Live Out Your Calling//Do You

I remember standing in the background of our Elementary Campus in between the bermuda grass listening to the silent whisper of my heart. I was thinking of becoming a journalist and I never knew where I got it knowing that we don’t have television to watch. I probably must have gotten it through reading a book. I thought of having my own book published so the next generation specially my children will never go through the mistakes and hardships I have made. I can still recall the yellow pad so filled with my groanings and moanings because I can’t express my heart when I have to say it but oh how I could see my internal wishes when I started to write it down. In that yellow pad, I have written down my frustrations, my hopes, my fears, my anger,  my bitterness, and my secret prayers with so much hope that I could become that girl. It’s just a matter of time. I can still look back with pride over how much I was the school’s pride as I always won for poetry and essay contests here and there and everywhere. 

 Then I was thinking of becoming a lawyer and be the voice of the poor and the oppressed. I can’t always express my thoughts but oh how I love debate so much. I was that girl in the dreamland with so much hope and determination to make it big in life. 

Then I have to go to college and I was told to study education. While I don’t belittle the impact that teachers has for my life, I just felt that the dream slowly died and I was beginning to see the impact of poverty. But as I was thinking about it, it was in that department that I was introduced to Christ, the one who died and resurrected and He is still the one who have resurrected my dreams back to life. 

So here are my practical tips so you can LIVE OUT YOUR CALLING:

1) SEE WHAT YOU ARE VERY GOOD NATURALLY AT DOING & FAN IT TO FLAME. If that’s cooking then don’t wait for a cooking show to cook, start now in your kitchen. If that’s singing then sing everyday even if you can’t record yourself to be uploaded at You Tube, just sing. If that’s teaching, then  probably start sharing your knowledge to your brothers and sisters at home or maybe to your neighbors. If that’s writing, then start a blog and just write. Don’t wait to have a perfect grammar to start. Your greatness isn’t when you have become famous, it is when you have the courage to start. If that’s giving then enjoy your business or excel in your job. If that’s Homemaking then start in your home and make it your best work of art. 

2) REJOICE IN YOUR STRENGTHS AND SHARPEN IT. I know that the easiest thing to pick up from ourselves is to point out our weaknesses and begin to see how terrible we really are. We all have weaknesses but start looking at your strengths. I know that if I’ll visit my brother’s house and if I am not careful, I will feel terrible in comparison to my sister in law’s gift for home making. She excelled at it. It comes naturally at her. She can turn a haunted house into tourist spot. As for me, if I entered a room or a house, I will remodel it and turn it into a library. That’s for sure. So instead of feeling disgusted with myself, I rejoice in someone else’s strengths as I applaud mine. Thankfully today we have so many tutorials from You Tube to sharpen and enhance our strengths. 

3) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. The best way to fan the flame of your gift is to be with people who has the passion to excel at where they are good at. Be with them. Watch them. Observe how they are doing things and start making your own. That’s what I do. I watch people in You Tube who are doing similarly with my interests and pursuits so I could have enough inspiration to pursue mine. I read inspiring blogs that will feed me into becoming who I am suppose to be.

4) BE YOU & DO YOU. There are so many voices suggesting you to become this and that. You better be a teacher because the retirement is quite high. Or you should work in the call center since you are very good in English and the pay is really good. Or you should make your home this way. So on and so forth. I realize that people started to lead us anywhere because they haven’t seen us going somewhere. But thank them anyway and start doing you and being you. You are unique. Your gifts are tailored to fit you. Explore the possibilities and start living. Remember, it is when you really do what you are called to do that you really really live. 

5) ENJOY THE PRESENT. Don’t wait for 20 years to enjoy life. Even if you are just starting right now and it looks like you don’t matter in this big world, ENJOY because you really did matter. And ENJOY NOW. Enjoy doing the very reason of your existence.  It’s never about how much money you have saved although we are called to be a good steward and that’s another story. It’s never about the fame and popularity. It’s about enjoying life because you have really live. 

And it all begins by threading the waters, paving the way, and living the very life you are called out to be. Stop becoming like everyone else because when you do, the world will miss a a unique contribution that’s in you. 

Live out your calling friends because there’s a reason why you behave that way. Make the most of the best gift you have receive from God. 
Because beside where I sleep are partial books to be covered and to be read and re-read. Our house will one day be a library in the mountaintop.


Let’s Simplify Success

With so many information that could overload our brain, success may become paralyzed in the inability of not doing anything. Sometimes, what we see in pictures will enamore us so much that we just don’t realized it that time passed by so quickly without accomplishing anything. As a result, we continue to become an spectator in someone elses glimpse of their success and our only accomplishment is watching others succeed.

So let’s make life simple. 

Let’s simplify success.

Let’s find our niche in line with our uniqueness.

Here’s to how I simplify my life.

1) I MEDITATE only TWO VERSES per MONTH. I know that reading the Bible is very necessary but I realized that mere knowledge of the WORD is too shallow compared to someone who lived the WORD. There is depthness in the one who allowed the Word to take Root in their hearts compared to someone who are just hiding behind the Divine Word and does not put it into practice. 

2) I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. My pet peeves are people who are too noisy but are not willing to do their personal demands. So in order for me to have consistency with my personal values, I learn to evaluate my personal success and never mind what others are doing. At the end of it all, I am accountable of my own personal performance.

3) I COME TO WORK 45 MINUTES IN ADVANCE. One, it will give me time to prepare for my tools. Two, it allows me to relax and get ready for the day. Three, it enables me to review my notes and learn from my previous performance or mistakes.

4) I COMPETE WITH MYSELF. The greatest disaster is doing life while eyes on someone else. People have a different learning curve and the learning time varies but what I should keep up is my daily personal growth and how I can improve from my previous work or life score.

5) I DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES EARLY IN THE MORNING SO THAT I HAVE THE TIME TO REST IN THE AFTERNOON. Since my work officially starts at 2AM, I have to make sure that I can relax in the afternoon because I can re-charge in stillness. Noise saps all the energy out of me and so to be in a quiet room to breathe in and out without doing anything is simply a bonus.

6) I HAVE TO BE ME AND TO LIKE ME. I have a different way of doing things, learning, views, etc. I admire how God made me so unuiqely from others and by enjoying me, I enjoy how beautiful others are to be so far distinct from me. 

7) I LOOK FOR MENTORS WHO HAVE THE SAME VALUES SYSTEM AS MINE. Since I can’t find them in person, God has His own way of letting me know people in You Tube. One that I watch these days is Nina, and her you tube channel is THE MINIMALIST NINJA. I always tell my boyfriend that I really have a best friend in her. 

7) I DO WHAT I CAN AND I PRAY FOR WHAT I CAN’T. Instead of complaining why this and that? And why he or she does it? Why does so and so said that? Etc? I learn to give my 100% in everything that God has allowed me to experience because that’s where my accountability lies but on the other hand, I learn to take a back seat on something that’s impossible for me to do and trust that My Heavenly Father is working behind the scene so that His plans for me will come to pass in His own timetable.


You don’t need to copy someone else.

You don’t  need to follow the blue print of somebody else’s success. 

You have a pathway to take and so walk in it with conviction and confidence. Make it a pathway too pretty to resist. 

Because one day, someone who might get lost in life will temporarily pass in your route, let your foot prints be a message of perseverance, fun, faith, and authencity to stand out so that in your IMPACT, they may go back to their own PATHWAY and like you, will INSPIRE someone else to become the best VERSION OF THEMSELVES TOO.

A glimpse of where I came from. Because a woman from a mountain can live in the City and find work if she will DREAM and DO IT.

What’s In Your Heart??

There are so many avenues today to stir up our spiritual life. I guess, with our modern technology and if we are living in a city where it’s always available and we have the capacity to be connected, it is impossible to be ignorant on spiritual things if we take time to search for it, download it or watch it. 

When my spiritual life was on a downward spiral and reading the Bible seemed a chore, the Lord led me to watch Marilyn Hickey and she always said, “Live The Word, Unlock The Miraculous.” It took me a while to get it until one day I realized that I should not just read the Bible, I should live it too. 

When I lacked discipline and I was so demotivated to even dream again, the Lord led me to watch Terri Savelle Foy and my heart was stirred to make my dreams bigger than my memories and to be consistent because consistency is the key to change. 

When I need help on how to save money and to avoid the trap of comparison, the Lord led me to watch Rachel Cruze who advocates to never live in debt and always have a budget and yes, love my life not theirs.

When my attitude stinks, the Lord led me to watch April Cassidy who taught me to live with a right heart with the help of the Holy Spirit.

When I was attacked with sickness, I was led to watch Gloria Copeland who taught me to take God at His Word. To let go of bitterness and to keep loving because faith works by love. As I kept watching, I spoke the Word over my growing warts at my feet and in one week, IT WAS GONE. Thank you Jesus.

And the list goes on and on.

As I learned from all these virtual mentors and adapted what they believed that works, I also felt like I slowly lost my sense of identity. The truth is we become what we behold and if people are our secret place to tame the longings we have in our hearts, we might go somewhere but we may reach there as a copy cat. It may work for a while but our originality will always comes out.

As I sat down in reflection, my heart speaks about JESUS. Yes, we might watch and learn from great men and women of faith, but we will never go wrong with JESUS. He who knows who we really are won’t change our identity but will improve it even more.

So here’s my take. MORE OF JESUS; LESS OF PEEPS. Let JESUS refine our rough edges so that we will be to reach our dreams with our refine best version of ourselves.

Happy Monday🚶

Be You

It’s funny how we can get disillusioned because of the informations that we’ve seen on tv. It’s as if they get it the easy way and we look at ourselves and find out that nothing’s been happening. For believers, we ended up always at why God? Not because we have not reached the goals that He placed in our hearts but because we’ve seen others that seemed flawlessly enjoying their destiny. But don’t get me wrong. There’s no problem with our whys to God. I am a why daughter of God Almighty. I like honesty. I like that I can open up everything whatever is in my soul to Him.  But could it be too that we are bothered with our progress because we’ve seen the highlight of people’s success just in one click? The wifi is on. Google points us what seems to be the right answer. The media played the highlight. We see the best photos of people on IG, Twitter, FB, Google+ and etc. It’s like they travel to every place we’ve never been. They looked happy and we are in our house clothes terribly washing the foul smelling socks. They enjoyed their relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband and we are in our one gloomy dark room wishing for our best man or best woman to come. And then we look at us and without knowing it we become insecure that everyone’s getting there while we are left behind. Relate????

Here are my unsolicited advice:
1) Know where you are.
2) Celebrate your little progress.
3) Thank Jesus.
4) Keep moving towards your dreams.
5) Don’t compare yourself with what you’ve seen in social media.
6) Enjoy with the people that matters.
7) Be You.

Here’s what Steven Furtick has to say:


And here’s what Apostle Paul said:

Galatians 5:26 That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original. The Msg

So, have a #jochilicioussunday to you💙

Jesus Loves You🌻

Fill Your Own Shoes

So after I got my guts spilling out in boldness that there’s only one you, I was again driven to these grandiouse pictures that looked perfectly perfect and my energy has been given to all the tab radiation of flipping the pictures of the ohhhs and ahhhs of women who achieved so much in life and my adoration after adoration goes all like worship. I poked my head to eventually wake up that too much on pictures deceived me into thinking that these people I admired lived a perfect life. I know in my head that there’s no such thing as perfect except my position in CHRIST but this addiction has been with me far too long that it needs the renewing of my mind through the Word and the washing of the blood so it is going to be uprooted for life.

As I am in my cute desk having the pictures of my family in front of me, the Holy Spirit reminded me of where and when did this idolatry started from.

It reminded me way back on my 5th grade when I had a very beautiful, slim, pointed nose, nice penmanship, tall, and ever so beautiful teacher named Mam Esther. Oh how I always stared at her and silently complaining why I am not as tall, and as beautiful as her. While everyone exclaimed and praised her natural beauty, I also heared of people’s disgust over how I look, how short I am, how totally ugly I am and the future seemed so far away from me. In response, I do well in school just so there will be something to balance to my ever ugliness as my classmates and teachers used to say, but by being the number one in school, I became the envy of many and I was surprised that people wants my brain. My security lies with how smart I thought I was that it disappointed me when I’m not the number one in class and yeah even when I started working.

So today, I just happen to read one of Rica Peralejo Bonifacio’s post about filling just my own shoes. I am definitely surprised that I opened the blog with a picture in it when the internet connection is too slow but I was so sure that it speaks to me in a way that I will listen. Yeah, I was right too in my head that as soon as I read it, I will not be able to open the rests of her posts as fast as the first one.

Life is going to be so comfortable having my own shoes to fill and just because what others are doing seemed grandious does not mean to say that what I am doing doesn’t matter.

So very early today I got my lesson from my Precious Partner the Holy Spirit, obviously from Jesus and that’s FILL YOUR OWN SHOES.
Be you.

God bless you

Help! I’m Wondering

Waking up totally late from the time I set to wake up and while I can still do what I have written down, I feel a little guilty that I broke my routine. I simply needed a daily routine so my body will get used into it and I will not go back to a day of despair. The internet was still on and yeah it gives me  glimpses of how the people whom I admire lived their lives. I watched their photos, clicked it here and there and the more I looked at it, I just begin to feel a little bit irritated and mad on the inside.

I wonder why Lucy Torres Gomez seemed to be perfectly perfect in her physical features, why she’s born in a wealthy family, and why she’s calm, cool, and collected.

I wonder why Terri Savelle Foy seemed perfectly fine, developed her daily routine, has a vision for herself, writes one book a year, preached to countless congregations, and has a happy disposition in life while at the same time rich.

I wonder why Rica Peralejo Bonifacio’s blog seemed flawless with countless followers, with having a family to boast, a flourishing writing career, a travel she enjoys, a new show she said she loves, plus, not to mention how beautiful she really is in her nice house with her Pastor Husband.

The more I clicked, the more I wonder and wander. At one point I want to be like her, then I found myself wanting to be like the other her and the cycle continues.

Today, I like to be wealthy because they are wealthy, the next day, I want to preach because she preached, then, I want to be a politician because she is, then I want to work because working seemed to be the million and one reason to be in.

I sit here wondering and wandering. Then confusion hits me like I am being electricuted. Who Am I? I begin to be so into them that I don’t even notice how time flies and my very own identity has been taken away from me.

Then something on the inside of me tells me to enjoy my moment. The experience of being able to stay at home because one day, when life offers a full blown busyness, it is not going to be as wonderful as today.

I’m whisphered to see everyday in line with eternity because the riches in this world, the fame, the power, the physical beauty, isn’t going to last forever. That I am simply a foreigner in this world and that there’s heaven to look forward to.

And then as I always hear time and time again, to enjoy the uniqueness in me. That I can’t ever be like Lucy Torres Gomez. That I can’t be Terri Savelle Foy. That I can’t be like Rica Peralejo Bonifacio. That I can’t be Chelsea Smith. That I can’t be like Victoria Osteen. That I can’t be like Shalani Soledad.That I can’t be Chris Cook. That I can’t be like my sister in law who knows everything and can do everything. That I can’t be like my sister Cecile who is the number one risk taker and has the positive vibes to boast no matter what life brings her plus no one can match her generosity except the generosity of God. That I can’t be like Fen Figura Vader who is a career woman and can’t seemed to stay in the house. That I can’t be like anybody else, nor their can be anyone who will exactly be like me.

And Yes I am Me. The blogger who can write without thinking and people said my write ups are pretty much amazing. And honestly, I still find it too amazing and humbled. Thank you so much Jesus. That I am a light hearted woman who is too carefree whom others said, I definitely don’t care. That I am the most content and happy house girlfriend, who can stay at home reading, writing, and it’s fine with me if I can’t go to social events. That I love washing the plates, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and everything that is arranged and organized makes me generally happy. That I love praying and spending time with Jesus, writing my prayer requests down and putting red besides every prayer date overjoyed me because it’s wonderfully answered. That I love to do anything spontaneous because too much routine bores me to death.

I’ve got what I exactly wants, the supernatural peace, joy, and righteousness.

It’s totally liberating to start a day and begin to accept that God never makes a mistake in creating me and that to fulfill my destiny, I have to be the first person who will gladly accept me. That my worth isn’t on how much I received but on how much I am being loved and accepted by the One who had me first in mind.

What’s next in me isn’t in my plan but I am staying close to Him so that I can do His plans and just be the best in it.

As of now, I am trained to completely trust in Jesus and maybe this year is a year of learning what it is really meant to trust someone who already knew my path beforehand.

So thanks much for reading and may you find pleasure in knowing the very you whom God has designed you to be.

Be You

I am starting a habit of watching faith filled messages everyday and everyday my faith tank overflows. My confessions change from it is impossible to possible, from the I can’t to the I can in Jesus name, from getting sick to getting healed, and so many other breakthroughs that God has been breaking through. My life slowly progressed from not knowing what to do to slowly seeing the light of what I am supposed to do. The 21 day challenged has been over and yeah I am still doing what I started since day 1 of the challenged but this week has been a trying tested week for me. Aside from being challenged with the challenges that my sisters are facing and that’s another breaking through story to write and proclaim the ever surpassing greatness of God, I too is personally challenged within me.

As I am watching these men and women of God declaring His faithfulness, I feel the sense of being so overwhelmed and pressured. I am pressured that what I maybe saying to a friend about “Arise” may not come right on the expected date. I see the tiny little bitty me and I am literally tiny, seeing thid vision that’s huge right in front of me and I don’t even have the opportunity of even starting a tiny piece of this dream. I am pressured that I may not become the people whom I am watching and that my life might just be in this room feeling and looking useless and life isn’t going to measure up with whatever people are expecting from me.

Think about this. I am a License Teacher by profession, honor student, labeled as smart woman by everyone I see, and yet I am in my house cleaning, washing plates, cooking, writing, praying, reading, and not earning. I feel like I don’t measure up. Am I going to get there? I don’t know how to start and the thoughts started to come right in like it is going to wash me out and then gone. Maybe you are going to tell me, then get up and apply to teach. That’s easier but teaching subjects aren’t my cup of tea. I am called and set apart to do something beyond the temporal and to be doing it alone daily has been because of the grace of God. Imagine waking up and breaking through with all these negative confessing people around you. That takes God to stay on course but He did it for me and I am just totally blessed with God’s anointing of ease.
As I continued to watch these modern day heroes of faith, a still small voice  interrupted me and said, “You are not called to do what others does. You are called to be you. You don’t need to be in front to vouch my calling. You have already started. Put down the roots so something is going to bear fruit.”

In other words, Metchili, you can’t have it all together overnight but if you stick with it, you’ll get there. You can’t be a preacher without a message being prepared. You can’t have a testimony in prayer without passing the private tests. You can’t sell books without writing little by little. You can’t be in front without being whole behind the scenes. Just keep being the real you in an audience of One because once you are out in front, the world isn’t compassionate enough to cuddle you in your brokennes, rather the world is going to hit you up and down, left and right, and what’s taking place behind the scene is going to be what strengthens you as God launched you into His very calling for you.

Oh my goodness. Everything I heard ministers to me that I get up blessed. Blessed in the knowledge that I don’t have to measure up on the measuring standard of this world. Blessed in knowing that I am  right where I am suppose to be. Blessed in having the opportunity to just stay in the presence of God without interruptions. Blessed to have been given the privilege of pursuing His very plans in my life. Blessed that the One who created the Universe takes notice of me and what seemed to be nonsense has sense in it.

How about you? Did you ever feel like being in a rut and you don’t measure up? Did you ever felt being pressured because others seemed to have a life and you don’t?

Can I give you a good news? You have your own life run the way God intended it to be. It is going to be too different from someone you so admire. It is going to be a journey that you alone can do as you partner with God. As Terri Savelle Foy said, it is God’s Tailor Made Plan for you. God has His own measurement that fits to only you because when He is going to use the measurement of others for you, it’s not going to fit you. He delights seeing you to be the you that He created you to be.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged when others seemed to be far away from you with regards to their accomplishments because at the end of your life, you are only going to stand before God and make an accounting to the very thing that He asks you to do.

Keep doing the very thing that will lead you to your assignment and do it in the signature style of you.

Have a great day and may the peace of God rests in your heart as you continue to be the best you.