​Why You Are Not Married Yet???

Oftentimes, acquaintances, friends,  co-workers, relatives, & church mates asked me of why I am not yet married. I always heared them said that I passed the age of child bearing and I will have a hard time giving birth. Other’s doubted of the sincerity of my boyfriend towards me. “Maybe your boyfriend is not so into you” they said. Some spiritual bullies will say that by the time I will have kids, groceries must be too high and tuition fees must be too hard to afford. There are also those who said that we must be so down and too poor to afford for a wedding. Well, so many opinions here, there, and everywhere.  Thankfully, over the years, I learn that respecting one’s opinion is a virtue (hahaha).
Here are probably the reasons why:
1) I became a teenager in my thirties. I went through a lot in life that I needed so much emotional healing only the Lord can perform. All I needed is a love from a Father In Heaven but working in the church allowed me to experience an earthly father’s love from my Pastors, and from the fathers in the church. I realized that there a great fathers who existed as well as great men who loves the Lord. 

2) My boyfriend is way younger than I am that when I was graduating in high school, he was still in grade 1. The Holy Spirit must have worked in my heart to guard me and helped me from saying no to the wrong person so I could say yes to the special man whom He had prepared for me. There were times that I cried my heart to sleep while confessing what He has put in my heart that “God Has Prepared Someone Special For Me” and I always answer that when people teased me of having no boyfriend when I landed in my 30’s. 
3) I still want to enjoy a teenage life of being in a relationship because I never experienced what it meant to be a teenager due to the fact that my mother died when I was 10 and I’m guessing that I became a very mean instant mom then. To be a mother way too early for a job you don’t know while also have no knowledge of God was too difficult. How I prayed that my brother and sisters will grow up and will have the best in life and I dreamed of breathing from being an instant mom. Thankfully, they all did and are growing in the Lord and I am also enjoying my single life. Thank you Jesus💗

4) I am still learning how to be a woman in Christ. I long wanted to become a wife. In fact when my uncle asked me what I really wanted, I answered, to become a Godly wife who brings her children to church and who will support her husband. My goodness, I don’t even know why I desired that in my teens. Oh how I prayed that my husband will not be a seaman or someone working overseas because of my sincere desire to become a Godly wife. 

5) We are still working in our finances. No, I don’t want a big wedding but I also don’t want to be stressed out with our finances. A little savings in the bank and hopefully future businesses and investments is a big help. Thank you Jesus. I’ve seen how money stressed my mother way back. How she cried in the night. How she became deaf because her food was given to all of us. And how she became mentally ill because of too much worries and anxiety. This is why I wanted all of us to become a good steward with our finances. 

6) I need to know first how to be a Godly wife.  I need mentorship. I need to see good examples of marriages founded by His truth.  Thank God for bringing to me Christian Ladies whom I can see as growing in the Lord while having a deep respect and love to their husbands. 

So while we had our Bible Study, Ter Yan surprisingly gave me and Ter Anne this book. I’ve seen this book way back then but I was not interested. I read and I was attacked with panic and depression (hahaha). The author is so sweet. My Bible Ladies are so gentle and kind.  I can’t be this woman. I realized that my heart needs cleansing of His Word so that it will submit to what He said, not to what I feel. 

I pray that marriages are strengthened by your relationship in Christ and may the single ladies out there will have to learn to wait for the person whom God has for them. For the time being, enjoy Jesus and His direction for your life. 
Have A Lovely Day💗💗💗


Identity In Jesus Christ

We are done with our training and like other trainings too, I’ve seen the jubilant mood of those who made it and I’ve watched the teary eyed exit of those who didn’t. I rejoice with those who rejoice and I also mourn with those who mourn. But the truth is, nothing in winning and losing is the identity of a man and a woman. 

Putting our identity in one little success don’t define us as a person in the same way as putting ourselves down because we didn’t make it does not lower our worth.

Our identity is on the Lord Jesus Christ who chose to shed His blood for us even before we even proclaim our love for Him. He gave Himself as a sin offering for us so that He will have our sins and we can have our righteousness. He made Himself poor so we will become rich. He went to great lengths by suffering even before dying because He has us in mind. 

His perfect love is our identity. When we are in the mountain tops or when we are in the valley, He always makes His presence felt. 

So when what we want isn’t happening, it’s all because He knows the end from the beginning and He knows everything in between. His ways are way better than ours. 

May we all find strength in knowing that He loves us so much regardless of what’s taking place and He is still praying for us so we can have a flourishing finish. 

May you all savor this day and hear His voice so we will soon become who He wants us to be. Yes friends,  Jesus is our identity.

Have a great day❤

Lift UP The Name Of JESUS

Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life – John 3:14-15 HCSB❤

In life, we have so many opportunities to recieve praises, appreciation, honor, power, and influence. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us, it slowly draws the people to us and in turn like us. While the affirmation of people are good in our flesh, may we not forget to be the Lord Jesus Christ platform to lift His name and to point the victory back to His daily mercies and grace in our lives. In Jesus Christ, we have everything we need for life and Godliness. We can live a Godly life because of the fullness of His grace. We can have healing and creative miracles because we have an access to His grace by faith. We will have answers to our prayers because of His blood. 

In all of these blessings that manifest in our lives because of Him, let’s not forget that the greatest miracle is to be born again. By being born again it means submitting our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It means believing in Jesus as the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and who rose up again in three days. 

If we only have a revelation of how much He carried the curse for us on the cross so we can have the fullness of His blessings. If we can only grasp how much He died for us so we can have life with Him in paradise. Let’s always give people the privilege to say YES to Jesus when we are given the opportunity. Let’s continue to lift His name in our workplace or anytime the Holy Spirit gives us the stage to do so. 

Jesus heart is that everyone will have eternal life together with Him. May our desires will be matched with Him and may we will have the same zeal as He does. 

Together, let’s make the name of JESUS known and famous so people will believe in Him and will have ETERNAL LIFE❤