I AM A BACKPACK GIRL. It’s super cool.

So that’s just me. 

Have a lovely day💗

When Mute Speaks

I had the privilege of joining my boyfriend assisting his co-worker’s family to have a medical check up and the message that came across beyond words is GENUINE LOVE. You see, Emelito (Kuya Emelito) is mute but he works for his family. He is single because according to him, he is not going to get married because he has to take care of his mom and it was his mom whom we brought to the clinic last night. He has a happy disposition with a heart of overwhelming gratitude and their simple lives presented to me upfront impacted me most. 

Sometimes in life, we take for granted the blessing of being able to talk and we use our tongue to complain, take revenge, and be ungrateful. Other times, we sit in total discontent by comparing our present reality in the lens of people’s highlight. But I guess, the greatest scene up close is watching someone whom the society considered less but has so much more love to give. 

The world talks about love but Kuya Emelito whom everyone labeled as mute SHOWED IT. 

May we start to thank God for whatever we have until more will no longer be a surprise because it comes naturally to someone who has a grateful heart. 


The rain comes sporadically and the place from our home to find a taxi oppps tricicle rather is muddy. Help!!! Raincoats are ready. Umbrellas of different colors are showing up. Colorful is totally beautiful indeed. There’s a little ray of sunshine and the sunrise spells hope. But. Going to school and offices must be an effort. How beautiful could have been this day to curl in bed, cuddle the pillows, get up, drink coffee, and smells the aroma. Hmmm. It would have been #simplyjochilicious.  Yay. To receive a paycheck on the 15th involves a process likewise to be at the top means don’t be absent. Right??

And. That reminds me of Moses. Check. I am following Cathedral Of Praise read the Bible in a year 2016.


Remember when God has compassion over the Israelites? He heard them. Seen their cries. Then Moses has an encounter with God in the burning bush. To his surprise, God spoke to him to deliver the Israelites out from the Egyptians. It makes me think that God knows how to catch our attention. Yeah. Haha. He is God. Definitely.

Today in Exodus 5:22, it says, Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Why Lord, why have you brought trouble in this people? Is this the way you sent me?

I guess Moses would have thought that since it was God who promised him, then it was just a one time act and probably an overnight success. It did not happen that way. And so he went back to God and ask why. I love it. It’s alright to ask God why.

And guess what??? It’s not going to be instant for all of us either.

We have to understand that there’s always a process between the promise and fulfillment.

But while we are all on the process, let’s have some fun. Common. Let’s not be super spiritual that we scare people away. Let’s enjoy while being conscious of Jesus in our hearts. Let’s dance a little bit. Sing sing sing. Stretch. Watch a little tv. Be with friends. Talk to kids. Travel. No plane please for me. Hahaha.  Haler. This is the day that God has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in this. Okay? Regardless. Sing in the why???

Let me share to you Shelley Giglio’s quote:

Beware of destination addiction. The idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, or even the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are. 

By the way, we will have Bible Study later. Waah. It’s a muddy way. Can I skip today?? Haha. But. It’s a process right???? Hmm, I will pray that there will be sunshine today but oppps not tooo hooot either Lord. Hahaha. Funny me.

Have a #jochiliciousreflection everyone🌹🌻🌺

Jesus Loves You🌻

Get Up & Try Again

Haler!!! How’s everyone doing??? It’s still a little cold right here and water is like ice (hahaha). My brother said, I’m officially taking a bath in the ice water. So, the rest who followed also turned on the heater. Wow. Richness!!! Yeah. Thanks. The thermos is now filled with something too hoooot to meet the ice. Creative. Clap. Clap. I don’t know with you but this kind of weather makes me think of December. Well, everything is possible, in my mind (hahaha). You see, I woke up early because my bones can’t handle the coldness of the dawn. Wohooo. Everyone’s sleeping and it’s disrespectful to turn on the lights I guess. So. Metchili thinks of ways. I’m like BDO. I always find ways. Hahaha.

So here comes the light. Thanks much Ron Vader for giving this to Jonelo. Sorry. Everything that’s his is mine and everything that’s mine is mine. But you’re not married yet!!! You mean??? Hellow. Generosity is a lifestyle and purity is a predetermined decision. Opps. Getting serious huh? Defensive? Nope. Just saying. Hahaha.


I woke up early. So better read. Pratical. Good sense. Charr. Hahaha. I should put this first because if I won’t, then FB, Twitter, and IG will be shouting at me later and it’s hard to resist. Promise. Anyone here who can relate with me??? Common. It’s alright to be an authentic Christian.

As I’m writing, it reminds me of the skating our sister, well Jonelo’s sister but I love her and becomes my sister too and brothers has been doing last December. Yes. That’s right. At SM Seaside. As for the record, it was her first time. There were so many people there, skating here and there. We were the spectators. Taking pictures. Laughing. And laughing more.

I was observing Sonica fell countless times, she looked at us, probabaly watching our facial expressions for support, we laughed, she stood up, fell again, and we laughed out loud again and again.




Isn’t it the reality of life?? We thread the unfamilair and step on something new but regardless of the fall, it’s much easier to get up
because of those who laugh out loud behind us?? I mean, not the sarcastic kind of laugh but a laugh or a smile that says, yes you fall but stand up and I am just here until you can skate better like everyone else. Sometimes, there will be someone who will skate ahead of us. And. Sometimes, we will be the someone watching. Are we gonna be a cheer leader or ________________(fill in the blanks for me).

I remember the times when there were several couples who were married ahead of me. And. Guess what??? I was the first one to be in a relationship. I was a little bit sad. Promise. But behind me is my boyfriend who always said, “rejoice with those who rejoice.” One day. We will have ours too. Naks. He thought I was encouraged. But. I was insulted. Shut up. Please. Hahaha. Why Lord?? Why?? Yes. I asked that. First, God is not my boss. Second, He is my Papa. Third, I am His daughter.  So, I am confident that I can ask anything and He is not going to take it against me. And yeah. My boyfriend was right and I learned to cheer everyone on. I was not there in most of the weddings but I was alright in my heart,

What am I saying here after these stories that probably may not bring to the point?? Wohooo. Got yeah. Well, it’s this: “We are not going to get up alone, we need somebody else cheers so we will be able to try again.”

The favorite daughter of John and Dodie Osteen said in her IG (they are all favorites haha but the youngest always feels that way right??), “I pick my friends the way I pick my nail polish: Bright, Cheery, and Long Lasting.”

Steven Furtick said in one of his interviews with his wife, “Be the CEO to people.” Huh? As in CEO?? That’s impossible. Well, it’s NOW possible. Be the CHIEF ENCOURAGEMENT OFFICER to people.

Nelson Mandela also mentioned that “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

The best selling author Metchili C. Nacional quoted saying, “Someone’s denial of you does not mean the denial of God. It’s just means to say that what He has for you that you have not yet seen is far better than what you are seeing and what has been.” Dream Gurl. Speak it out. Cheer yourself. Hahaha.

Most of all, the One who holds the Universe in His hands. The One who knew you even when you were in your mothers womb. The One who sees what you are going through. The One who died for you because He loves you.

This is what He is saying for you:

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus,
“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” Mark 5:36 NLT

So, dust yourself off the shame. The mistakes. The heartaches. The pain. The impossibilities. The guilt.

I am giving you the permission to Get Up and Try Again.

Have a #jochiliciousvictory to you👏👏👏

Jesus Loves You🌻

4th? Really???

I hear the sound of waters.  It’s too early & I am guessing someone must be going to school. Then I eavesdrop oppps, not intentionally,  my antenna is always high, promise, I heard my brother calling his co-worker that he will be absent. Yes. Today. Huh? Why??? I’m curious. Wanna go down. I should be a newscaster. Like Vicky Morales?? Common. It’s not for laugh.  Just a thought.

Check my bag. Oh No. Can’t still believe. I will really attend the Colour Me Ladies Conference??? Am not even thinking of attending.  First, it has registration fee. I better look for a job. Yes. Am still jobless. But. Shhhh. Not hopeless. Lucy Torres Gomez peg. Wohoo. Then, I stared the ticket and I wanna be sentimental. Yeap. My my love gave it and paid it early. Of course to avail the discount for the early registrants. Surprise!?! Yesss. How romantic of him. Early valentines. Oh, don’t get jealous. You will have your time. Thank you Jesus. But. It must be his surprise gift. Our 4th. Yay. No. Not months. Not days. 4th year anniversary. Cheeeesy.


4th?? Really!?! Yeap. The first time were together, there were chili hot sause comments. Jonelo has her? She’s mean!!! Yeah right. I was mean but finish it. It’s meaningful (hahaha). And so many prophets as well. Like they will not stay for a long haul. Probably 4 months.  The guy is young and excellently nice. Thanks!!!! The girl??? Hmmm.


We were awkwardly enjoying the night. They teased. We laughed. And. Smiled. But it was us. Because. Papparazzi. Hot tongue. We were quietly bestfriend together. And was silently couple together. Yay!!! Love. Love. Love.


He was very white. Soo thin. Not confident yet. But. Intelligent.


I was smilingly meaaaannn. Read on. Eye bagss. Thin. Tiny. Busy restless woman. I mean wonderful. Feeling beautiful. Haggardo Versoza. In short. Tired. Always. But I was probably funny. Yeah. My uncle said I look like Pokwang. Great!!!! Thanks. I love Pokwang. But. She’s super pretty. Opps. I am also created in His image. So. Unique. One of a kind. Naks!!!


On the biggest transition of my life, he stayed. Hallelujah.



And he is growing in wisdom, skills, strength, finances and the more that I go out with him. The more that I can always thank Jesus of His love for me. Yeah. I just thought of that yesterday. Everyone’s true. He is exceptionally a gentleman. Absolutely nice. And. Wonderfully amazing. The best chef. Wonderman Engineer. A savor the moment king. I have nothing but praises over this excellent gift.



So 4th?? Really??? Yes. How did it happen??? Jesus. And his kindness (hahaha). Am I still mean?? That will always be people’s impression and I’m fine with it. Sarcastic? From time to time (hahaha). Recently, a gentleman asked Jonelo. “How did you handle a very strong woman???” He said smilingly as always, hmmm, you don’t know her.

But wanna know? Read on:


The Holy Spirit taught me, that in a relationship, my gaze should be on Jesus. That works in every relationship. Promise. I learned it along the way. When everyone said that I was mean. It was meaningful to me (hahaha). I mean seriously. Because. Jesus reached out to me. And. I finally understand. What. True. Love. Is.

Have a #jochiliciouslovelife first in Jesus everyone🔘

Jesus Loves You🌻

Keep It Fresh

Life could stink and moments could be stale if we keep looking back when we have today. I believe that everyday is a shower of His fresh grace and fresh mercy.

We wake up and the leaves burst with so much life opthalmologists said it’s good for the eyes. I remember having an eye check up and the eye doctor said that I had green deficiency. I was taken aback to that diagnosis until I finally realize that I don’t exactly like green because it associates to the woman I judged as attention seeker and she’s green crazy. Opps.

In our home, I ‘ll see the beauty of how the sun shines, the different forms of clouds that greets me everyday, and the breeze that sometimes touches my face or blow my hair away in totally different strokes daily. Other times, I could just hear the volume of water that gushes out from the faucet which tells either the person is in hurry fearful that he or she’s late or one is calm as a static ocean. On some occassions, I could just hear the joyful song of my brother as he’s watching and feeding the roosters alongside my father.

As I am about to check the soap holder today, my eyes are drawn to yellows that seems smiling at me. I was drawn to how beautiful and joyful this color is and as I take a deeper look, I’ve seen the SURF Message of “Sun Fresh.”


I guess yellow has been exemplary beautiful because of other colors that blend with just one. And, as I am just thinking about it I realize that when we only have a fresh perspective about life on a daily basis, we can always say that life is totally colorful and that makes our life beautiful.

The truth is, if we keep the stale events of our yesterdays, we become unfair to Jesus who always gives us a fresh start.

Like Surf that says, it’s Sun Fresh, how about if we begin to gaze upon Jesus and join with His perspective so we can always smile today with hope as we keep it fresh.

Have a fresh Sunday everyone💗

Jesus Loves You🌻