It’s been a long while that I had not been able to visit here. I hope that all of you are doing well in your life (body, soul, and spirit). I also pray for your finances, your family, and your career. May all these are getting better if not best before the year ends. More importantly, I hope that you had been enjoying your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ who exactly knows your future.

Looking back in the past months, I had my deeper pursuit of the Lord until I found myself so uptight in all things. I could not understand why until I just had a revelation that Jesus wants relationship and I am called to relate with Him. To be conscious of Jesus and His love is way different than to be conscious of our sin and tip toe as if we cannot break a glass; appearing to have it all together but gradually breaking on the inside. 

So, I wake up thanking Papa God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for a love no one can even match. Sometimes my brain would like to dictate to me over how I think, but slowly, thanksgiving has become a lifestyle and removes all the what ifs and stresses away. 

When I could not understand, I will begin to just say, God is aware and I will have my help.

That’s how my life became calm in the past months. 

So, smell the flowers. Savor the moment. Enjoy your growing kids. Love your parents. Treasure one another. Be grateful for your job.

You see, if you have Jesus and you are not parking your life out of hopelessness, defeat, and discouragement; YOU WILL REACH TO THE DREAMS THAT GOD HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART.
Keep the joy!!!!!


Sparkle & Sparkling

We can be in a place that seemed too opposite of where we came from. They may seemed too different from how we behave and talk but, we can sparkle in differences. We can be a light in the dark. We can have joy in depressing environment. We can have faith in a faithless atmosphere. We can smile in the valley until we progress to the mountain top. 

So, SPARKLE in the dark because you have no idea of how many heads will be SPARKLING because of your influence. 

Have a great day👊🏃

I Don’t Feel Like

This is just one of those days that my feelings would like to subdue my decision making. I don’t feel like going to the interview. I don’t feel like eating breakfast even if I can literally hear the sound of music in my stomach (tapz hahaha). I don’t feel like taking risks no matter how many youtube I watch of Pia Wurtzbach for encouragement (hahaha) but I feel like settling to where I am because comfort is far easier than adventure. I don’t feel like blogging even there’s this still small voice that says “be faithful in little things.” Feelings!!! But, if I will follow in this feeling, then, who I am now will be the same me when this year ends and in all actuality, I don’t like what I am seeing now. Although my identity isn’t in how much I am making. It’s not in my status. It’s not in how dolled up I look.  It’s not in the car I drive (not owning a car now hahaha). It’s not in the house I live. And it’s not in the people I am associated with. I know that it’s definitely in Jesus Christ. Yet, when Jesus was here on earth, He never settled. He risked His life. He walked in far flung places to heal people and give people hope. He’s firm with His convictions but kinder to many who simply trusts Him in their complete abandon away from fear but all out confidence in Him. His life has meaning because it’s never about Him but it’s for everyone to have hope now and the life to come. His joy is bringing glory to the Father, forsaking His luxurious position in heaven, coming down on earth, even to the point of death.

I guess the greatest motivation in life is a life dedicated to live like Jesus.

Matthew 20:28 That is what the Son of Man has done: He came to serve, not be served–and then to give away his life in exchange for the many who are held hostage.” The Msg

Work will have meaning because the motivation is to help. Finances has somewhat of value because it isn’t just for self indulgent but to share. Relationship becomes meaningful because it’s no longer on the basis self exaltation but in making sure that regardless of education, class, religion, race, every individual matters.

It’s always like that in the eyes of Jesus. And, as we get intimate with Him, we in turn see that people are not objects to reach our goals but God’s masterpiece so beautiful to serve.

So, what am I feeling now???

I feel that this precious life and my gifts isn’t for me to feed my ego but for me to be an expression of Jesus love. I hope I always have this feeling for keeps regardless of circumstances.

Always remember that:


Have a blessed #jochiliciousday to all of you💙

Jesus Loves You🌻

The Simple Little Things That Matter

I tried living in a huge house and woke up fearful because the couple shouted at each other. The atmosphere drives everyone crazy and the huge house, no matter how structurally beautiful isn’t beautiful at all.

I tried holding a huge amount of money, in fact not just holding it but being able to spend it for my personal pleasures, I got what I thought will make me happy but it’s not giving me the satisfaction at all.

I tried being the number one, performing until my joints ache and after the 5 minutes fame, handshakes, and congratulations, I went back to desk depressed because I am just the only one left after all.

I tried driving a car big and small but my irritable heart goes anywhere I go, the irritations continue and there’s no peace all in all.

Then I gave a child a used pair of slippers, he thanked me from his inner core and right in a house far too different from mansions build in hills, I found the deepest joy.

I handed the lowly kids some pandesal, they thankfully took it with joy and when I saw them eating those in the shade having the rock as their stool, I found the greatest joy.

I saw my family, happily gliding in the midst of pressures, hardships, and troubles, victoriously facing life with so much hope in the horizon, and I tasted the warmth of joy.

My my love just went back and surprised me with a purple umbrella because the rain started to pour then I begin to finally say, that the ultimate joy isn’t in the huge tangible things I hold but it’s in the continuous outpouring of love meant to melt my heart from my One True God.

Sometimes, we look too far ahead and get hurt because we thought we are at a loss in life because others seemed to enjoy life while we aren’t. The truth is, they may carry it too well but the greatest pleasure is in the purity of thought that in one way or another, we are never out from the mind of the One who first created us.

So today, even in the greatness of what I see as things, I still find joy in the laughter of my sister, in the kindness of my sister in law and brother in laws, in the concern of my boyfriend, in the stare of our dog Kyle who is sick right now (please pray for my friend), in the crows of the roosters, in the dance of the green trees, and in His still small voice that constantly gives me peace and joy.



It looks like that if I am not careful, I will be drawn back to my former addictions of idolatry. No, not the images of gods that you are thinking in your mind, but people that seems amazing to me. Technology has its way of getting so into me, that instead of devouring the Word, I am eating crumbs because I become so content with someone else revelation about His power and reality that I forget His reality in my life.

I listened to them, so engrossed on their speaking skills, liking and commenting on their posts, and then going out empty as a mobile phone which can no longer function.

I was on the jeepney thinking on what is really going on, until I find out that my ultimate call is to hear from Jesus, experience Jesus, and to point the people back to Jesus Christ.

I slept so well while on the jeepney, so at peace and thankful to the Holy Spirit that He reminded me of my existence and yeah He gives me sanity.

Life is simple to complicate it.

Life is all about Jesus and how the reality of this life could be so much fun if I totally grasp the depth of His entirety in my life.

So for all of you, check the life amazing manual, get closer to the God in the flesh who gave us the Holy Spirit, study His ways, and eat a fresh revelation of manna from Himself.

Then to make life more enjoyable, take some vitamins of revelations from other precious brothers and sisters, and see how it confirm to the revelation of yours.

Jesus loves you


Look Up

Isn’t it so funny? The more I read His Word, the voice of lies come flying in my head? I am almost being tempted to believe until the Truth sinks in. Depression? It’s not from God. Sickness? It’s not from God. Loneliness? It’s not from God.

So what’s in God?


And many many more unlimited goods poured out from above.

So what’s my choice?

I can laugh in faith.

I can love in faith.

I can receive healing in faith.

The truth is, we become dizzy looking down but we will become refreshed looking up.

Therefore, LOOK UP and receive what’s yours purchased by the very blood of Jesus Christ.

God bless


God Is The Reason

Did you ever experience being with someone so dear and you share your dreams and goals only to be disappointed at the end? You started to have high hopes, thought about it, and even so excited of the outcome but it looks like nothing is happening? There is no progress, no actions, but everything are pure wishes, hopefully something will be happening before Jesus comes.

You begin to be so mad, disappointed, and your mouth would like to say words that cut to the heart. Your fingers would like to type sarcasm. Your heart would like to give up. Your heart become so numb. And the phrase which was normal only to the weak becomes normal to someone who seems too strong, “I give up”.

But as you reflect about it, you have something to thank God for and God Himself.