Tear Flows

In life, there comes a time that you have no other encouragement to give, rather what’s left are hidden waters that rushed out as raging tears. That’s exactly what happens today. 

I am AHT challenged at work and if you are a call center agent, you understand. I am being challenged to perform and I don’t have enough juices to excrete, if there is, it’s nothing but a bitter liquid that might provide a worst taste to anyone who likes to lick. Then I was about to retreat into a solitary place like Jesus always does when I was followed by a pain in the neck reminder of my terrible performance for this month and week. I was aggravated,  worst, discouraged, and muttered, it’s enough, I’ve got enough, I wanna quit. And my bitter taste spread like wildflower to the blooming lilies and to my surprise, I’ve got their sweet encouragement/s I never thought I’ve received. 

And so to my dry parched emotion rain down river of tears that won’t stop falling just like a visiting rain longed and prayed by the prophet in the Bible. I absorbed like a sponge but still undecided on which road to take but through it all, I feel so blessed to have been showered by roses when I there’s nothing but thorn in both my path and ways. 

So in between sobs and ugly tears is the knowing that my Heavenly Father cares😢😂😄😃


Tend Your Garden

The social media is a blessing and sometimes it is a curse.

A blessing because:
1) It helps you grow in your relationship with Jesus if you partner with like minded people who believe Him like you do.
2) It makes you realize that God is moving in the Supernatural and that Jesus is still really the same yesterday, today, and forever.
3) It makes you get connected with your love ones from a far away land in just seconds.
4) It makes you see how God blesses His people if posts are real 😁😁😁

A curse because:
1) The more we browse the pages of others, the more discontent we become with our lives.
2) When we are angry, instead of talking to the person concern, we pour out in the social media and the sympathy becomes our refuge and strength.
3) We become too pre-occupied with what God is doing in people’s lives and churches.
4) We are growing in the state of comparison and instead of tending our own garden so flowers can bloom, we become disillusioned and become too focused in the garden of others and before we know it, our very own garden dries up and the plants potential to bloom has been cut off.

Let us tend our garden
1) Grow in our talents and abilities, God’s investment in our lives.
2) Mind our own lives before others.
3) Pray, prepare, position, pursue.