My Realization Over A Cup Of Coffee

I woke up super excited to drink my coffee at our unfinished terrace with my Bible, planner & colorful pens. Every sip is oh so breath taking as I was looking over the greenery of trees and the calming effect of the breezing wind.

This is really me every day. No make up on with my favorite very old short & shirt but with a fresh perspective on life. I have no plans of buying new house clothes yet because I still have to discard and give away stuff. 

As I sit down and chill with Jesus I realize that:

I AM A MINIMALIST. I don’t like clutter because it disables me to think and be productive. I realize that I don’t need too much to enjoy life. 

Let’s start at my notebooks, Bible, & pens.  Looking back, I’ve got lots of notebooks which I write down my thoughts but I have this bad habit of not filling it up to the end. I leave it with so many pages left unwritten because I find something new interesting. As a result, I brought the clutter myself and I get irritated by these stuff so I stop journaling instead (hahaha).

For now, I am keeping my thoughts in this beautiful planner given by my best friend (Ter Anne) because I find this to be so pretty. So my schedules, budget ideas, verses to meditate, prayer requests and TO DO’S are all here. With that, I don’t need too many notebooks in my back back which in essence is also very good for my shoulders. 

I also keep this beautiful notebook from Ter Anne again. This was her random act of kindness given during our Bible Study. I am using this for my blog ideas, directions,  and future book who knows? Since I decided to have P50.00 budget internet per month, I can just write everything I have learned in this pretty notebook and post it once a month. I figured that before I will post anything, my content must have been applied and tested by me. I also don’t want people to be impressed by my write ups but I am not doing it myself. So I will have 29 or 30 days to practice my values then I’ll post it once I will have my connection. 

I need post-its when I read my Bible because sometimes I just receive one liner thought from the Holy Spirit so I use this. This was my gift from my partner when he went to Hongkong. Sometimes, I just stare at this because this just reminds me of how I am so loved and thought of even if he was too far away.

I am saving this for next year God willing. This is so beautiful and a gift from teacher Susie for my birthday this year. I wanted to use it but since I still have my other planner, I wanna use this for my future thoughts and life realizations, God willing. But today as I was reading my Bible, I stared at this and was so inspired by this beauty.

With my other empty notebooks piled up, I will be giving it away to my sister who will be going back to school this June. 

Since I am a follower of Jesus, I want to know Him more and it is only by reading His Word and by listening to the Holy Spirit. I realize that I don’t need too many Bibles for inspiration & most of the time, it is only being displayed on the shelf just to look spiritual. I only need one Bible to read coupled by colorful pens for spiritual feed. So I am keeping this Bible which I purchased 5 years ago. This has been worn out and has so many post its but I heard God in this Book. I am also being corrected as I read it. 

So that’s the start of my minimalism journey. Less is more. With less notebook, and one Bible to read, I can hear Him clearly. I can also save money and I am flying light. As if the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And it is also very satisfying to fix my gaze at Jesus and to focus my energy on the very thing that He calls me to do instead of what others expected me to do and perform. 


Sweetness In His Bones

I had been given the privileged to visit my boyfriend’s root this week and truth be told, I have so much to write that I don’t know where to start. I had been wanting to put everything in writing so one day when I will be 88 years old, I can look back and I  can proudly exclaimed over how blessed of a woman I am and yes, everything started when I said yes to Jesus. 

So I landed in their beautiful City called Pagadian because my boyfriend’s sister sponsored our fare, food, and everything in between. Fen, if you are reading this, thank you very much for not just sending your brothers back home. How sweet of you to include us (Me and Hannah) to witness our sister’s graduation. 

Again, I have so much in my heart to say but let me just express it one blog at a time. 

So let’s start with my boyfriend’s natural sweetness💟

That’s him and his grandmother. He always mentioned his grandma to me and when he saw her, he hugged her, bless her and just showed his affection towards her. I stood watching and tears flowed like a mighty river. Then he brought her to the dining area, feed her, took care of her, served her exactly like how he serves me when it is just the two of us together. I could not stop thanking Jesus again and again and again for gving me the sweetest man in the world. Not only that, we visited his grandmother’s home and told me where he came from and how he was taken cared of when he was a child. When it’s time to eat, he always go to lola’s house (grandma’s house)to  pick her up so she could eat well with us.

So I was following them while they were holding hands with my shade, tablet and umbrella crying. It was such a delight to watch. This time, he forgot his profession as an Engineer and instantly became the best grandson in the world. The man whom Jesus has blessed me with is such an extraordinary man with a heart that shines brightly than gold. He is such a gem from heaven. He seldoms talk about faith but his life is an expression of Jesus in this earth. 

********************************************************I had been praying to have a Godly man when I was 8 years old and hopefully gets married when I was 28 but when I turned 28 and the man did not come along, I kneeled down to Jesus and cried why it took so long. I waited and waited and held on to His promise that “HE HAS PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR ME”. I was called names for not having a boyfriend but friends, when Jesus packaged it, it may take a long time in our time table, but the WAIT IS WORTH IT AFTER ALL. Behind the waiting was a man molded into becoming like Jesus Christ who will eventually treats me like Royalty, a Princess who was slowly molded into becoming like Christ.

And my love story started when I first said yes to Jesus. May you all out there try Jesus. May you all experience the Father’s heart for you In Christ💕

Jesus is indeed the sweetest and He give me His sweetest in this world. 

My Love Affair With Dogs

Looking back, I have no affection and likings  with dogs. For one, I don’t like the idea that I have to clean after their mess. Number 2, I am afraid that they will bite me, put their rabbies on me and I will be hospitalized and they don’t care (Hahaha). 

But, since I transferred in my brother’s house, I saw his heart for animals. He has plenty of dogs, birds, roosters, and many more. I saw how he bathed the dogs and I observed how the dogs has been kind to him. 

The first dog that has my heart was Kyle. He was a white hairy dog and knows his bosses that he scared the strangers to death. We feel protected in his barking. When I got home late at night, Kyle will meet me in the most dark places going to my brothers house and led me home. When there are strangers who seemed to have an odd look at me, he barked them and sometimes even pursued them. Then one day Kyle was sick. He became very very weak. He doesn’t want to eat anymore. I could not hear his barking to protect me. On one occasion,  he just looked me in the eye as if he was saying that I must take care of me amd he was so sad that he might leave me. Then the crashed of my heart came when I woke up one day and I could not find Kyle. I asked only to find out that Kyle has been buried because sickness took him away and I wasn’t able to hug him and say my thanks and goodbye. I was mourning. I was very very sad. And by that time, I don’t have a camera so I don’t have a picture of Kyle.
[Jeru when he was so sick.]Our other dog Jeru who had been with us was mourning too. He did not bark for a week and I can see how lonely he was in his eyes. Then Jeru was so sick. In his sickness, I find myself laying my hands praying for our eldest dog. My father brought him bread everyday. We grieved with him because he lost his playmate as much as we lost our beautiful bodyguard. Our house all of sudden became so lonely. It was then I realized that I love dogs because I could see how helpless they were when they don’t have good people to take care of them. It was a time of acceptance that we got our brothers heart for dogs. My brother is indeed of man of compassion and mercy to animals and people. Yes, we have our very own Pope in our home. 

Last week when we got home, a very beautiful black dog welcomed me and my boyfriend. He is so handsome. His hair flows gently. And, he is the sweetest. I had him in my lap and he never cries nor bark. He just stayed there as if he felt the safest in his life. Oh, how I wanted to take him with me but everyone loves our new found friend. 

So, here’s Wayne the Cutie. 

*****************************************************What are the lessons I learned by having dogs? Well, they are teaching me to be selfless because I have to look after them. I have to think about them and love them even when they fail me. And that kind of being selfless is translated when I am with people. I learn to love unselfishly specially when I am tempted not to love. I learn loyalty just like how my brother’s dog has been loyal to me. I learned compassion specially to those who can’t speak for themselves because while dogs protect, they needed someone to stand up for them who will embrace them as their own. I learn unconditional love just like dogs who keep on loving even if I give them the crumbs of my food, regardless, they still embrace it as the best kind of love. 

Thank you Lord for my Brother’s Dogs that stirs my heart to love💟

Poverty Mentality or Being Wise

Long time ago, I was with a group of people who are prosperity preachers and when we were inside the mall, they made a large purchase and were surprised that I didn’t buy any. For one, I don’t want to go home with a bulky and with a heavy bag and second, buying new stuff for the sake of buying wasn’t in my budget. My attitude towards money must be something new to them but I was starting to feel restless on the inside of me specially when I tried to fit in only to please them. As a result, I was labeled as someone with a POVERTY MENTALITY. I had a hard time understanding that kind of a label then but as I was just thinking about it now, my attitude must have been right.

So how can we know if we have a POVERTY MENTALITY??

1) If we have extra cash but we are still AFRAID to buy because we fear lack. It might be because of the scarcity that we experienced in the past. In a way, it’s understandable but not too commendable because we have allowed money to lord over us instead of us having a hold on our money.

2) If we don’t want to give because we think that we work so hard for what we have saved that others must work as hard as we do. Well, this is true but if we have been working for a long time, we too can attest that our job is a trust from God and without His blessing, we wouldn’t be blessed as where we are now.

Notice something?? Poverty mentality is associated with FEAR and GREED because of a bad experience that brought to poverty and poverty isn’t the best place to be. ASK ME. I WAS THERE. 

On the other hand, not spending money because it’s not on a budget is just BEING WISE. It’s not being wise to pretend living a lifestyle of the rich but cannot sleep at night because of DEBT. That is FOOLISHNESS and the BIBLE teaches us clearly to be wise, to be responsible,  and to be a good steward of our finances, time, job, and etc.

To live within your budget is not dwelling on a poverty mentality, it is just being wise. Saving is just being wise. Generosity is just being wise. On the other hand, spending without thinking simply because of a sermon that God wants us to be rich so we have to  act it out  and the end result is DEBT, that’s foolishness. 

So be let’s be wise regardless of the label. Let’s be a good steward of our finances. God give us the brain so we could think well, not so we could squander His trust. At times, God speaks to us in His gentle voice and instruct us to give what we have saved and it does not make sense to our brain, but when it does happened, LET’S GIVE because what He is about to bless us with is far larger than what we have saved.

In 2017, let’s learn to save but let’s enjoy giving like how He gave His Son Jesus to us so we will be saved from our sins.

Have a lovely Monday💟

Life Hero 1

I woke up way too early because my body get used to waking up at 1:55 in the morning. Sooner, it will change to 1am because of daylight saving time and I sat down with my greatest coffee staring at the blank wall. I tinkered in this tablet scrolling instagram and few of FB POSTS but I still have nothing to write. All I know is that, it looks like I have a hormonal imbalance for wanting to cry without any reason at all and for remembering some of the people who made an impact in my life but they are no longer around, most of them has been dead long time ago and the rest are no longer in the Philippines but living in other countries and some are still in the province amd there are few people who are still around.

So here’s to the people who impacted my life. I will just share two and reserve my tears of thanks on my next post for my other life heroes.

Papa Tony & Mama Paring (not in photo). He is my father’s brother and he stood for us as our second Papa when we were in our toughest days.  Countless days, we stayed in their home, well fed, dressed up and loved so much. Their children became our closest friends and we had been so well protected around them. I remember how Papa Tony brought food for us almost everyday and hugged us to let us know that one day, everything will just be alright. Thankfully, it slowly did. They have a heart of gold and when I met them again, tears just flowed down in our eyes with another tight hug in thanksgiving that God has been so good to us. He is still alive and lives in a simple home in Leyte but boy their home is a sanctuary of peace to stay for a vacation. I pray that they will live longer and may they will continue to enjoy the best of health and life. In my heart, it’s time to give back.

Yoyo Mon. My mother’s brother. Before our mother died, she left us to him and he took it to heart. I will never forget how he silently knew that I had chicken pox all over my body. No one really cares then and there I was lying in bed praying that I will get healed when at 9 in the evening, I heard a consistent knock in the door and there he was bringing a soverax for me and it has been in my heart until forever. I remember how he rescued me while I am in the middle of the road in the City because the car that I was driving stopped for no reason and there I was causing the traffic but oh how I feel so secure when he comes smiling just like how he used to be in this photo. I remember how he prepared sardines for me when I visited him because I was so discouraged at work and he knew that sardines is my favorite. I remember how he helped me in various times and how he understood when I can’t be understood. He always smiled when I kept thanking him of how he saved me way back and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to share Jesus to him along with some of my relatives. Yes, they too shared Jesus and that’s the best to remember. He already died and I’m sure that he is in heaven and must have seen momma but his love for me never dies.


That’s for now because it takes a lot of courage to write about someone whose impact sink too deep in my heart. My tears won’t stop from flowing. 

Friends, let’s not stop being kind to the less privileged children & teens  because you have no idea of how much you have inspired them. You have no idea of much you are a hero to them. You will have no idea of how much your life will become a road to their future success. You have no idea that in your kindness, you are touching someone DESTINED TO BE KINGS & QUEENS. 

In Galatians 6:9 The Message translation says, “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up or quit.”

Have a lovely day💗

The Power Of A Notebook And A Pen

The month of January is almost over and as I am reviewing my goals, I could see that a goal which is specific and is clearly written on paper and is seen everyday will really come to pass. 

I don’t know with all of you but everytime I write something on paper with a timeline, I just know that I will have to do it or else, it will bother me or it will make me restless. It also helps when a written goal is specific and realistic because if it’s too much, it will become a major disappointment. 

So for me it’s the following:

1) Save P ____ every month. Although the amount that I set aside for the month did not really match, I am glad that we have saved this month. 

2) Meditate one winning Scripture and one quotation. I did. The good thing about this is that, I have allowed a verse to take root in my heart. I am not overwhelmed. I am not pressured to read the Scripture for the sake of reading and in the name of religion. And this works well for me. 

3) Post 2 Blogs per week. Definitely. Sometimes it is more than 2 because I’ve got thoughts and in order not to forget it, I wanna write it and if there is still an internet connection, publish it.

4) Read one success book in a year. I have started reading the rich dad poor dad but I felt that I have to read Rachel Cruze book on Love Your Life Not Theirs and I am still saving for it. I have not visited any bookstores as of yet, I probably will when I have enough cash to purchase that book. 

5) Finish the Laundry that has been there in my boyfriends cabinet by December 2017. I started to wash it by 5 per week so it will really zero down by December God willing and hopefully even before the year ends.

6) Be Thankful All The Time. I write down my Praise and Thanksgiving to Jesus everyday or once a week. I have not joined the negativity specially in social media and I am trying to be more mindful of my blog to inspire many. 

7) Pray Everyday – I just assigned what to pray for everyday so nothing will overwhelm me.

MONDAY – Workplace, Teammates, Performance, Bosses

TUESDAY – Family -Mine and My Love 

WEDNESDAY – Friends 

THURSDAY – Local Church/Quest Fellowship, Volunteers,  Pastors

FRIDAY – Philippines, President, Leaders

SATURDAY – Israel 

SUNDAY – Healing For Those Who Are Sick

So everyday I check my beautiful journal and just do what I write. It gives me so much peace and personal fulfillment when I am doing what I wrote down on paper.

How’s your January so far???

This is a gift I receive from Cher Lorianne and I so love this💗

Social Media & Me 

There was no doubt that I was so into social media. I was once a Facebook addict at the same time a paranoid Christian who hit people who are not at par with my opinion. When I have an ill feeling towards a brother and a sister in Christ, I used it as my platform to pour out my emotions but was too coward to follow what Jesus said, and that is if I am offended by someone else, I should go to that person and settle the offenses privately. It was not me. There were times too that I gave my unsolicited advice to people, appearing to be too intellectual about almost everything but cranky, bitter, and toxic to be around with. 

I should say that hitting someone in these platform, is the best version of a COWARD and I am talking about myself. I was complaining about everyone’s poisonous posts without realizing that many has died with what I posted myself. 

My two years of hiatus away from the mob or from the ministry to be exact without an Internet connection and without a tablet nor a smart phone gave me a realization that I was once a toxic silent journalist of my own while at the same time eating toxic feeds from bitter people too. 

Last year was a lightbulb that generally opened my eyes to a passion that I should not have. It was one morning when I just reported to work when a co-worker who really respected me a lot told me that I must be a DUTERTARDS. There is no doubt that I love the Philippine President but to be told a DUTERTARDS more than a JESUS FANATIC convicted my way of using social media as a whole. I smiled with my colleague’s genuine observation but I silently repented for my inability to increase the fame of JESUS more than any other man or woman on earth. As John in the Bible said, Let JESUS increase, and I decrease. I repented for using my talent to write to boast about someone I don’t know and who has no idea about my existence on this earth.

On the other hand, there were times too that I felt like I have a high blood pressure from all the feeds of negative people who hit others on Facebook. I get pissed off of people showing off what they possessed but are too lonely and swearing in real life. I get tired of me posting verses on my wall but I don’t have the fruit of the Holy Spirit to match. In the same way that I am tired of too much religiosity, pretensions, the know it alls, the Pharisees, hypocrites,  and so much more. If I look at it closely, that just describes me more than anyone else. 

This year, I made a decision to use my social media for a good cause. On the other hand, I unfollow a lot of people on Facebook because their posts will just cause irritations to my heart and my emotions will bubble up until it swirl to my failure to control myself or to listen to the Holy Spirit and I will start hitting the people I know and even with those whom I don’t know. I also removed my twitter app because I’ve got too much information but I lacked application. By now, I use these platforms to hopefully stir up good vibes in the lives of people and eventually may those who will read it will have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as well. 

I just realized that my writings will one day be read by my own children and their children’s children and I hope to leave a legacy of positivity and faith in this negative world. If today’s generation is too negative already,  then how much more in the years to come. 

And since I unfollow a lot of people but still remain as friends, it makes my life so at peace too. I don’t get to read hypocrisy and no fake photos to watch. I guess, we mastered to be too plastic these days to impress the people we don’t know but hit the people who matters most to us in private because we become so uneasy with what we just feed ourselves in the process. 

In return, I also don’t want to waste the talent that God has given me by participating trash talks while at the same time claiming to be a follower of Jesus. I don’t want to be too religious with my lips but too hypocrite with my walk. I don’t want to post all the HALLELUJAHS on my wall while cursing someone on a private conversation. I don’t want to copy and paste verses but my heart is so unaffected by His Word in real life.

I love social media but I hope that from this year and forward, it will just radiate nothing but faith and positivity. That one day when my children will be reading it, they too will be inspired to walk on their dreams, win in life, laugh in good times and bad, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your life does not get better by CHANCE, it gets better by CHANGE ~ JIM ROHN~