What To Consider Before Joining A Local Church

Looking back, I was always angry when my sisters and brother asked me money for assistance. I was angry of the pictures of lack and the reality of poverty. I was mad when they asked my help financially because I had nothing to give and it looks like I was doing nothing at all. I was insecure and filled with so much fear that I thought my life will be forever trapped in the four walls of a restricted religious organization brain washing me that I was doing God’s will in my life but left a family with almost nothing to eat. I looked so glamorous on the outside, smiling from ear to ear but my heart was torn down and broken for my inability to lift my finger to do something for my very own family who sticked with me in my worst times. I was super blinded with religion, too discipled like a Pharisee but too far from Christ. I was molded to become like my leader more than me becoming like Christ. I was more loyal to a person more than I was loyal to Christ defending them as if they died for my sins, as if they shed their blood for me and saved me from hell. I was coached again and again and again that the voice of the man of God is the voice of God – well, if the message is to lift up the name of Christ then that’s the sure voice of God. 

The Following Are My Personal Suggestions Before You Commit To A Local Church:

1) Check If The Messages Point You To Jesus Christ. Local church is a community of believers whose passion is the Lord Jesus. Will you have an encounter with the reality of the goodness of God? Did the leader lead the people to Him instead of pointing the people to be loyal to them? If it’s more to themselves and what they have done in people then please pray.

2) Check If The Bible Study Center Around The Goodness And The Presence Of God. It’s nice to be in a small group but if the gathering is only to grow in numbers to impress others, then consider it as a red flag. More so, when you gather and feast about someone else’s life and make it as an excuse for prayer then that’s not a healthy group to belong. Small group is a place to be refreshed in His Word with no pressure to increase because you are told. It will naturally grow when the presence of God is there. Remember Jesus? There was no tarpauline to advertise His coming but something so different being in His presence that crowd flocked around Him. 

3) Check If There’s More Of Condemnation Than Conviction. When you attend a local church, did you feel convicted or did you feel condemned?  If you feel condemned because you failed to join a bible study, or you miss attending church, or you are so stubborn for not joining a connect group then that’s a fleshly message. Conviction on the other hand is you have heard about the goodness of God that you become so much encourage to do what He said in His Word. Condemnation kills but conviction gives life. So, are you dead after the church service or you have been fueled to become like Christ?

4) Check Your Bible Yourself. The moment you receive Jesus Christ, His Spirit lives in you. That Spirit is your teacher and He will teach you in all truth. How many times have I read the Bible and repented because of His truth. Consider this, preachers may preach with personal goal in mind not out of God’s personal goal for His people. So if the church drive is evangelism, they tend to preach anything about evangelism and force you to bring someone in church the next week because that is His will. Yes, that’s what’s written in the Word but if it’s not driven by His Spirit then you can hear it in your spirit. Don’t just trust your personal relationship with Jesus from someone else’s personal realization. Also, some will just go to sermon central for a sermon instead of hearing from God or just watch a podcast and preach it to the people. Be discerning. 

5) Aspire To Hear From Jesus Yourself. Listen, if God talks to you about something, He will let you hear it, see it, and watch it until you catch up with it. Take time to listen to His Voice Yourself. Don’t rely on televangelists. Don’t wait in Sundays untill you hear from God. What if the church drive is buying a land and you attend there wanting to hear from God only to find out that you have to give sacrificially but you are so emotionally broke, you will go home disappointed. 

6) Check It’s Fruit. Can you see Christ in leaders? I admit that people wasn’t able to see that in me in the past. What they saw was a mean spirited me which was totally in contradiction of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Galatians 5:22 says, But the fruit of the Sprit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. We won’t display this fruit overnight but it will eventually be shown as we constantly fellowship with Jesus Christ. 

7) Consider Praying Before Saying Yes. Don’t just commit because the leader is so charismatic or because you have nothing to do at home. Hear from God. Does He really want you to commit or does He wants you to get to know His Ways and Character? 

Let me tell you that you are where you belong. Make sure that where you are will shape you to the focal point of Christianity -Becoming Like Jesus Christ. 

In short, will people see JESUS in us at work, at home, with our friends after our association with the Local Church or they’ve seen the resurrection of the Pharisees in us. If that’s the case, back track a little bit and go back to the basic – JESUS. 

So going back if I still get mad if I have to help my family these days, then YES if I will follow my hormones but at the most, GIVING HAS GIVEN ME SO MUCH PLEASURE. 

It must have been so much of a pleasure to our Heavenly Father giving us an option to say YES His Son Jesus Christ so we will be reconciled back to Him amd it must have been Jesus PLEASURE TO SEE US CALLING HIS DAD AS OUR DAD though it cost His blood amd life. 

Jesus is our best option. 

Will you say YES to His Love and start a relationship with Him? I pray that you will say YES to a love that cost His very precious blood and life. 


Sweetness In His Bones

I had been given the privileged to visit my boyfriend’s root this week and truth be told, I have so much to write that I don’t know where to start. I had been wanting to put everything in writing so one day when I will be 88 years old, I can look back and I  can proudly exclaimed over how blessed of a woman I am and yes, everything started when I said yes to Jesus. 

So I landed in their beautiful City called Pagadian because my boyfriend’s sister sponsored our fare, food, and everything in between. Fen, if you are reading this, thank you very much for not just sending your brothers back home. How sweet of you to include us (Me and Hannah) to witness our sister’s graduation. 

Again, I have so much in my heart to say but let me just express it one blog at a time. 

So let’s start with my boyfriend’s natural sweetness💟

That’s him and his grandmother. He always mentioned his grandma to me and when he saw her, he hugged her, bless her and just showed his affection towards her. I stood watching and tears flowed like a mighty river. Then he brought her to the dining area, feed her, took care of her, served her exactly like how he serves me when it is just the two of us together. I could not stop thanking Jesus again and again and again for gving me the sweetest man in the world. Not only that, we visited his grandmother’s home and told me where he came from and how he was taken cared of when he was a child. When it’s time to eat, he always go to lola’s house (grandma’s house)to  pick her up so she could eat well with us.

So I was following them while they were holding hands with my shade, tablet and umbrella crying. It was such a delight to watch. This time, he forgot his profession as an Engineer and instantly became the best grandson in the world. The man whom Jesus has blessed me with is such an extraordinary man with a heart that shines brightly than gold. He is such a gem from heaven. He seldoms talk about faith but his life is an expression of Jesus in this earth. 

********************************************************I had been praying to have a Godly man when I was 8 years old and hopefully gets married when I was 28 but when I turned 28 and the man did not come along, I kneeled down to Jesus and cried why it took so long. I waited and waited and held on to His promise that “HE HAS PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR ME”. I was called names for not having a boyfriend but friends, when Jesus packaged it, it may take a long time in our time table, but the WAIT IS WORTH IT AFTER ALL. Behind the waiting was a man molded into becoming like Jesus Christ who will eventually treats me like Royalty, a Princess who was slowly molded into becoming like Christ.

And my love story started when I first said yes to Jesus. May you all out there try Jesus. May you all experience the Father’s heart for you In Christ💕

Jesus is indeed the sweetest and He give me His sweetest in this world. 

The Power Of A Generous & Praying Boyfriend

So last Saturday, my boyfriend had a company outing & I am glad that he has the time of his life just for himself regardless if he is with the same people. I am happy for their company’s decision to have some fun as well. 

I too has been given the privilege to meet with my bestfriend’s husband, name I will withheld to avoid much questions (hahaha). But, what really touches my heart was my boyfriend’s surprise gift for me -his way of letting me know that he was thinking about me while he was away. 

At dawn too when the motorcyle reach my workplace where he brings me every morning, he laid his hands on me trusting me to Jesus that His power will be enough to cover my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and my hormones (hahahaha).

As we have been together for 6 beautiful years, the gold in him continues to increase in it’s karat. His character shines brighter & brighter enough to remind me that the long wait was really worth it. 

Looking back, I was told by my churchmates that my boyfriend is nice is just that he does not have the money to marry me right away. I was hurt but I stayed not because I was desperate to have a boyfriend but because I knew deep in my heart that he is Jesus choice for me. 

Ruth Bell Graham once replied when interviewed that she would rather have her husband partime than having someone else fulltime. I’ve got the same answer. I would rather have my man than being with someone who has so much but is not trusting in Jesus.

By now, God has been faithful and we see His faithfulness for both in our lives. 

My prayerful boyfriend💗

My boyfriend’s generosity💗

Trust God’s Direction

I am just reading the book of Proverbs today and I landed in chapter 20 verse 24. It says in the NLT version that the Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way??

Having been given by God the brain to think, sometimes we over analyze our life route and begin to question or worst doubt God because we don’t like where we are in life. Yet, if our lives has been submitted to Jesus Christ, He becomes our Lord and we give Him permission to direct our lives. In that permission though we being human sometimes or most of the times want Him to line up to what we think is best for us oblivious of the fact that God is in our present as much as He is in our future. 

If we take a look at where we are, we sometimes scratch our head until all the dundruff fall off because for most of it, we don’t know why we are in here and there and it appears to be too nonsense and too far off from how we want our lives to be. 

But if He is a good Lord and He is, then His direction for us is for our good. It may seem rough today but the God who knows our future is aware of how it will take us to become like Christ if we yield in His leadership and trust in His leading. 

Today, let us trust that the God whom we submitted our lives into is not just concern about us going to Heaven. He too is serious about us becoming the person whom the Father designed us to be and fulfilling His will while living here on earth.

Have a blessed Monday y’all🏃


Many of you knows that when I was celebrating my 10th birthday in 1989 with my brother and sisters, my mother died. That was the first time that I learned to suppress my emotion and pretended that I was strong. I did not show to everyone that I cried because as young as 10 years old, I had this idea that weak people always cry. I don’t want to be weak for my brother and sister’s sake but what I thought as strength became a great wall of China (hahahaha) that disabled people to come and mentor me. The truth is, I’ve seen too much in 10 years of just being a child. What was built on the inside of me was having a VICTIM MENTALITY. That rich people looks down to the poor and have the authority to make them as slave. That money talks. That if you are poor, even if you are intelligent, you will remain voiceless. That parents relationship has an impact in a child’s life. That words has power to birth life or to order death. That environment has an impact for our growth. That poverty is not a hindrance to success. That all those negative observations I mentioned above can be passed THROUGH IF WE HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET AND A PERSEVERING SPIRIT.

Let me introduce to you my 6 Mentors For my Initial Success:

1) So let’s start with my GRANDFATHER. He always told me that I should finish my study because poverty is not a hindrance to success. That if I will PERSEVERE, I will be SUCCESSFUL. That I should not give up too soon. So he encouraged my aunt to send me to school after I wrote her a letter that I wanted to be her working student and I will do everything I can just so I can finish my study. My aunt was convinced and before I was sent to Cebu, my GRANDFATHER told me to write him a letter if they will maltreat me just because I don’t have a mother and he will come and visit me. That was enough to make me feel so courageous and so secure. Two years later, I felt that there was favoritism and I was badly treated so I wrote my GRANDFATHER a letter and true to his word, he surprisingly arrive the next day with his white hat, stripes polo shirt and went straight to my aunts room. There were no words except a tight hug and a gentle voice that says, POVERTY IS NOT THE HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS. That was the first visible example of INTEGRITY for me. My GRANDFATHER was true to his promise and afterwards I was tagged as GRANDPA’S FAVORITE. In fact I am convince that the main reason why I am a GOOD COUNSELOR for people is because I saw that firsthand from my GRANDFATHER. He did not finish Elementary but people flocked to him for counsel and he was very good. With his counsel, I finished COLLEGE but so sad at the same time because he died to cancer that same year as well. It was my FIRST SHOW OF RIVERS OF TEARS. It was my FIRST shout of grief hoping he will come back to life so I could have shared with him my diploma. It was my first battle of depression and too much sadness. It was my year of feeling I have achieved something but too useless to even celebrate. But because of him, I braved the city and win through college with an inner guts that God must have put in even when I was in my mother’s womb.

2) A TINY BOOK. In my grandparents house were books of my aunt that I frequented into and there was one book that I can’t remember the title but I can still picture the images in my mind. In that book was a story of  very poor man who believed that POVERTY WAS NOT THE HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS and became very successful at life. My visualization became very active and it made me realized that I am not the ONLY POOR GIRL in the world. That boosted a courage within me to sail Cebu City and conquer the unknown.

3) WORD OF GOD. In my aunts house in Cebu City was a beautiful family who rented a room and conducted Bible Study every Tuesday. I was invited and being so hungry of a  God my parents always mentioned when I was a child, I joined. In that Bible Study, Tita Mayette opened the Bible to James 1:12 and it says, “Blessed is the man who PERSEVERE UNDER TRIAL because when he stood the test, he will receive the crown of life which is God’s promise to those who loves Him.”  That’s My ONLY verse that waved me THROUGH COLLEGE. When it was too hard having to work and being a student at the same time, I meditated that verse and keep going to school regardless of how I was being treated. At school, I always had points because of my guts but my answer was always out of the point (hahaha). That’s my philosophy teacher (Dr. Tingcong) told me but she loved my being brave so much. 

4) MAGAZINE/LUCY TORRES. I first knew about her during a Life In The Spirit Seminar when a lay minister mentioned her name and told us that her first pay for her lux commercial was given to the church. It was my first realization that not all people who are born with a SILVER PLATTER in their mouth are mean. I searched all about her and then in one of her magazines I read that BEAUTY RADIATES FROM THE INSIDE OUT. That physical beauty regardless of how much make up you put on, if you are bitter, it’s not beautiful after all. Then it came to my senses at how bitter I was at life, at people and in myself. All of a sudden, it became so real to me that it’s not the people who has problems nor my circumstances but it’s me. I needed help. I don’t know how.

5) TELEVISION/JOEL OSTEEN. Having known that I have so much inner turmoil and bitterness that needs healing, I went to my cousin’s room crying until I unearthed my bitterness and there I saw that I was bitter at my father. That was after I kept changing channels and was stucked when a very laid back preacher, Pastor Joel Osteen talked about PEACE. I was so surprised that he did not shout but his message went deep inside my heart. In that room I cried and prayed and hoped that I would see my father again and God being God heard my prayers. Few months later, I saw him in our rented small room lying on the floor resting. I was not prepared for it. I wanted to fulfill my promise made against him when I was a child that if I will see him again, I will kill him. But I knew Jesus. In that pivotal moment, I was reminded of Pastor Joel’s message that to stay bitter will never lead to a peaceful life. I wanted inner peace so much that I can’t stay bitter all my life. Then I heard the gentle voice of the Lord that says, “I LOVE YOUR FATHER AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU.”It took so many years to accept that but I thank God for His steadfast love that never pushed me away from Him. 

6) YOUTUBERS. There’s a lot but let me you give a few. a) Marilyn Hickey for teaching me to LIVE THE WORD & UNLOCK THE MIRACULOUS b) Sarah Bowling for teaching me to work with the Holy Spirit c) Victoria Osteen for teaching me to enjoy today and trust that God will have enough grace sufficient for me tomorrow d) Terri Savelle Foy for teaching me to dig in my heels e) Jerry Savelle for teaching me to NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT f) Gloria Copeland for teaching me to stand on the Word of God and believe for healing g) Rachel Cruze for teaching me the value of contentment and savings h) Dodie Osteen for teaching me faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His Word 

So those were my mentors for my initial success. I said initial because I just started to bloom in life and because outside success is nothing without the work of JESUS CHRIST. He is the ULTIMATE MENTOR & LIFE STANDARD. He has all the qualities worth to be emulated but He has so many ways to lead us to our destiny. I am thankful that JESUS isn’t hungry of accolades that He uses various people to capture my attention so I will believe it in my heart that He truly loves me  having His blood shed as evidence. I am thankful for His never ending interccession for me to the Father and grateful for giving me such support up until today by giving me wonderful people to continue to believe in me. I know that we have an individual relationship with Jesus and it will be not too much when I will proudly say, “I AM THE OBJECT OF HIS AFFECTION.” He is my mentor for a SUCCESS THAT WILL HAVE AN ETERNAL IMPACT. He is  my mentor who lives forever. 

May you all will say the same. May you have that special bond with Him. May you say thank you for His sacrifice for you by giving up Heaven and live with us here on earth. May you praise Him for going through hell for you so you will be with Him in Heaven. May you give Him thanks for dying for you so you will live.


Fulfill your dreams.

Never Give Up.

Never Lose Hope.


Have a lovely day💕

Identity In Jesus Christ

We are done with our training and like other trainings too, I’ve seen the jubilant mood of those who made it and I’ve watched the teary eyed exit of those who didn’t. I rejoice with those who rejoice and I also mourn with those who mourn. But the truth is, nothing in winning and losing is the identity of a man and a woman. 

Putting our identity in one little success don’t define us as a person in the same way as putting ourselves down because we didn’t make it does not lower our worth.

Our identity is on the Lord Jesus Christ who chose to shed His blood for us even before we even proclaim our love for Him. He gave Himself as a sin offering for us so that He will have our sins and we can have our righteousness. He made Himself poor so we will become rich. He went to great lengths by suffering even before dying because He has us in mind. 

His perfect love is our identity. When we are in the mountain tops or when we are in the valley, He always makes His presence felt. 

So when what we want isn’t happening, it’s all because He knows the end from the beginning and He knows everything in between. His ways are way better than ours. 

May we all find strength in knowing that He loves us so much regardless of what’s taking place and He is still praying for us so we can have a flourishing finish. 

May you all savor this day and hear His voice so we will soon become who He wants us to be. Yes friends,  Jesus is our identity.

Have a great day❤

Lift UP The Name Of JESUS

Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life – John 3:14-15 HCSB❤

In life, we have so many opportunities to recieve praises, appreciation, honor, power, and influence. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us, it slowly draws the people to us and in turn like us. While the affirmation of people are good in our flesh, may we not forget to be the Lord Jesus Christ platform to lift His name and to point the victory back to His daily mercies and grace in our lives. In Jesus Christ, we have everything we need for life and Godliness. We can live a Godly life because of the fullness of His grace. We can have healing and creative miracles because we have an access to His grace by faith. We will have answers to our prayers because of His blood. 

In all of these blessings that manifest in our lives because of Him, let’s not forget that the greatest miracle is to be born again. By being born again it means submitting our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It means believing in Jesus as the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and who rose up again in three days. 

If we only have a revelation of how much He carried the curse for us on the cross so we can have the fullness of His blessings. If we can only grasp how much He died for us so we can have life with Him in paradise. Let’s always give people the privilege to say YES to Jesus when we are given the opportunity. Let’s continue to lift His name in our workplace or anytime the Holy Spirit gives us the stage to do so. 

Jesus heart is that everyone will have eternal life together with Him. May our desires will be matched with Him and may we will have the same zeal as He does. 

Together, let’s make the name of JESUS known and famous so people will believe in Him and will have ETERNAL LIFE❤