The Power Of A Generous & Praying Boyfriend

So last Saturday, my boyfriend had a company outing & I am glad that he has the time of his life just for himself regardless if he is with the same people. I am happy for their company’s decision to have some fun as well. 

I too has been given the privilege to meet with my bestfriend’s husband, name I will withheld to avoid much questions (hahaha). But, what really touches my heart was my boyfriend’s surprise gift for me -his way of letting me know that he was thinking about me while he was away. 

At dawn too when the motorcyle reach my workplace where he brings me every morning, he laid his hands on me trusting me to Jesus that His power will be enough to cover my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and my hormones (hahahaha).

As we have been together for 6 beautiful years, the gold in him continues to increase in it’s karat. His character shines brighter & brighter enough to remind me that the long wait was really worth it. 

Looking back, I was told by my churchmates that my boyfriend is nice is just that he does not have the money to marry me right away. I was hurt but I stayed not because I was desperate to have a boyfriend but because I knew deep in my heart that he is Jesus choice for me. 

Ruth Bell Graham once replied when interviewed that she would rather have her husband partime than having someone else fulltime. I’ve got the same answer. I would rather have my man than being with someone who has so much but is not trusting in Jesus.

By now, God has been faithful and we see His faithfulness for both in our lives. 

My prayerful boyfriend💗

My boyfriend’s generosity💗


Books For My Soul

When Television was so stranged in our home and radio can only be found at our neighbors abode where we sat behind their doors to listen to beautiful dramas, I found my way to entertain myself at a school library and fell in love with books. Books helped me to learn English by just watching at the pictures and went home happily sharing it to my family that the English Term for “kilat” (Cebuano Term) is lightning. My family were so amazed and bragged that I must be so smart and my future must be so bright. 

In the chaos of my soul when I started learning that our family must be born so underprivileged compared to some of my classmates who were the “IT PEEPS” at school, I found books to be my constant mentor in the absence of my mother. I always frequented to Biography section and has allowed those strangers to speak into my life by how they relayed their stories from rags to riches and how they did not allow bitterness to dwell into their soul. I can still remember how I cried in the corner of the school library feeling so encouraged that if others fare well in life because of sheer determination and perseverance, I must have too and that in itself made me a dreamer and ambitious while others believe that where they were must be their fate and they must happily lived with it. True indeed, these people who believed this way were empregnated way too early, married way too young, became a parent way too soon in life and continued to spread a message of “it’s our fate and so let’s live with it.” On the contrary, I am left unmarried, had my first boyfried in my early 30’s, no kids, bloomed in my late 30’s, just learned the value of saving, just enjoying the beauty of serenity brought by the Presence of Jesus, and just started to get a grasp of life reality by the Help of the Holy Spirit. 

As I am standing in between the two paradox of how a person live and view life, I also learned that the way we think matters. Some of my friends in the early days allowed the voices of the people closest to them as their final life reality. They were told that they wey were born poor and they must die poor. They were told that they were destined to live not finishing their studies and become a househelp and that’s where their actions led them. I was told the same way too. While I was so inspired by the lives of people I got strength from for their success through books, I also caught myself hearing the most familiar voices of my relatives who constantly told me that WHY SHOULD YOU TRY TO REACH THE STARS WHEN YOU CAN’T REACH THE STARS?!? YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE POOR AND YOU MUST BE CONTENTED WITH IT. YOUR FACE IS BEST TO BE A HOUSEHELP AND SO YOU MUST LEARN TO ACCEPT IT. THAT THERE’S NO FUTURE FOR SMALL PEOPLE AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.But then again SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE IN THE BOOKS I READ were exactly like me but had a shining future who inspires many. 

I remember how I stood in our school plaza one time and just dream of becoming a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & WRITER. Gosh, people may have fainted had I told them that desires in my heart. 

Fast forward, I graduated College by the grace of God,  became a motivational speaker to various places, offices,  campuses, and churches, and now slowly pave my way into writing. What’s the difference? I associated myself with those successful people I have never met in real life but learned their success stories through books and eventually adopted their attitudes of learning how to plow the way through regardless of how hard life may seemed at the moment because there’s a time that the field will become fertile for victory and success. 

One time, I was just talking to a friend who was trying to go back to school who eventually bursted, I don’t think I’ll make it in our class because my mind has been too rusty. I was infuriated on the inside. You will never be too rusty if you push your way through and read.  And if you are a Christian, your Bible must be your best reading material that must have provided you with wisdom and common sense. And true to what she said, she stopped going to school and does nothing now simply because she believed she can’t.

Friends, do not limit God’s way of shaping you into becoming who God wants you to be. Sure, there will be hardships, trial, and tribulations as you step in faith. Yes, success is not going to be overnight. True that the process will be too painful. But will you trade your VICTORIOUS OUTCOME SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PROCESS IS ROUGH???

Imagine how many young people will be inspired by your story just like how I was definitely encouraged by those successful people I read in the books. And oh, you might not be a book people will eventually read, but you can be an AN INSPIRING BOOK PEOPLE WILL SEE FACE TO FACE.

As Derek Ramsey always said, “LEADERS ARE READERS” so READ. You might not be leading a battalion of people, but friends, you have yourself to LEAD.

A glimpse of my few books that I interacted with for the most parts of my life

Poverty Mentality or Being Wise

Long time ago, I was with a group of people who are prosperity preachers and when we were inside the mall, they made a large purchase and were surprised that I didn’t buy any. For one, I don’t want to go home with a bulky and with a heavy bag and second, buying new stuff for the sake of buying wasn’t in my budget. My attitude towards money must be something new to them but I was starting to feel restless on the inside of me specially when I tried to fit in only to please them. As a result, I was labeled as someone with a POVERTY MENTALITY. I had a hard time understanding that kind of a label then but as I was just thinking about it now, my attitude must have been right.

So how can we know if we have a POVERTY MENTALITY??

1) If we have extra cash but we are still AFRAID to buy because we fear lack. It might be because of the scarcity that we experienced in the past. In a way, it’s understandable but not too commendable because we have allowed money to lord over us instead of us having a hold on our money.

2) If we don’t want to give because we think that we work so hard for what we have saved that others must work as hard as we do. Well, this is true but if we have been working for a long time, we too can attest that our job is a trust from God and without His blessing, we wouldn’t be blessed as where we are now.

Notice something?? Poverty mentality is associated with FEAR and GREED because of a bad experience that brought to poverty and poverty isn’t the best place to be. ASK ME. I WAS THERE. 

On the other hand, not spending money because it’s not on a budget is just BEING WISE. It’s not being wise to pretend living a lifestyle of the rich but cannot sleep at night because of DEBT. That is FOOLISHNESS and the BIBLE teaches us clearly to be wise, to be responsible,  and to be a good steward of our finances, time, job, and etc.

To live within your budget is not dwelling on a poverty mentality, it is just being wise. Saving is just being wise. Generosity is just being wise. On the other hand, spending without thinking simply because of a sermon that God wants us to be rich so we have to  act it out  and the end result is DEBT, that’s foolishness. 

So be let’s be wise regardless of the label. Let’s be a good steward of our finances. God give us the brain so we could think well, not so we could squander His trust. At times, God speaks to us in His gentle voice and instruct us to give what we have saved and it does not make sense to our brain, but when it does happened, LET’S GIVE because what He is about to bless us with is far larger than what we have saved.

In 2017, let’s learn to save but let’s enjoy giving like how He gave His Son Jesus to us so we will be saved from our sins.

Have a lovely Monday💟


Today, I bring all my prayers and petitions to the Lord. Prayer like, “You have to help me in this area God” comes out from my mouth. I poured out my heart to God exactly like the advice of King David in the Book Of Psalms. I reminded Him of His promise that if I look to Him for help, my face will be radiant with joy and no shadow of shame will darken my face (Psalm34:5 NLT). As I am praying, I noticed that I have laughter and joy in my spirit. 

Since I woke up quite too early because I was so hungry at 3:30 in the morning, I wanted to get back to sleep but as I lie down in bed, I uttered, I wanted to have fun too while in the process of waiting for Your Answers. 

Then I saw in a vision these happy kids who went to their parents to ask for something and without a shadow of doubt believe that their parents will definitely do what they are asking for, went happily to their friends and played as if they have what they asked for.

And that’s the message that I want to get into you today that a trusting heart anticipates and expects joyfully. That when you have expressed your need for help to God, expect that His creative way of giving it to you will absolutely come. In the meantime, give thanks. Enjoy the waiting moment. Don’t fret that it has not happened yet but be joyful that it’s going to manifest because it has been poured out to Your Heavenly Father. Have a clean kind of fun while anticipating for your breakthrough. Don’t dilute your trust with worry but add it with joyful expectations that your answers are in the wrap that you are about to open. 

So, just like the kids, play while waiting. Have fun. Keep going. Keep thanking. Keep believing. Continue that Bible Study. Don’t resign at work. Save that money. Laugh. 

And when your prayers will be answered, make God famous by bragging about how awesome a DAD HE REALLY IS. 

Have a lovely Sunday friends💟

********************************************************Note: I will not be in Facebook and Messenger for a month so I will not be able to reply to your comments. 


One of the musings I always hear when people give and help someone is this: “I am always ready to help and be there for people but when I am the one in dire need, I have no one to run to for help.”

That complaint is valid but if we only give to receive from people then we set ourselves up for a major disappointment. 

When we give or provide financial assistance for example and we do this so that we will feel good about ourselves and people may have something good to say about us, we will be too frustrated if they don’t even know how to utter the word THANK YOU. When it’s our turn to ask for help and these people turn their backs from us, it’s nothing but a feeling of BETRAYAL.

So here’s my tip: BE WISE AND GENEROUS.

If God placed it in your heart to really share your blessings to others, make sure that you have something left for yourself. I learn that it’s wise to save at least 6months of our expenses. I also have it in my heart to save for emergencies so that what has been saved for the expenses will not be touched. Do not set aside yourself in the name of martyrdom because there’s only one real martyr in the name of genuine love and He is JESUS. 

If for instance, people will come to you and ask for assistance and in most cases it’s always in finances, learn to say no without additional side comments. If you can refer that person to a charitable institution,  the better and if you have a little to spare, then give it instead of lending it.

We cannot blame the recipients of our so called generosity by not returning the same act of kindness to us because they are not the source of our harvest, JESUS IS. 

Lastly, don’t go into debt so that you can assist someone but only do it during  emergency cases. Remember, when the people you helped get over from their mess, they may even forget paying you for the debt you incur so that they will be saved from their wrong choices.

So be wise with your finances. Bring back the tithes to God first. Save. Then Give. And when the people you help forgets about you, it doesn’t hurt because you just simply give without expecting anything in return.

I hope this help.

Have a lovely day🚶

Valentines On A Budget 

So today is Monday and I was thinking in the night before that I will have to wake up early to do laundry. I did but I am not hammering clothes, rather I am up with my greatest coffee in my beautiful mug, smell the beauty of dawn and tinker my tab. You see, I am always up at dawn for work and by virtue of being a thinker, Tuesday is coming and I have to keep saying thank you for calling, not to mention the quality of calls to consider plus the AHT, and my supervisor even said that I have to work on my pronunciation, so help me God. 

And yes, I will be working on a Day of Hearts but I know that I will be seeing flowers here and there in the arms of beautiful ladies and probably in the flood of chocolates in purses or in boxes everywhere. I would like to say that romance is good but to have a happy hormones in a just day is not a good ground for a lasting relationship. For one, it may break someone elses budget, probably becoming a romantic one day millionaire but scratching a bald head even before the 15th day.

I told my boyfriend that we don’t need to be extravagant this Valentines because I have experience a deep kind of love with him on a daily basis. I am well respected, honored,  cherished, loved, protected, and prayed for everyday. I am wonderfully blessed. And he is blessed with me too by my antic jokes and boisterous laughter when I am in the best mood. And he gets so use to my beast mode too. Oh well, my silliness makes him thinks that I am the best woman in the world. Opps, Fenelyn, if you are reading, you remains to be his number one but since you are in Canada so you are still his number one. Hahahaha.

So here’s to a simple but meaningful Valentines:

1) Cook for your girlfriend/boyfriend her/his fave meal. In our case, I always volunteer to wash the dishes but cooking isn’t my cup of tea so being his partner in the ketchin is a teamwork to be treasured. I can always admire him for his passion for cooking and how lovely the meal turns out to be with him by my side. 

2) Write Love Letters to Your Significant Others. Being a writer, I always do that for him but promise, the letters that he gave me way back was so beautiful to cherish with his unique handwriting in it. I love how the ink melted on the cards and how those wonderful words melted my hearts up until this day. It just reminds me of how great this man is and how he becomes greater and greater as days and months and years went by.

3) Listen. Yes. It does not need a cent to show your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend their value. Give them your undivided attention. Listen with the excitement of your eyes and with the attentiveness of your ears. You have no idea how romantic it could be most specifically to ladies. 

5) Say I Love You Personally. Don’t text it. Don’t call and say it over the phone. Make it so personal. Tell her or him how a blessing she or he in your life. And to those who have the love language of affirmation? ? That’s a ticket to a happy year and a joyful love life. 

6) Pray For Your Significant Others. Every day my boyfriend take me to work and when I get out from his motor bike, he will lay his hands on me and prayed that I will have the best day at work. You have no idea over how it made me so secure to report to work and face whatever is at stake because I know that I am being prayed. I always report with my close up smile regardless of my yellowish teeth because I am so sure that God hears his prayers over me. 

So to people out there who is so overwhelmed on what to give to your someone special, worry no more. It’s not your one day of sweetness that makes a difference but it’s how you make your significant other feel so loved and valued with or without occassions. 

But if you feel that you can’t relate because you are not in a relationship, then think of someone whom you would like to feel honored and loved this Valentines. You may wanna treat the street kids to Jollibee and see their happy smile and genuine thank you. I used to do that way back and it always reminds me of how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to love those who can’t believe that love still exists.

My gosh?!? How come I just know about this?? Hahahaha

Let’s Simplify Success

With so many information that could overload our brain, success may become paralyzed in the inability of not doing anything. Sometimes, what we see in pictures will enamore us so much that we just don’t realized it that time passed by so quickly without accomplishing anything. As a result, we continue to become an spectator in someone elses glimpse of their success and our only accomplishment is watching others succeed.

So let’s make life simple. 

Let’s simplify success.

Let’s find our niche in line with our uniqueness.

Here’s to how I simplify my life.

1) I MEDITATE only TWO VERSES per MONTH. I know that reading the Bible is very necessary but I realized that mere knowledge of the WORD is too shallow compared to someone who lived the WORD. There is depthness in the one who allowed the Word to take Root in their hearts compared to someone who are just hiding behind the Divine Word and does not put it into practice. 

2) I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. My pet peeves are people who are too noisy but are not willing to do their personal demands. So in order for me to have consistency with my personal values, I learn to evaluate my personal success and never mind what others are doing. At the end of it all, I am accountable of my own personal performance.

3) I COME TO WORK 45 MINUTES IN ADVANCE. One, it will give me time to prepare for my tools. Two, it allows me to relax and get ready for the day. Three, it enables me to review my notes and learn from my previous performance or mistakes.

4) I COMPETE WITH MYSELF. The greatest disaster is doing life while eyes on someone else. People have a different learning curve and the learning time varies but what I should keep up is my daily personal growth and how I can improve from my previous work or life score.

5) I DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES EARLY IN THE MORNING SO THAT I HAVE THE TIME TO REST IN THE AFTERNOON. Since my work officially starts at 2AM, I have to make sure that I can relax in the afternoon because I can re-charge in stillness. Noise saps all the energy out of me and so to be in a quiet room to breathe in and out without doing anything is simply a bonus.

6) I HAVE TO BE ME AND TO LIKE ME. I have a different way of doing things, learning, views, etc. I admire how God made me so unuiqely from others and by enjoying me, I enjoy how beautiful others are to be so far distinct from me. 

7) I LOOK FOR MENTORS WHO HAVE THE SAME VALUES SYSTEM AS MINE. Since I can’t find them in person, God has His own way of letting me know people in You Tube. One that I watch these days is Nina, and her you tube channel is THE MINIMALIST NINJA. I always tell my boyfriend that I really have a best friend in her. 

7) I DO WHAT I CAN AND I PRAY FOR WHAT I CAN’T. Instead of complaining why this and that? And why he or she does it? Why does so and so said that? Etc? I learn to give my 100% in everything that God has allowed me to experience because that’s where my accountability lies but on the other hand, I learn to take a back seat on something that’s impossible for me to do and trust that My Heavenly Father is working behind the scene so that His plans for me will come to pass in His own timetable.


You don’t need to copy someone else.

You don’t  need to follow the blue print of somebody else’s success. 

You have a pathway to take and so walk in it with conviction and confidence. Make it a pathway too pretty to resist. 

Because one day, someone who might get lost in life will temporarily pass in your route, let your foot prints be a message of perseverance, fun, faith, and authencity to stand out so that in your IMPACT, they may go back to their own PATHWAY and like you, will INSPIRE someone else to become the best VERSION OF THEMSELVES TOO.

A glimpse of where I came from. Because a woman from a mountain can live in the City and find work if she will DREAM and DO IT.