Dare To Be Different

Life is beautiful but it can’t look beautiful at all times because of our colored perspective. We could get what we specifically desire and and be in cloud nine or we could be totally disappointed right at our face and be in desperation. We could be highly motivated and we go to pursue our dreams or we could resign to our circumstance and believe with what we see that it is impossible and that it cannot be done.

That happens to the ten spies who were asked to spy the land which God has given them. They saw the land. The went home with great and fresh fruit from the ground. I mean the land which they spied was the land of promise. It was a land flowing with milk and honey. Yet then again, they were conquered with what they saw. They were intimidated with the giants and they began to have a wrong perspective about themselves. They look at themselves as grasshoppers.

But Caleb and Joshua were two different persons who stood out among the spies. They saw the land according to how God see it – a land flowing with milk and honey. They were confident, they believe God will fight for them. They saw the giants but they were not intimidated because they saw God bigger than the giants. They saw themselves as capable and fully equipped. They got fighting spirit and they walk in the realm of the supernatural.

With their attitude, having a different spirit from the ten, God himself said that He will bring him into the land that they spied to and not just them but their descendants will inherit it (Numbers 14:24).

What are some projects assigned to you that looks impossible for you to conquer?
What impossible dreams God has placed in your heart?
What business God wants you to start with?

Dare to be different. If God says that’s yours, then go for it. Refuse to be intimidated by the circumstances. In line your thoughts according to His Words.

When you believe and do that you can do it because He said you can, He will empower to really do it.

God bless you always..


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