Tear Flows

In life, there comes a time that you have no other encouragement to give, rather what’s left are hidden waters that rushed out as raging tears. That’s exactly what happens today. 

I am AHT challenged at work and if you are a call center agent, you understand. I am being challenged to perform and I don’t have enough juices to excrete, if there is, it’s nothing but a bitter liquid that might provide a worst taste to anyone who likes to lick. Then I was about to retreat into a solitary place like Jesus always does when I was followed by a pain in the neck reminder of my terrible performance for this month and week. I was aggravated,  worst, discouraged, and muttered, it’s enough, I’ve got enough, I wanna quit. And my bitter taste spread like wildflower to the blooming lilies and to my surprise, I’ve got their sweet encouragement/s I never thought I’ve received. 

And so to my dry parched emotion rain down river of tears that won’t stop falling just like a visiting rain longed and prayed by the prophet in the Bible. I absorbed like a sponge but still undecided on which road to take but through it all, I feel so blessed to have been showered by roses when I there’s nothing but thorn in both my path and ways. 

So in between sobs and ugly tears is the knowing that my Heavenly Father cares😢😂😄😃


Beautiful And Colorful

The world is chaotic. There’s bad news all around us. Deception happens here and there. Betrayal is now being rejoiced. Murder. Rape. We will just turn on the tv and we will find all the worst things all around us. Gosh. It’s like the whole world is reigned by the evil one. I agree. But there’s beauty all around us if we will just look around. Just take a glance of the following.


That flower pot stands out. The colors of the leaves are majestic. Who can even create it. God. He place us in the middle of so mny things beautiful.


How about the colorful leaves in the boring blocks? Isn’t it bland without the leaves? God’s design is surpassingly great than any architect on earth.


Then the orchids. Oh the flowers smiles gently each day maybe giving a whisper of take care to the passersby. 


And look at the flower. It is beamingly saying that everything is going to be okay. The storms are just temporary.

There’s beauty in the midst of anything ugly. We just have to take time to appreciate it.

Even with our life. We may keep complaining about what others have that we neglect what God has given us today. We still have two eyes to see. Mouth to speak. Ears to listen. Hands to touch. Feet to walk. Heart that normally beats. And on and on and on. God made life beautiful for us but we complicate it a lot by keeping with the Joneses.

Give God thanks.

Kiss By The Wind

The light slowly breaks into a day and the window breaks in as the wind greets me good morning. I make a few steps going to the wash room and returned back to bed reflecting His mercy on this new day. My hair covers my face as the wind randomly kiss me in its normal cold temperature. I still don’t know what this day looks like but I am sure that this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

The wind is not too bad but it sure does blow the leaves nearby, the trees joined in while the rooster crows their lullabyes.

The softness of my little foam slashed bed comforts me and the pillow serves as my great company. The wind enters in slowly, faithfully kissing me, hopefully it is a kiss for having a great day ahead of me.

Then it dawn on me the reality of the wind. It opens our simple window, breaking in the curtains, it touches me and yes everything around me feels its presence. No one can deny its reality.

Isn’t God like this wind? In crisis, we think He is leaving us because we seemed to be  covered with  what we focused as reality. We come to God albeit disappointed because He seems not with us but all along He makes His presence to be felt.

What happens in the natural may seem discouraging and what we go through sometimes tortures our very core but it is also in the breaking of ones soul that we see His kiss of mercy and grace. It is in holding on to His grip around us that make us keep going despite what’s going on.

Just like this kiss of the wind that I strongly feel even without me seeing it, I will also spring forth into faith that surely this day will be a day of His miracles and surprises not just for me but to my brother and sisters as well.

May you all feel the touch of His presence today more than the agony that the enemy may wants you to feel.

Have a great day to one and all.

The Stars

As I am about to close the curtain that must have covered the plain window, I saw the beautiful stars that glitters so brightly, it simply takes my breath away. I wonder if these stars are present by day, and as I refresh my memory, it sure does.

As I reflect more, it reminded me of a book by Billi Lim called Dare to Fail.

Let me share it to you and may it reminds you too that there is beauty in every experience, may it good or bad.

“It is in great crises and wars that great men are born.”

It is not that there’re no great men born in other periods, it is just that there was no crisis to bring out the best in them.

If we look out into the sky at night, we will realize that the DARKER the sky, the BRIGHTER the stars! Why is that we can’t see the stars in the day time? Not that they are not there. It’s because there’s too much sunshine! We need darkness to bring out the stars!

Tonight, you might be sleeping with the lights on but maybe on the inside of you is the cry of light because it seems that you can’t get away with the dark.

Let me encourage you to stay strong and know that it is in your darkest hour that you will wonderfully shine like how the stars shine in the dark.

Have a restful night and keep shining even in the midst of darkness my friends.


Looking from the window is a sun winding down that depicts to its almost darkness. The day slowly transitions to night and the breeze simply kiss the skin like ice.

The flourescent has been turned on to overshadow the night and the usual day activity has slowly been put on hold, hoping for sunrise come another day. The rain waters the dry ground giving the earth signal that there is hope for new growth.

It is in such a time like this that you begin to hope and likewise confident that the sun will rise the next day.

In life, there are times that days transitioned to darkness and when it does it looks like The One who makes the heaven and the earth seems distant and silent. But isn’t it that when the sun sets, the sun rises again? It is in the night that we go to sleep and feel well rested, ready to face the day as the sun greets us with each shining rays.

You may be feeling that your life has been like that of the setting sun but just like how confident you become that the sun shall rise and brings beauty of the new day, let it be that you will be bursting with hope that your tomorrow will be as shining as the greeting of the sun.

The same God who let the sun sets and shines is the same God who will make you see the beauty of life as it sets. You don’t sleep panicking in the night but you sleep knowing that tomorrow shall come like the rising of the sun.

May you never lose hope when life seems to twirl towards darkness but instead be ever hopeful that the twirl will spiral into a brand new day with His grand surprises.

Stay hopeful in the shadow of darkness.

Know You

It is not a question why in one way or another, we want to be valued. We want to be appreciated for what we have contributed and for what we have done. We want people to at least notice that in the span of our existence, we have done something that sparks in some way at people’s heart.

Yet, in this journey called life I found that people’s validation over people came underneath a motive and what seems uplifting in the surface is totally downgrading when unearth.

The best validation that is unchanging is THE WORD OF GOD and the best person who know you is GOD. People may label you and every label may have hurt you but on the inside of you is the real you, whose reality cannot be altered by any man but is fully known by the ever Great God in whom your name is sculptured in the palm of His Hands.

Sometimes I still wonder why all the pains? Why all the challenges? Why all the unfairness? Why all the poverty? Why all the insults? Why all the tragedies? Why all the injustices?

Then as I searched within, I could say that what is eternal has already been saved. What is forever has already been died for and what needs the strength the most is the spirit man.

The devil can only intimidate you the most on the outside but your victory isn’t on the trying hard strength that you tried to project but the received strength you receive as He lives in you.

You might be sent forth to and fro. You might be scattered here and there. Nevertheless, I pray that your spirit man stands strong as it is being firmly taken hold by THE ONE who knew you even before you were born.

Have a day filled with His strength.

The One

So whose the one as they saw me singing to my fave love song. Curious, I asked the what?

“The one” who makes you happy. I looked and pointed my fingers upward.

Jesus is THE ONE. He is The One who listens and understands. He is The One who makes me feel so secure. He is The One who helps without asking something in return. He is The One who will never judge but accepts me as I am. He is The One who gives me hope when it seems hopeless. He is The One who loves and loves me more at my worst. He is The One who straightens my ways when its turning crook. He is The One who is gentle when I am mad.

Jesus is THE ONE. He is now. He is forever. He is The One audience I don’t need to pretend.

He is THE ONE. When everyone started to leave me one by one. When there is NO ONE who stand by me. When my choices don’t agree with theirs. When my actions won’t fit in their self righteous ways. When the Scriptures are pointed to condemn me instead of letting it transform me. When the path isn’t clear. When it looks tragic.

He is THE ONE. He never leaves me nor forsake me. He speaks to me when no one is interested to speak to me anymore. When people who pledge allegiance over oir friendship is gone.

I am secure. I can be led. I’ve got THE ONE.

The One. My Love. My Forever. My Jesus.