When I was still working in the religious organization,  I was labeled as PASTORA FASHION because of how I dressed up, how I applied make up and of how I accessorized myself.  I also believe that presenting ourselves the best that we can isn’t bad provided that we did it moderately and it will not lead us into debt. 

Today, I still have two pouches of Make Up. I check and notice that there are still a lot that I don’t use and some really needs to be thrown away. 

These are my make up pouches. On the left was given to me by Ter Anne when she and her hubby went to Japan.  On the right was the pouch I purchased two years ago. I loved the design so I bought it out of impulse and not really out of need.

The following are my make up essentials after decluttering:

I keep this for my lips that cracks sometimes but since drinking a lot of water these days has been my habit, it has not recur anymore but I still use this when I am at home. I also apply this on my skin when I get burned out cooking and the oil spills out to my skin. 

I don’t apply day cream but my partner discovered this and it suits me perfectly well. He bought another one for me when were in Pagadian because he thought that the first day cream that he purchased was left in Cebu. That’s what it makes it two.

One night my partner brought his co-workers catalogue from AVON and he asked me to choose whatever I like and I chose this. I love this blush on. It melts on my face and I don’t look like Santa Claus. It comes out naturally on my skin as well.

We saw this at Watsons and the waterproof label  sold me out plus it was on sale. Then I was sweating under the heat of the sun and it melted. It was water proof amd not sweat proof (hahaha). But I will use this until I can consume everything to not waste money.

I got this last year and my lips will only go for Revlon lipstick. It’s quite expensive though but I can save for no allergies plus I got it in 50% sale. I guess, I can still use this for another year.

It has been with me since last year. It is still sharp and I am loving it.

I bought this because I like the picture, it’s so chic but it’s also natural when applied on my face. I purchased this two years ago but I am keeping it for the mirror. I don’t need to buy another mirror but I can save extra for not buying one unless of course if it is going to be broken. Hopefully, not in 10 years (hahaha).

I save this when I go to fast food restaurants and the line is long for handwash. It is still full because I made use of the wash area when we eat outside. But since I am still staying at home, I go for soap and water.

Pepsodent was not my toothpaste then. But I noticed that it’s a lot cheaper.  I only got this for P10.00 while the other toothpaste on this size cost P27.00 to P30.00. I saved money by shopping wisely even for toothpaste.

This pouch is to be given away along with some other make up that I don’t really use. 

And this is my only make up pouch left after tons and tons of make up. 

Some were thrown away because it’s no longer of good use and it will not add value in someone else’s life.

This is still in my pouch even if it has been fully consumed because this was a beautiful gift from my sister from Australia. No more perfume. The smells gone but I so love the color and the design. This reminds me of the love of family, generosity, and the importance of people. This is my thank you perfume. Everytime I see this beauty, I give thanks.

As I am thinking about this, it brings me to Psalm 139:13-17 ESV

13 For you have formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows very well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.  17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them.

So ladies and gentlemen, you are not your make up essentials. You were loved, valued, and cherished by God Himself even before the world sees you. Way before the ULTRASOUND had been invented, you were cared for by a LOVING FATHER IN HEAVEN. You were naked then but His thoughts for you were precious.

It’s not wrong to have make up but don’t ruin your budget just so you will fit on the image the world of instagram or social media presented to you. Don’t let it be your life pursuit. Start considering what adds value to your life and be content by the love of God through Jesus Christ. 

Now, if you are a make up artist, then buy tons of make up please. That’s business but at the same time that’s your outlet of your creativity. You earn from it and that’s good.

BUT DON’T LOOK GOOD BROKE. Yes, others are so impressed by your appearance but you are deceiving yourself because when you go home and remove all your make up, you are so stressed out of where to borrow money to pay for your kids tuition or how to pay rent because you are so busy impressing the people you don’t know and much more you don’t like. 

Just love you. Do you. Enjoy you and shine in the best you.

Remember, you are lovely even sans make up. 
Have a lovely day💗


Rent Is Not An Emergency

So what I’ve noticed is that people who rented a space (boarding house as a classic example) panic and scratch their head when the due comes in. The truth is, paying rent is not an emergency. It is something that we know way in advance amd something that we should prepare for when we receive our paycheck after we took an amount for tithing or giving of course. 

That means before going out with friends and going clubbing and become a one day millionaire, budget your finances first to avoid future financial stress. 

When we pay our rent on time or way in advance, we can save from a late payment fee and it’s not going to be too hard on the next coming month/s. If finances is too tight then probably give up loads or minutes for internet or let go of starbucks and just drink coffee at home. I was doing that and is still doing it until now. If I’ll frequent for a coffee at Mc Donald, that’s because I have it on a budget and I will not be guilty drinking over it-it’s a delightful drink.

If you had been saving for an emergency fund, make sure to use it for a real emergency like transferring residence because you had been evicted by the landlord (hahaha) or medical problems that need an immediate attention. Hopefully, by the Jesus blood, we are all protected against the devil’s trap.

Let’s consider what an emergency is and save for something that we already know is coming to avoid anxiety out of our wrong or poor financial choices.

May we all live in financial peace♄

The Blessing Of An Emergency Fund

This year one of our goals with my boyfriend is to save. We learned upon watching financial expert Rachel Cruze that Baby Step number one is to save a thousand dollars for an emergency fund. We are in the Philippines so it should be fifty thousand pesos to save (P50, 000.00). Personally, I also learn from Minimalist Ninja (The Minimalist Ninja at Youtube) to be content and to live a minimalistic life. These people helps me to continue with my goal to save and so we did. We did NOT upgraded our gadgets. We continue to live a simple life and we just save and save. We did not just only do that, we continue to tithe and  give bless others financially when the Holy Spirit prompted us to do so. 

Last March, our landlord sent us a letter that they will not allow boarders to park their motorbike within the premises and on top of that they will increase the rental. Well, the rental increase seems big and we could not find another place to rent that fits our budget. So we finally decided that we will build a tiny house on the land that we have acquired last year, Praise Jesus. My boyfriend has been very active in planning and budgeting how much we will be spending and yes it’s somewhat  big but looking forward, we will not be paying for a monthly rent. 

Had we not saved money for emergency then this could have been a very stressful month for us. The Lord must have prepared us for this year. He definitely knows the future and it really pays to save. 

We will continue to save money and fill our emergency fund again while we will continue to save too for Baby Step Number 2 which is to Save for 3 to 6 months expenses. 

Proverbs 13:11 says dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money LITTLE BY LITTLE MAKES IT GROW (NIV).

Let’s not waste our energy at work by wasting money away. Let’s save first to avoid stress when emergency comes.

Cheers to a prosperous 2017

Poverty Mentality or Being Wise

Long time ago, I was with a group of people who are prosperity preachers and when we were inside the mall, they made a large purchase and were surprised that I didn’t buy any. For one, I don’t want to go home with a bulky and with a heavy bag and second, buying new stuff for the sake of buying wasn’t in my budget. My attitude towards money must be something new to them but I was starting to feel restless on the inside of me specially when I tried to fit in only to please them. As a result, I was labeled as someone with a POVERTY MENTALITY. I had a hard time understanding that kind of a label then but as I was just thinking about it now, my attitude must have been right.

So how can we know if we have a POVERTY MENTALITY??

1) If we have extra cash but we are still AFRAID to buy because we fear lack. It might be because of the scarcity that we experienced in the past. In a way, it’s understandable but not too commendable because we have allowed money to lord over us instead of us having a hold on our money.

2) If we don’t want to give because we think that we work so hard for what we have saved that others must work as hard as we do. Well, this is true but if we have been working for a long time, we too can attest that our job is a trust from God and without His blessing, we wouldn’t be blessed as where we are now.

Notice something?? Poverty mentality is associated with FEAR and GREED because of a bad experience that brought to poverty and poverty isn’t the best place to be. ASK ME. I WAS THERE. 

On the other hand, not spending money because it’s not on a budget is just BEING WISE. It’s not being wise to pretend living a lifestyle of the rich but cannot sleep at night because of DEBT. That is FOOLISHNESS and the BIBLE teaches us clearly to be wise, to be responsible,  and to be a good steward of our finances, time, job, and etc.

To live within your budget is not dwelling on a poverty mentality, it is just being wise. Saving is just being wise. Generosity is just being wise. On the other hand, spending without thinking simply because of a sermon that God wants us to be rich so we have to  act it out  and the end result is DEBT, that’s foolishness. 

So be let’s be wise regardless of the label. Let’s be a good steward of our finances. God give us the brain so we could think well, not so we could squander His trust. At times, God speaks to us in His gentle voice and instruct us to give what we have saved and it does not make sense to our brain, but when it does happened, LET’S GIVE because what He is about to bless us with is far larger than what we have saved.

In 2017, let’s learn to save but let’s enjoy giving like how He gave His Son Jesus to us so we will be saved from our sins.

Have a lovely Monday💟

Goals & Discipline

Our two main goals this year is to save at least 6months of our expenses and to be able to give to our family so we keep our money really organized. 

So here’s to fulfilling our goals:

1) WE ORGANIZED OUR FINANCES. We have this money organizer that we bought from National Bookstore and we make sure that our salary has it’s place. We first prioritize our tithes and move to our allowance weekly plus grocery. My salary is for boarding house rental and savings.

2) WE EAT MOSTLY AT HOME. For breakfast we usually buy it in the office but since I will be home by 3pm, I usually buy 1 cup of rice and partner it with a delicious spanish sardines and “sukang pinakurat” and cook in the evening. 

3) WE ONLY HAVE INTERNET LOAD A WEEK. That means I downloaded videos a week that will inspire me or of my wavelength so I will not make any excuses of not fulfilling our goals. I also make sure to blog twice in a week to maximize my minutes and update social media.

4) MAINTAIN ONE NOTEBOOK/PLANNER A YEAR. I used to be a notebook and pens addict and I find myself buying notebooks but I don’t finish using it in a year. Sometimes, I just buy it and will never use it and it just added clutter in the room. So far, we have not visited the mall yet amd if I do, I don’t buy anymore.

5) WE DO LAUNDRY INSTEAD OF GOING TO A LAUNDRY SHOP. I do my laundry every Monday morning so that I will have enough time to rest in the afternoon and my body will be ready for work the next day. So, we place the laundry budget to our miscellaneous expenses.

6) WE WILL EXECUTE OUR TWICE A YEAR SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES. We scheduled it in June and December and we started saving already so that we can buy clothes that are of good quality and something that will last long. In that way, we will be able to save way earlier before hitting to the mall.

7) WE SAVE FIRST BEFORE WE PURCHASE. If I like a book for example, I go to bookstores, check how much is the cost for the book that I like then save for it. Once I will have the cash, then that’s the time that I will buy.

8) BUY MAKE UP ONLY WHEN IT’S TOTALLY OVER. What I mean with this is, when I still have my lipstick for example,  I will wait that I really make the most out of it. If I can still use it then I won’t buy. I should finish it first. 

9) WE STARTED SAVING FOR GIFTS. Because we are followers of Jesus, we set aside an amount of money just in case the Holy Spirit will tell us to give. However, when He tells us to give all, we also make our heart ready and to not be so attached with things. We experienced the ability of God to provide and we always know that when He speaks to us to give, He will always bless us with more. He is proven and tested in that area. 

10) I WORK. The best way to help my boyfriend is I will also use my talent to earn. It’s going to be too demanding to have a goal in writing but I am not doing anything. With this, we have been able to bless each of our families and it gives us so much joy in our heart. 

We learn to be content in where we are and we learn to wait for the right time to make a purchase. We are learning to become a good steward of our finances while at the same becoming mindful that the blessings come from the Lord so that stuff won’t control us.

This is just for now. 

Have a great day.

The Power Of A Notebook And A Pen

The month of January is almost over and as I am reviewing my goals, I could see that a goal which is specific and is clearly written on paper and is seen everyday will really come to pass. 

I don’t know with all of you but everytime I write something on paper with a timeline, I just know that I will have to do it or else, it will bother me or it will make me restless. It also helps when a written goal is specific and realistic because if it’s too much, it will become a major disappointment. 

So for me it’s the following:

1) Save P ____ every month. Although the amount that I set aside for the month did not really match, I am glad that we have saved this month. 

2) Meditate one winning Scripture and one quotation. I did. The good thing about this is that, I have allowed a verse to take root in my heart. I am not overwhelmed. I am not pressured to read the Scripture for the sake of reading and in the name of religion. And this works well for me. 

3) Post 2 Blogs per week. Definitely. Sometimes it is more than 2 because I’ve got thoughts and in order not to forget it, I wanna write it and if there is still an internet connection, publish it.

4) Read one success book in a year. I have started reading the rich dad poor dad but I felt that I have to read Rachel Cruze book on Love Your Life Not Theirs and I am still saving for it. I have not visited any bookstores as of yet, I probably will when I have enough cash to purchase that book. 

5) Finish the Laundry that has been there in my boyfriends cabinet by December 2017. I started to wash it by 5 per week so it will really zero down by December God willing and hopefully even before the year ends.

6) Be Thankful All The Time. I write down my Praise and Thanksgiving to Jesus everyday or once a week. I have not joined the negativity specially in social media and I am trying to be more mindful of my blog to inspire many. 

7) Pray Everyday – I just assigned what to pray for everyday so nothing will overwhelm me.

MONDAY – Workplace, Teammates, Performance, Bosses

TUESDAY – Family -Mine and My Love 

WEDNESDAY – Friends 

THURSDAY – Local Church/Quest Fellowship, Volunteers,  Pastors

FRIDAY – Philippines, President, Leaders

SATURDAY – Israel 

SUNDAY – Healing For Those Who Are Sick

So everyday I check my beautiful journal and just do what I write. It gives me so much peace and personal fulfillment when I am doing what I wrote down on paper.

How’s your January so far???

This is a gift I receive from Cher Lorianne and I so love this💗