One Income But Builds A Home

I always hear people say in panic, “Why are you not working? This is not the trend now!!! It is impossible to live in one income these days!!!! You are losing your mind! Those were my thoughts also when it was only my brother who was working and he is still the one who puts the bacon on the table up until now but someone serves it so beautifully that it makes me change my mind. 

I want you to meet my brother (Jerry), his only daughter (Jherra), & his wife (Darwin). This was on their thin & challenging days but they have stood the test of time. 

My brother was the one working on a very small monthly income and his wife stayed and turned their house into a home. They raised a child, have a simple but super beautiful and peaceful home, have a modest appliances, enjoyed with friends and have a blast in life. I know that they went through the toughest of days but they emerged the strongest as the time went by. With their small income, they built a house and sheltered both of their respective families.  They have been so generous of their spaces regardless if they were the one who sweat and sacrificed for it. 

At their home, he gets up to work and his wife provided a first class service for their family. They have healthy food, a tidy house, and a peaceful home. In most cases, their home has been a shelter for cousins who temporarily strayed away from their respective partners and went home refreshed. 

The following are what I learn from a model family who live in just one income:

1) DON’T MIND WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY. I’m sure they must have feel the pressure of the voices all around them but they stick to what works for them. For them, it’s best that one works while the other stayed at home to raise a child and build a sanctuary of peace. To each it’s own. We have different path to follow and I am sure that they have followed through faithfully and consistently.

2) MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE. My sister in law can turn a trash into gold. She uses it for decorations,  painted it herself and viola, her home is the best, no bias, promise. She is just a gifted home maker who just minds her own business. 

3) BUDGET AND STICK WITH IT. With a very small income that my brother have, she literally sticks to her budget and enjoy life. She has no internet, no facebook account, no instagram, no twitter, but bask on peace. And she did not look disheveled at all. She knows how to carry herself with class and elegance. And wait, my brother is the most at peace without social media too.

That’s my sister in law Darwin. Isn’t she lovely? I have a high regard on her. That does mean to say that we don’t have disagreement? We do but I consider her a great blessing to our family. 

4) BE CONTENT. In their home, there is peace because they are contented with what they have but keeps on dreaming. I remember at one point my brother told me, “You serve the Lord, You are driving a car, have a high salary, but you don’t have peace.” It was an eye opener for me and I will never forget it. To desire for material possessions and money drives us crazy but to be content gives us the space to have more. Eventually, my brother has been blessed not just with possessions but with their fats as well (hahahaha).

5) ENJOY LIFE. I’ve seen them respecting each other while enjoying simplicity at its core. 

She does the laundry.

But he helped when the rain pours so suddenly.

6) RAISE A GOOD NATURED CHILD. Their daughter though going through teenage challenges is such a lovely lady and our future Miss Universe (hahaha) 

I woke up like this. That’s their only daughter who is oh so beautiful. 

They have modeled what a contented family really is.

***********************************************************************For me, my brother and his family  is successful and have so much more. Sometimes, he looked down at himself probably because of what he has seen around him. Sometimes we missed the gold within us because we see glitters that will just fade but theirs is a glitter that stays. I will never forget when I was 8 when I prayed to the good Lord that my brother will have the best wife and my sisters will have the best husband. He did answer my prayers. 


I Was A Fool

This week had been pretty much messy for me which is a little bit surprising to someone who definitely loves order. I love when things are organized and at least clean because when it’s not, then my lazy bones will take over and I don’t wanna touch it. It’s like a bulk of work and pretty much overwhelming and I don’t know which one to start anymore. My bed is not kept. The dirty clothes are piling and growing like volcanoes that may probably erupt in any time this week. My Bible reading has been challenging especially when it took me time to understand about the significance of so many things in Exodus. I wanna stop reading, promise, but I have started it and I’m not comfortable to quit. This is 2016 so to finish what I started must be a good habit to form. Thanks Holy Spirit for the help. I had been totally distracted by social media. My mind has no direction. Pretty much lost and my spirit has been so dry, I really wondered why. Yet, then again, I continue with my Bible reading, Proverbs Daily, amazing.

So yesterday was the 9th of February, and so I read Proverbs 9. Bang! It’s just as if someone removed the spiritual lid and His Word becomes alive that I stood up and began to work.

So here’s the sharper than double edged sword that spoke to me yesterday:

Folly is an unruly woman; she is simple and knows nothing (Proverbs 9:13 NIV).

I checked unruly and it means undisciplined, disorganized, willful, and unmanageable. What a word!!! I saw me in those discriptions.

In other words, if I have no discipline in reading the Word, then I will know nothing of His pomises and I will lost the zeal in life. Then, I will just agree with what everyone else is saying, be affected in people’s opinion, and powerless. And that applies in any area of life as well. Like, if I cannot manage the household, how can I manage a future business. If I will not organized my day, then the day will end without nothing that will be accomplished. Then, I will be paranoid in the how I wish. How I wish I cleaned the house. How I wish I organized my desk. How I wish I do laundry. How I wish I study His Word more than social media, etc.

So, I repented. I surrendered to the Word. I ask help from the Holy Spirit. Organized my life. Make His Counsel the first. Use social media properly.

I was a fool but His Word brings me to what’s wise. His Counsel is superb. The Word Works. The Word is alive.

Go ahead and make a plan to listen to His Counsels more than what the Social Media says. Stop wishing. Write what you wanna do and just do it.

Jesus Loves You🌻

Be You

I am starting a habit of watching faith filled messages everyday and everyday my faith tank overflows. My confessions change from it is impossible to possible, from the I can’t to the I can in Jesus name, from getting sick to getting healed, and so many other breakthroughs that God has been breaking through. My life slowly progressed from not knowing what to do to slowly seeing the light of what I am supposed to do. The 21 day challenged has been over and yeah I am still doing what I started since day 1 of the challenged but this week has been a trying tested week for me. Aside from being challenged with the challenges that my sisters are facing and that’s another breaking through story to write and proclaim the ever surpassing greatness of God, I too is personally challenged within me.

As I am watching these men and women of God declaring His faithfulness, I feel the sense of being so overwhelmed and pressured. I am pressured that what I maybe saying to a friend about “Arise” may not come right on the expected date. I see the tiny little bitty me and I am literally tiny, seeing thid vision that’s huge right in front of me and I don’t even have the opportunity of even starting a tiny piece of this dream. I am pressured that I may not become the people whom I am watching and that my life might just be in this room feeling and looking useless and life isn’t going to measure up with whatever people are expecting from me.

Think about this. I am a License Teacher by profession, honor student, labeled as smart woman by everyone I see, and yet I am in my house cleaning, washing plates, cooking, writing, praying, reading, and not earning. I feel like I don’t measure up. Am I going to get there? I don’t know how to start and the thoughts started to come right in like it is going to wash me out and then gone. Maybe you are going to tell me, then get up and apply to teach. That’s easier but teaching subjects aren’t my cup of tea. I am called and set apart to do something beyond the temporal and to be doing it alone daily has been because of the grace of God. Imagine waking up and breaking through with all these negative confessing people around you. That takes God to stay on course but He did it for me and I am just totally blessed with God’s anointing of ease.
As I continued to watch these modern day heroes of faith, a still small voice  interrupted me and said, “You are not called to do what others does. You are called to be you. You don’t need to be in front to vouch my calling. You have already started. Put down the roots so something is going to bear fruit.”

In other words, Metchili, you can’t have it all together overnight but if you stick with it, you’ll get there. You can’t be a preacher without a message being prepared. You can’t have a testimony in prayer without passing the private tests. You can’t sell books without writing little by little. You can’t be in front without being whole behind the scenes. Just keep being the real you in an audience of One because once you are out in front, the world isn’t compassionate enough to cuddle you in your brokennes, rather the world is going to hit you up and down, left and right, and what’s taking place behind the scene is going to be what strengthens you as God launched you into His very calling for you.

Oh my goodness. Everything I heard ministers to me that I get up blessed. Blessed in the knowledge that I don’t have to measure up on the measuring standard of this world. Blessed in knowing that I am  right where I am suppose to be. Blessed in having the opportunity to just stay in the presence of God without interruptions. Blessed to have been given the privilege of pursuing His very plans in my life. Blessed that the One who created the Universe takes notice of me and what seemed to be nonsense has sense in it.

How about you? Did you ever feel like being in a rut and you don’t measure up? Did you ever felt being pressured because others seemed to have a life and you don’t?

Can I give you a good news? You have your own life run the way God intended it to be. It is going to be too different from someone you so admire. It is going to be a journey that you alone can do as you partner with God. As Terri Savelle Foy said, it is God’s Tailor Made Plan for you. God has His own measurement that fits to only you because when He is going to use the measurement of others for you, it’s not going to fit you. He delights seeing you to be the you that He created you to be.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged when others seemed to be far away from you with regards to their accomplishments because at the end of your life, you are only going to stand before God and make an accounting to the very thing that He asks you to do.

Keep doing the very thing that will lead you to your assignment and do it in the signature style of you.

Have a great day and may the peace of God rests in your heart as you continue to be the best you.



After all the household chores that has been over and done. The plates has been washed. The colored clothes has been dried. The stairway to papa’s classroom has been cleaned. The tables has been dusted. Another rice has been cooked. I just figured out that I needed a break and that I deserve a reward. Yeah. I have to have some motivation to keep me going before the next day will come when I have to fellowship with all the white clothes and wash them to my hearts delight.

I thought and barnuts popped up like pop corn on my head. I leaped with joy like a little child who will go to toy kingdom and has toys in mind. I got five of those blue barnuts and savor it like I won in The Voice and Starstruck. Oh, how as simple as barnuts makes me feel so rewarded.

Instead of whining and murmuring, life can be enjoyed at home. I can sing while washing the clothes. I can dance while dusting the tables. I can pray while I am washing the plates. I can dream while I am cooking the rice. And I can taste the barnuts while I am resting through blog.

Life is simple but we complicate it by over analyzes.. Life is beautiful but we think too much of how tomorrow will be that we failed to see what God is doing today. Life is a celebration but we mourn because we can’t be happy with what we have. Life is rich with vigorous health but it becomes poor because we see our physical  imperfections. Life is peaceful but it becomes chaotic because of too much negativity.

How about enjoying life? How about thanking Jesus for a day full of His love, favor, and mercy? How about rewarding ourselves with a job well done at home?

Well, it does not have to  be as expensive as luxurious bags carried by a celebrity. It can be barnuts. You can bite its sweetness and it’s naturally nutty yummy. A reward for a happy day, God’s wondrous gift for you and me.

So, if you are a homemaker? I salute you. Cheers for a job well done. And when you feel so tired? Take barnuts and enjoy the bite.

May you all enjoy the chores you have to do at home and may you find the pleasure of thanking Him that while others are searching for a place to live, you do not just have a house but a home to love and serve.