Bringing  A Tumbler Saves Money

Often times when I am leaving home and go somewhere  either to do groceries, attend a Bible Study, Conduct some Counseling, Going to church, and etc., I spent money for water. While it’s not too expensive but drinking 5 bottles a day accumulated in a week and a month is already a big amount if we come to think about it. That amount can be added to savings or grocery if finances is thought of properly.

That’s why I bring my one  year old tumbler with me all the time.

I filled this at home and when it’s consumed, I look for drinking stations where I could have this refilled for free. And I also make sure that I drink a lot before leaving. In that case, I am saving money. 

Just a simple tip so we could all be a good steward with our finances.

That’s for #ChilisMoneyTip


Have Fun Under The Sun

My boyfriend picked me up yesterday to where I always frequent the most, “Book Sale At Robinson Fuente.” He knew too that if we have to meet somewhere and one of us run out of loads that he can just go to Book Sale and he can surely find me. As we exit from my favorite place, we went right away to Expressions where we bought scrapbooking materials for our thank you notes to his sister and brother in law who had been amazingly generous to all of us.

Off we went to Fuente circles where we could find food booths that would satisfy our battling stomachs that cries for food, food, and more food. Hahaha. The truth was, I almost resisted him of bringing me to a place of chaos where the flock of people makes me crazily dizzy and the noise disable me to hear from him as much as he can’t hear from me, and that’s the most critical part hahaha.

As were strolling, I was also speaking into myself internally, that relationship isn’t always about me and so instead of complaining and insisting of going home, I joined with what seems to be fun for him.

As a result, we won in the sun promo. We got an 8Gb USB, tumbler, and pretty photos for free. I was cheering my love to win and he was wonderfully perfect in every challenge. We were doing high five, completely beaming from ear to ear and drive home joyful over how God must have been so good as a Father even in little things.


We were definitely having fun under the sun at night:D

Jesus Loves You🌻