Year Of Construction

I woke up quite late today which makes my heart so glad since it’s Sunday and rest day be like (Hahaha). It looks like I am always catching for sleep wherever and whenever I can because my work requires me to be 100% present. And although I had been present, errors are inevitable, it can become too challenging at times but I am convince that there’s no challenge too harsh that Jesus can’t deal with. 

This has been an amazing year for me and my boyfriend. We are both challenged to believe in God for provision and He does while He  gently removes the greed in our hearts. We had been challenged to be a faithful steward with our finances by faithfully returning our tithes, consistently giving to someone when He instructed us to and to save for the future. We had been challenged to master our feelings specially when there are times that we don’t want to wake up to work but we have. Oh yeah-commitment test. Truly, the Lord has been molding us to become responsible. We had been challenged to submit to our bosses even when they strike us to pieces and it does help us maintain humility. That life is not our own and we can’t win in this life alone.

And today we had been challenged to believe God to do the impossible specially when it rains in summer in line when we only have the time to do the construction for our tiny house in the mountain tops (hahahaha). And on top of that, I only have one rest day and no more clothes to wear for the coming days. That means to say that we have so much in our plates. But as I am looking at it, I know that all these are tests to show if we are bearing fruits. The Bible said in the Book of Galatians 5:22 that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control. 

And while I see all these challenges surrounding us, I can only exclaim that this must be our year of character construction to prepare us into becoming a beautiful building God wanted us to become. Deep inside my heart is a whole lot of trust that the God I said YES to when I was 10 years old has been watching and working behind the scene for our good. 

I am so glad to have experience what that is to live on earth under the government of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

And as I always say, my life CHANGED WHEN I SAID YES TO JESUS. I made so many mistakes in life but the best decision ever is being in a relationship with God’s Son called Jesus and to listen to the voice of His Spirit.

So in our most challenging days, we always have Jesus and that’s enough.

May all of you have a reason to smile, to hope, to believe, to trust and to see a brighter future. May all of you will say YES TO THE KING OF KINGS AND TO THE LORD OF LORDS. May all of you will find LOVE IN CHRIST. 

May all of you experience the greatest of life of being so loved by the one who died so we could all live.


Yes, it’s a year of construction but our building is soon to shine.


The Power Of A Generous & Praying Boyfriend

So last Saturday, my boyfriend had a company outing & I am glad that he has the time of his life just for himself regardless if he is with the same people. I am happy for their company’s decision to have some fun as well. 

I too has been given the privilege to meet with my bestfriend’s husband, name I will withheld to avoid much questions (hahaha). But, what really touches my heart was my boyfriend’s surprise gift for me -his way of letting me know that he was thinking about me while he was away. 

At dawn too when the motorcyle reach my workplace where he brings me every morning, he laid his hands on me trusting me to Jesus that His power will be enough to cover my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and my hormones (hahahaha).

As we have been together for 6 beautiful years, the gold in him continues to increase in it’s karat. His character shines brighter & brighter enough to remind me that the long wait was really worth it. 

Looking back, I was told by my churchmates that my boyfriend is nice is just that he does not have the money to marry me right away. I was hurt but I stayed not because I was desperate to have a boyfriend but because I knew deep in my heart that he is Jesus choice for me. 

Ruth Bell Graham once replied when interviewed that she would rather have her husband partime than having someone else fulltime. I’ve got the same answer. I would rather have my man than being with someone who has so much but is not trusting in Jesus.

By now, God has been faithful and we see His faithfulness for both in our lives. 

My prayerful boyfriend💗

My boyfriend’s generosity💗

Get Back Up

Yesterday was such my crisis of faith you wish you didn’t know me. Everything seemed so challenging plus the heat of the sun was so unforgiving that I reached home dog tired. On top of that, I read a message that must have no meaning, I make it so big that it must have surprised the person who read it. My thoughts raged through my writings and the three cups of rice was consumed in 6 minutes. My boyfriend always prayed with all kinds of prayers and will gently tell me that Jesus is way bigger that hormonal attacks. So there I was subscribing to give thanks in 30 days without complaining literally complains like I have forgotten the faithfulness of God.

This morning as I woke up early and is a little bit rested, thank you God for the aircon, felt so condemned. I regretted that I typed those words and sent without thinking. How come I seemed so nice in the office and to my co-workers whom I kept in far a distance but become so mean or acted like demon to people closest to my heart – my family. They don’t deserve the burst out of my frustrations whatever it maybe. I felt so disgusted. Am I returning to who I was being saved from? Am I going back to the art of pretensions to gain approval? Am I too shallow to believe in the lies just to prove my worth? 

As I have the room all by myself not even wanting to read the Bible, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the verse I read on March 24 in Proverbs 24:16 that says, though a righteous man falls seven times, HE WILL GET UP, but the wicked will stumble into ruin. Oh, how it heals my heart that the Lord Himself did not expect me to have it all together all the time but He does believes that I’ll get back up everytime I fall. 

I sat down reflecting as to my yesterday’s reaction and I begin to realize that I have put God’s burden into my frail shoulders when it must have been way too easier to just bank on His grace that must have been sufficient for me on a day to day basis. Pastor Chelsea Smith in her sermon said, “Give A Glance To Your Circumstances But Maintain Your Stare At Jesus.” She’s exactly right. 

It is when we take the lordship back to ourselves instead of yielding to Jesus as Lord that we feel like we have the right to judge, yell, and condemn back at people. On the other hand, the opposite is true. It is when we yield at the Lord Jesus Lordship that we begin to see people as precious because  that’s how Jesus sees and feels for them.

The truth is, I can’t take back the hurt that I must have probably stirred in the hearts of people yesterday but I can trust that the God of my life will work in every heart so each will have a good heart.

Today, don’t let the enemy pounce at your imperfections but remember that In Christ, growth isn’t expect to come out like magic, it’s going to be from glory to glory.

So Get Back Up And Keep Your Stare At Jesus💕

Because when he is challenged, he smiles, comes home and believes that Jesus loves him and His plans never fails. He is not just wearing the tshirt – he lives it.


Many of you knows that when I was celebrating my 10th birthday in 1989 with my brother and sisters, my mother died. That was the first time that I learned to suppress my emotion and pretended that I was strong. I did not show to everyone that I cried because as young as 10 years old, I had this idea that weak people always cry. I don’t want to be weak for my brother and sister’s sake but what I thought as strength became a great wall of China (hahahaha) that disabled people to come and mentor me. The truth is, I’ve seen too much in 10 years of just being a child. What was built on the inside of me was having a VICTIM MENTALITY. That rich people looks down to the poor and have the authority to make them as slave. That money talks. That if you are poor, even if you are intelligent, you will remain voiceless. That parents relationship has an impact in a child’s life. That words has power to birth life or to order death. That environment has an impact for our growth. That poverty is not a hindrance to success. That all those negative observations I mentioned above can be passed THROUGH IF WE HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET AND A PERSEVERING SPIRIT.

Let me introduce to you my 6 Mentors For my Initial Success:

1) So let’s start with my GRANDFATHER. He always told me that I should finish my study because poverty is not a hindrance to success. That if I will PERSEVERE, I will be SUCCESSFUL. That I should not give up too soon. So he encouraged my aunt to send me to school after I wrote her a letter that I wanted to be her working student and I will do everything I can just so I can finish my study. My aunt was convinced and before I was sent to Cebu, my GRANDFATHER told me to write him a letter if they will maltreat me just because I don’t have a mother and he will come and visit me. That was enough to make me feel so courageous and so secure. Two years later, I felt that there was favoritism and I was badly treated so I wrote my GRANDFATHER a letter and true to his word, he surprisingly arrive the next day with his white hat, stripes polo shirt and went straight to my aunts room. There were no words except a tight hug and a gentle voice that says, POVERTY IS NOT THE HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS. That was the first visible example of INTEGRITY for me. My GRANDFATHER was true to his promise and afterwards I was tagged as GRANDPA’S FAVORITE. In fact I am convince that the main reason why I am a GOOD COUNSELOR for people is because I saw that firsthand from my GRANDFATHER. He did not finish Elementary but people flocked to him for counsel and he was very good. With his counsel, I finished COLLEGE but so sad at the same time because he died to cancer that same year as well. It was my FIRST SHOW OF RIVERS OF TEARS. It was my FIRST shout of grief hoping he will come back to life so I could have shared with him my diploma. It was my first battle of depression and too much sadness. It was my year of feeling I have achieved something but too useless to even celebrate. But because of him, I braved the city and win through college with an inner guts that God must have put in even when I was in my mother’s womb.

2) A TINY BOOK. In my grandparents house were books of my aunt that I frequented into and there was one book that I can’t remember the title but I can still picture the images in my mind. In that book was a story of  very poor man who believed that POVERTY WAS NOT THE HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS and became very successful at life. My visualization became very active and it made me realized that I am not the ONLY POOR GIRL in the world. That boosted a courage within me to sail Cebu City and conquer the unknown.

3) WORD OF GOD. In my aunts house in Cebu City was a beautiful family who rented a room and conducted Bible Study every Tuesday. I was invited and being so hungry of a  God my parents always mentioned when I was a child, I joined. In that Bible Study, Tita Mayette opened the Bible to James 1:12 and it says, “Blessed is the man who PERSEVERE UNDER TRIAL because when he stood the test, he will receive the crown of life which is God’s promise to those who loves Him.”  That’s My ONLY verse that waved me THROUGH COLLEGE. When it was too hard having to work and being a student at the same time, I meditated that verse and keep going to school regardless of how I was being treated. At school, I always had points because of my guts but my answer was always out of the point (hahaha). That’s my philosophy teacher (Dr. Tingcong) told me but she loved my being brave so much. 

4) MAGAZINE/LUCY TORRES. I first knew about her during a Life In The Spirit Seminar when a lay minister mentioned her name and told us that her first pay for her lux commercial was given to the church. It was my first realization that not all people who are born with a SILVER PLATTER in their mouth are mean. I searched all about her and then in one of her magazines I read that BEAUTY RADIATES FROM THE INSIDE OUT. That physical beauty regardless of how much make up you put on, if you are bitter, it’s not beautiful after all. Then it came to my senses at how bitter I was at life, at people and in myself. All of a sudden, it became so real to me that it’s not the people who has problems nor my circumstances but it’s me. I needed help. I don’t know how.

5) TELEVISION/JOEL OSTEEN. Having known that I have so much inner turmoil and bitterness that needs healing, I went to my cousin’s room crying until I unearthed my bitterness and there I saw that I was bitter at my father. That was after I kept changing channels and was stucked when a very laid back preacher, Pastor Joel Osteen talked about PEACE. I was so surprised that he did not shout but his message went deep inside my heart. In that room I cried and prayed and hoped that I would see my father again and God being God heard my prayers. Few months later, I saw him in our rented small room lying on the floor resting. I was not prepared for it. I wanted to fulfill my promise made against him when I was a child that if I will see him again, I will kill him. But I knew Jesus. In that pivotal moment, I was reminded of Pastor Joel’s message that to stay bitter will never lead to a peaceful life. I wanted inner peace so much that I can’t stay bitter all my life. Then I heard the gentle voice of the Lord that says, “I LOVE YOUR FATHER AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU.”It took so many years to accept that but I thank God for His steadfast love that never pushed me away from Him. 

6) YOUTUBERS. There’s a lot but let me you give a few. a) Marilyn Hickey for teaching me to LIVE THE WORD & UNLOCK THE MIRACULOUS b) Sarah Bowling for teaching me to work with the Holy Spirit c) Victoria Osteen for teaching me to enjoy today and trust that God will have enough grace sufficient for me tomorrow d) Terri Savelle Foy for teaching me to dig in my heels e) Jerry Savelle for teaching me to NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT f) Gloria Copeland for teaching me to stand on the Word of God and believe for healing g) Rachel Cruze for teaching me the value of contentment and savings h) Dodie Osteen for teaching me faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His Word 

So those were my mentors for my initial success. I said initial because I just started to bloom in life and because outside success is nothing without the work of JESUS CHRIST. He is the ULTIMATE MENTOR & LIFE STANDARD. He has all the qualities worth to be emulated but He has so many ways to lead us to our destiny. I am thankful that JESUS isn’t hungry of accolades that He uses various people to capture my attention so I will believe it in my heart that He truly loves me  having His blood shed as evidence. I am thankful for His never ending interccession for me to the Father and grateful for giving me such support up until today by giving me wonderful people to continue to believe in me. I know that we have an individual relationship with Jesus and it will be not too much when I will proudly say, “I AM THE OBJECT OF HIS AFFECTION.” He is my mentor for a SUCCESS THAT WILL HAVE AN ETERNAL IMPACT. He is  my mentor who lives forever. 

May you all will say the same. May you have that special bond with Him. May you say thank you for His sacrifice for you by giving up Heaven and live with us here on earth. May you praise Him for going through hell for you so you will be with Him in Heaven. May you give Him thanks for dying for you so you will live.


Fulfill your dreams.

Never Give Up.

Never Lose Hope.


Have a lovely day💕

Vibe Is Contagious

​Looking back, specifically last year, I was like an untamed horse whose becoming wild with my thoughts, Having been in prisoned in saying my personal convictions, I felt like I have all the freedom to just say whatever I wanted to say in excuse of being real. After all, I know that Jesus loves me and His mercy is new every morning. But, with God’s mercy and love comes responsibility and if He really love me, I suppose that I should be a carrier of His vibes in my walk, talk, and write. While I did not sat down in a comfy chair at a coffee shop to evaluate myself, I know first hand that there were countless nights that I had been reminded of my reactive posts on social media and how it could have been avoided if I think before I click.
This year, in line to my new minimalistic approach in life and of course with the Touch and Help of the Holy Spirit, I want to be a carrier of Jesus vibes. 
Jesus, wherever He went, people flocked to Him because His presence was attractive. With Jesus, people will go home full and not hungry. The sick will be healed. The insecure will find healing in His presence. The crazy person became whole and turned out to be His evangelist without training.  His life was simple. He did not live in a mansion but He was oozing with confidence and gave so much love because He knew who He was. Yes, Jesus was God, is God and will always be, but He became a man, was a man, and literally walked on this earth and could feel the joys and pains of humanity. He was not just a teacher and preacher but He was a perfect example of walking the talk.
As I reflected from my own way of walking in this life, I realized that I have been a preacher without the fruit of the Holy Spirit to match. I have been a writer who sometimes write in the impulse of the flesh instead of the leading of the Holy Spirit. 
I want my 2017 to be different and that’s why I just endeavor to write twice a week during my rest days or more if there’s an internet connection available and if I have a ready post to publish. I will only be using my social media to ignite positive vibes in people’s lives and hopefully the readers will have something to take home as a thought to win as they continue to learn as I do. 
In saying, I had not been posting my comments to the government’s opposition. There were days that I was almost tempted because I admire the President but my job is to pray for him instead. If I have to be loyal, it has to be on the Lord Jesus Christ who is eternal. There were times this month that I wanna blast people because of what I felt as a show off post but in reality it isn’t but I am reminded with what the Holy Spirt taught me before the year ends. 
He said: 

Mind God. 

Mind Me.

Love People.
Even last night, I was tempted to type and click my feelings with the motive of hitting someone because I felt that he is just motivated by greed. But after 20 minutes, I was convicted that it’s not suppose to be posted in the social media platform. It’s not Jesus style. Jesus wasn’t moved by people’s opinion but by the instruction of His Father. He did not take time in answering His critics rather He kept quiet and mind His very reason of why He was on earth. So, I deleted my long post and hopefully it was not being screened shot. You see, I am still growing in this area as well but it was a great first move already. The Holy Spirit must have been working really hard so I will be convicted and I will get back to my God goal espcially in regards to posting in social media.
I believe that regardless as to whether we see each other or not, our posts reflects our vibes and the vibes we carry is contagious. My hope and prayer is that, as social media journalists, we will start to break the bandwagon of negativity by being a carrier of Jesus vibes and let it ripple down to our home, community, and the workplace. I know that it’s hard and difficult but let us take it one day at a time. Let’s accept the #PositiveVibesChallengePost. We don’t necessarily post verses because posting scriptures without a changed life is saying yes to ritual and religion. It is very impressive from a distance but it’s not giving an impact up close. We can still get real but remails positive like Jesus do.
May all of you is doing well in your life and career and let’s carry on “JESUS VIBES.”
Have A Blessed Day Everyone🏃

The Living Word

You don’t have His Word living in you, because you don’t believe the ONE He sent – John 5:38 HCSB-

The Word of God will only become alive in our spirit man if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because it is possible to pore over the Scriptures and know it in our heads but fails to benefit the power of the Word. The Word is spirit and life. It is the sword of the Spirit. It is useful for correction, warning, teaching and encouragement. It is life to our flesh. It is our medicine when seriously ill. Everything becomes activated as we start to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God sent to save us from all of our sins. As we believe that He died for our sins, then ressurected after three days so we may have life with Him. As Jesus lives, we live also. As we trust Jesus and cleave to Him, He gives us the Holy Spirit as our Helper, our Teacher, our Comforter, our Strengthener, and our Standby who helps us 24/7. 

As a result, the Bible will be the BEST BOOK with promises that will become alive in our hearts because it is the Word of God and will only be activated as we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

There’s no other being worth to believe other than JESUS who died and rose again. No other being who claimed to be God and rose from the dead. All of them remained dead except for our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ. 

Call to Jesus. Believe in Him as the Son of God. Trust Him. He is so full of grace and so full of truth. He is compassionate. He is for you. He loves you. He shed His blood for you. 

Try trusting believing in Him today❤

Follow Jesus

I’m just reading the Bible and Jesus said, FOLLOW ME. Then I realize that I am just making my life complicated by looking for someone to follow. By following Jesus, it means He is the Leader and I am His follower. That means I’ll do what He does, say things like how He said it, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, get His heart and so on and so forth. That means, I’ll have to immerse myself on His ways through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Life is pretty much easier when we begin to walk as a follower of Jesus instead of trying to lead and carrying the cares that we are not meant to carry.

So, have a great day everyone❤