Bringing  A Tumbler Saves Money

Often times when I am leaving home and go somewhere  either to do groceries, attend a Bible Study, Conduct some Counseling, Going to church, and etc., I spent money for water. While it’s not too expensive but drinking 5 bottles a day accumulated in a week and a month is already a big amount if we come to think about it. That amount can be added to savings or grocery if finances is thought of properly.

That’s why I bring my one  year old tumbler with me all the time.

I filled this at home and when it’s consumed, I look for drinking stations where I could have this refilled for free. And I also make sure that I drink a lot before leaving. In that case, I am saving money. 

Just a simple tip so we could all be a good steward with our finances.

That’s for #ChilisMoneyTip