Tear Flows

In life, there comes a time that you have no other encouragement to give, rather what’s left are hidden waters that rushed out as raging tears. That’s exactly what happens today. 

I am AHT challenged at work and if you are a call center agent, you understand. I am being challenged to perform and I don’t have enough juices to excrete, if there is, it’s nothing but a bitter liquid that might provide a worst taste to anyone who likes to lick. Then I was about to retreat into a solitary place like Jesus always does when I was followed by a pain in the neck reminder of my terrible performance for this month and week. I was aggravated,  worst, discouraged, and muttered, it’s enough, I’ve got enough, I wanna quit. And my bitter taste spread like wildflower to the blooming lilies and to my surprise, I’ve got their sweet encouragement/s I never thought I’ve received. 

And so to my dry parched emotion rain down river of tears that won’t stop falling just like a visiting rain longed and prayed by the prophet in the Bible. I absorbed like a sponge but still undecided on which road to take but through it all, I feel so blessed to have been showered by roses when I there’s nothing but thorn in both my path and ways. 

So in between sobs and ugly tears is the knowing that my Heavenly Father cares😢😂😄😃


Sweetness In His Bones

I had been given the privileged to visit my boyfriend’s root this week and truth be told, I have so much to write that I don’t know where to start. I had been wanting to put everything in writing so one day when I will be 88 years old, I can look back and I  can proudly exclaimed over how blessed of a woman I am and yes, everything started when I said yes to Jesus. 

So I landed in their beautiful City called Pagadian because my boyfriend’s sister sponsored our fare, food, and everything in between. Fen, if you are reading this, thank you very much for not just sending your brothers back home. How sweet of you to include us (Me and Hannah) to witness our sister’s graduation. 

Again, I have so much in my heart to say but let me just express it one blog at a time. 

So let’s start with my boyfriend’s natural sweetness💟

That’s him and his grandmother. He always mentioned his grandma to me and when he saw her, he hugged her, bless her and just showed his affection towards her. I stood watching and tears flowed like a mighty river. Then he brought her to the dining area, feed her, took care of her, served her exactly like how he serves me when it is just the two of us together. I could not stop thanking Jesus again and again and again for gving me the sweetest man in the world. Not only that, we visited his grandmother’s home and told me where he came from and how he was taken cared of when he was a child. When it’s time to eat, he always go to lola’s house (grandma’s house)to  pick her up so she could eat well with us.

So I was following them while they were holding hands with my shade, tablet and umbrella crying. It was such a delight to watch. This time, he forgot his profession as an Engineer and instantly became the best grandson in the world. The man whom Jesus has blessed me with is such an extraordinary man with a heart that shines brightly than gold. He is such a gem from heaven. He seldoms talk about faith but his life is an expression of Jesus in this earth. 

********************************************************I had been praying to have a Godly man when I was 8 years old and hopefully gets married when I was 28 but when I turned 28 and the man did not come along, I kneeled down to Jesus and cried why it took so long. I waited and waited and held on to His promise that “HE HAS PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR ME”. I was called names for not having a boyfriend but friends, when Jesus packaged it, it may take a long time in our time table, but the WAIT IS WORTH IT AFTER ALL. Behind the waiting was a man molded into becoming like Jesus Christ who will eventually treats me like Royalty, a Princess who was slowly molded into becoming like Christ.

And my love story started when I first said yes to Jesus. May you all out there try Jesus. May you all experience the Father’s heart for you In Christ💕

Jesus is indeed the sweetest and He give me His sweetest in this world. 

Trust God’s Direction

I am just reading the book of Proverbs today and I landed in chapter 20 verse 24. It says in the NLT version that the Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way??

Having been given by God the brain to think, sometimes we over analyze our life route and begin to question or worst doubt God because we don’t like where we are in life. Yet, if our lives has been submitted to Jesus Christ, He becomes our Lord and we give Him permission to direct our lives. In that permission though we being human sometimes or most of the times want Him to line up to what we think is best for us oblivious of the fact that God is in our present as much as He is in our future. 

If we take a look at where we are, we sometimes scratch our head until all the dundruff fall off because for most of it, we don’t know why we are in here and there and it appears to be too nonsense and too far off from how we want our lives to be. 

But if He is a good Lord and He is, then His direction for us is for our good. It may seem rough today but the God who knows our future is aware of how it will take us to become like Christ if we yield in His leadership and trust in His leading. 

Today, let us trust that the God whom we submitted our lives into is not just concern about us going to Heaven. He too is serious about us becoming the person whom the Father designed us to be and fulfilling His will while living here on earth.

Have a blessed Monday y’all🏃

My Love Affair With Dogs

Looking back, I have no affection and likings  with dogs. For one, I don’t like the idea that I have to clean after their mess. Number 2, I am afraid that they will bite me, put their rabbies on me and I will be hospitalized and they don’t care (Hahaha). 

But, since I transferred in my brother’s house, I saw his heart for animals. He has plenty of dogs, birds, roosters, and many more. I saw how he bathed the dogs and I observed how the dogs has been kind to him. 

The first dog that has my heart was Kyle. He was a white hairy dog and knows his bosses that he scared the strangers to death. We feel protected in his barking. When I got home late at night, Kyle will meet me in the most dark places going to my brothers house and led me home. When there are strangers who seemed to have an odd look at me, he barked them and sometimes even pursued them. Then one day Kyle was sick. He became very very weak. He doesn’t want to eat anymore. I could not hear his barking to protect me. On one occasion,  he just looked me in the eye as if he was saying that I must take care of me amd he was so sad that he might leave me. Then the crashed of my heart came when I woke up one day and I could not find Kyle. I asked only to find out that Kyle has been buried because sickness took him away and I wasn’t able to hug him and say my thanks and goodbye. I was mourning. I was very very sad. And by that time, I don’t have a camera so I don’t have a picture of Kyle.
[Jeru when he was so sick.]Our other dog Jeru who had been with us was mourning too. He did not bark for a week and I can see how lonely he was in his eyes. Then Jeru was so sick. In his sickness, I find myself laying my hands praying for our eldest dog. My father brought him bread everyday. We grieved with him because he lost his playmate as much as we lost our beautiful bodyguard. Our house all of sudden became so lonely. It was then I realized that I love dogs because I could see how helpless they were when they don’t have good people to take care of them. It was a time of acceptance that we got our brothers heart for dogs. My brother is indeed of man of compassion and mercy to animals and people. Yes, we have our very own Pope in our home. 

Last week when we got home, a very beautiful black dog welcomed me and my boyfriend. He is so handsome. His hair flows gently. And, he is the sweetest. I had him in my lap and he never cries nor bark. He just stayed there as if he felt the safest in his life. Oh, how I wanted to take him with me but everyone loves our new found friend. 

So, here’s Wayne the Cutie. 

*****************************************************What are the lessons I learned by having dogs? Well, they are teaching me to be selfless because I have to look after them. I have to think about them and love them even when they fail me. And that kind of being selfless is translated when I am with people. I learn to love unselfishly specially when I am tempted not to love. I learn loyalty just like how my brother’s dog has been loyal to me. I learned compassion specially to those who can’t speak for themselves because while dogs protect, they needed someone to stand up for them who will embrace them as their own. I learn unconditional love just like dogs who keep on loving even if I give them the crumbs of my food, regardless, they still embrace it as the best kind of love. 

Thank you Lord for my Brother’s Dogs that stirs my heart to love💟

Life Hero 1

I woke up way too early because my body get used to waking up at 1:55 in the morning. Sooner, it will change to 1am because of daylight saving time and I sat down with my greatest coffee staring at the blank wall. I tinkered in this tablet scrolling instagram and few of FB POSTS but I still have nothing to write. All I know is that, it looks like I have a hormonal imbalance for wanting to cry without any reason at all and for remembering some of the people who made an impact in my life but they are no longer around, most of them has been dead long time ago and the rest are no longer in the Philippines but living in other countries and some are still in the province amd there are few people who are still around.

So here’s to the people who impacted my life. I will just share two and reserve my tears of thanks on my next post for my other life heroes.

Papa Tony & Mama Paring (not in photo). He is my father’s brother and he stood for us as our second Papa when we were in our toughest days.  Countless days, we stayed in their home, well fed, dressed up and loved so much. Their children became our closest friends and we had been so well protected around them. I remember how Papa Tony brought food for us almost everyday and hugged us to let us know that one day, everything will just be alright. Thankfully, it slowly did. They have a heart of gold and when I met them again, tears just flowed down in our eyes with another tight hug in thanksgiving that God has been so good to us. He is still alive and lives in a simple home in Leyte but boy their home is a sanctuary of peace to stay for a vacation. I pray that they will live longer and may they will continue to enjoy the best of health and life. In my heart, it’s time to give back.

Yoyo Mon. My mother’s brother. Before our mother died, she left us to him and he took it to heart. I will never forget how he silently knew that I had chicken pox all over my body. No one really cares then and there I was lying in bed praying that I will get healed when at 9 in the evening, I heard a consistent knock in the door and there he was bringing a soverax for me and it has been in my heart until forever. I remember how he rescued me while I am in the middle of the road in the City because the car that I was driving stopped for no reason and there I was causing the traffic but oh how I feel so secure when he comes smiling just like how he used to be in this photo. I remember how he prepared sardines for me when I visited him because I was so discouraged at work and he knew that sardines is my favorite. I remember how he helped me in various times and how he understood when I can’t be understood. He always smiled when I kept thanking him of how he saved me way back and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to share Jesus to him along with some of my relatives. Yes, they too shared Jesus and that’s the best to remember. He already died and I’m sure that he is in heaven and must have seen momma but his love for me never dies.


That’s for now because it takes a lot of courage to write about someone whose impact sink too deep in my heart. My tears won’t stop from flowing. 

Friends, let’s not stop being kind to the less privileged children & teens  because you have no idea of how much you have inspired them. You have no idea of much you are a hero to them. You will have no idea of how much your life will become a road to their future success. You have no idea that in your kindness, you are touching someone DESTINED TO BE KINGS & QUEENS. 

In Galatians 6:9 The Message translation says, “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up or quit.”

Have a lovely day💗


One of the musings I always hear when people give and help someone is this: “I am always ready to help and be there for people but when I am the one in dire need, I have no one to run to for help.”

That complaint is valid but if we only give to receive from people then we set ourselves up for a major disappointment. 

When we give or provide financial assistance for example and we do this so that we will feel good about ourselves and people may have something good to say about us, we will be too frustrated if they don’t even know how to utter the word THANK YOU. When it’s our turn to ask for help and these people turn their backs from us, it’s nothing but a feeling of BETRAYAL.

So here’s my tip: BE WISE AND GENEROUS.

If God placed it in your heart to really share your blessings to others, make sure that you have something left for yourself. I learn that it’s wise to save at least 6months of our expenses. I also have it in my heart to save for emergencies so that what has been saved for the expenses will not be touched. Do not set aside yourself in the name of martyrdom because there’s only one real martyr in the name of genuine love and He is JESUS. 

If for instance, people will come to you and ask for assistance and in most cases it’s always in finances, learn to say no without additional side comments. If you can refer that person to a charitable institution,  the better and if you have a little to spare, then give it instead of lending it.

We cannot blame the recipients of our so called generosity by not returning the same act of kindness to us because they are not the source of our harvest, JESUS IS. 

Lastly, don’t go into debt so that you can assist someone but only do it during  emergency cases. Remember, when the people you helped get over from their mess, they may even forget paying you for the debt you incur so that they will be saved from their wrong choices.

So be wise with your finances. Bring back the tithes to God first. Save. Then Give. And when the people you help forgets about you, it doesn’t hurt because you just simply give without expecting anything in return.

I hope this help.

Have a lovely day🚶

Valentines Thoughts And Hopes

​Hearts hearts day is really coming soon. February 14, TUESDAY, work day, and what a day. Hopefully, the caller will be much kinder and the spirit of the day will be well marinated in their hearts. Regardless, I hope Valentines means genuine love more than romance. I hope it’s going to be love that has been growing deeper day by day. I hope it’s not a love defined by lust  nor an excessive budget that makes one broke by the 15th. I hope it’s more than impression but IMPACT. 

If there is, I hope that people will not be pressured to be in a a shallow relationship for the sake of having one. I hope ladies will not surrender their virginity because of man’s persuasion or lest just to experience love in a wrong perspective. I hope that men will value women not just because of their body shape but in the sparkling gems of their hearts.

I hope that there will be no money being wasted just to indulge to the voices of social media. I hope that a love expressed by Jesus Christ will manifest more than the love defined by the world. 

I hope that young girls will pursue their dreams more than imagining some kissing scenes they’ve watched on tv. I hope that the love shown by Jesus is the kind of love that media will be showcasing.

But while I am hoping, I read in one quotation that says:


Yes, change starts with me but if you are capable of changing, will you make a bold move with me to initiate in making a DIFFERENCE more than making a POINT? 

I leave that question for you to think👸