​Why You Are Not Married Yet???

Oftentimes, acquaintances, friends,  co-workers, relatives, & church mates asked me of why I am not yet married. I always heared them said that I passed the age of child bearing and I will have a hard time giving birth. Other’s doubted of the sincerity of my boyfriend towards me. “Maybe your boyfriend is not so into you” they said. Some spiritual bullies will say that by the time I will have kids, groceries must be too high and tuition fees must be too hard to afford. There are also those who said that we must be so down and too poor to afford for a wedding. Well, so many opinions here, there, and everywhere.  Thankfully, over the years, I learn that respecting one’s opinion is a virtue (hahaha).
Here are probably the reasons why:
1) I became a teenager in my thirties. I went through a lot in life that I needed so much emotional healing only the Lord can perform. All I needed is a love from a Father In Heaven but working in the church allowed me to experience an earthly father’s love from my Pastors, and from the fathers in the church. I realized that there a great fathers who existed as well as great men who loves the Lord. 

2) My boyfriend is way younger than I am that when I was graduating in high school, he was still in grade 1. The Holy Spirit must have worked in my heart to guard me and helped me from saying no to the wrong person so I could say yes to the special man whom He had prepared for me. There were times that I cried my heart to sleep while confessing what He has put in my heart that “God Has Prepared Someone Special For Me” and I always answer that when people teased me of having no boyfriend when I landed in my 30’s. 
3) I still want to enjoy a teenage life of being in a relationship because I never experienced what it meant to be a teenager due to the fact that my mother died when I was 10 and I’m guessing that I became a very mean instant mom then. To be a mother way too early for a job you don’t know while also have no knowledge of God was too difficult. How I prayed that my brother and sisters will grow up and will have the best in life and I dreamed of breathing from being an instant mom. Thankfully, they all did and are growing in the Lord and I am also enjoying my single life. Thank you Jesus💗

4) I am still learning how to be a woman in Christ. I long wanted to become a wife. In fact when my uncle asked me what I really wanted, I answered, to become a Godly wife who brings her children to church and who will support her husband. My goodness, I don’t even know why I desired that in my teens. Oh how I prayed that my husband will not be a seaman or someone working overseas because of my sincere desire to become a Godly wife. 

5) We are still working in our finances. No, I don’t want a big wedding but I also don’t want to be stressed out with our finances. A little savings in the bank and hopefully future businesses and investments is a big help. Thank you Jesus. I’ve seen how money stressed my mother way back. How she cried in the night. How she became deaf because her food was given to all of us. And how she became mentally ill because of too much worries and anxiety. This is why I wanted all of us to become a good steward with our finances. 

6) I need to know first how to be a Godly wife.  I need mentorship. I need to see good examples of marriages founded by His truth.  Thank God for bringing to me Christian Ladies whom I can see as growing in the Lord while having a deep respect and love to their husbands. 

So while we had our Bible Study, Ter Yan surprisingly gave me and Ter Anne this book. I’ve seen this book way back then but I was not interested. I read and I was attacked with panic and depression (hahaha). The author is so sweet. My Bible Ladies are so gentle and kind.  I can’t be this woman. I realized that my heart needs cleansing of His Word so that it will submit to what He said, not to what I feel. 

I pray that marriages are strengthened by your relationship in Christ and may the single ladies out there will have to learn to wait for the person whom God has for them. For the time being, enjoy Jesus and His direction for your life. 
Have A Lovely Day💗💗💗


Sweetness In His Bones

I had been given the privileged to visit my boyfriend’s root this week and truth be told, I have so much to write that I don’t know where to start. I had been wanting to put everything in writing so one day when I will be 88 years old, I can look back and I  can proudly exclaimed over how blessed of a woman I am and yes, everything started when I said yes to Jesus. 

So I landed in their beautiful City called Pagadian because my boyfriend’s sister sponsored our fare, food, and everything in between. Fen, if you are reading this, thank you very much for not just sending your brothers back home. How sweet of you to include us (Me and Hannah) to witness our sister’s graduation. 

Again, I have so much in my heart to say but let me just express it one blog at a time. 

So let’s start with my boyfriend’s natural sweetness💟

That’s him and his grandmother. He always mentioned his grandma to me and when he saw her, he hugged her, bless her and just showed his affection towards her. I stood watching and tears flowed like a mighty river. Then he brought her to the dining area, feed her, took care of her, served her exactly like how he serves me when it is just the two of us together. I could not stop thanking Jesus again and again and again for gving me the sweetest man in the world. Not only that, we visited his grandmother’s home and told me where he came from and how he was taken cared of when he was a child. When it’s time to eat, he always go to lola’s house (grandma’s house)to  pick her up so she could eat well with us.

So I was following them while they were holding hands with my shade, tablet and umbrella crying. It was such a delight to watch. This time, he forgot his profession as an Engineer and instantly became the best grandson in the world. The man whom Jesus has blessed me with is such an extraordinary man with a heart that shines brightly than gold. He is such a gem from heaven. He seldoms talk about faith but his life is an expression of Jesus in this earth. 

********************************************************I had been praying to have a Godly man when I was 8 years old and hopefully gets married when I was 28 but when I turned 28 and the man did not come along, I kneeled down to Jesus and cried why it took so long. I waited and waited and held on to His promise that “HE HAS PREPARED SOMEONE SPECIAL FOR ME”. I was called names for not having a boyfriend but friends, when Jesus packaged it, it may take a long time in our time table, but the WAIT IS WORTH IT AFTER ALL. Behind the waiting was a man molded into becoming like Jesus Christ who will eventually treats me like Royalty, a Princess who was slowly molded into becoming like Christ.

And my love story started when I first said yes to Jesus. May you all out there try Jesus. May you all experience the Father’s heart for you In Christ💕

Jesus is indeed the sweetest and He give me His sweetest in this world. 

The Power Of A Generous & Praying Boyfriend

So last Saturday, my boyfriend had a company outing & I am glad that he has the time of his life just for himself regardless if he is with the same people. I am happy for their company’s decision to have some fun as well. 

I too has been given the privilege to meet with my bestfriend’s husband, name I will withheld to avoid much questions (hahaha). But, what really touches my heart was my boyfriend’s surprise gift for me -his way of letting me know that he was thinking about me while he was away. 

At dawn too when the motorcyle reach my workplace where he brings me every morning, he laid his hands on me trusting me to Jesus that His power will be enough to cover my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and my hormones (hahahaha).

As we have been together for 6 beautiful years, the gold in him continues to increase in it’s karat. His character shines brighter & brighter enough to remind me that the long wait was really worth it. 

Looking back, I was told by my churchmates that my boyfriend is nice is just that he does not have the money to marry me right away. I was hurt but I stayed not because I was desperate to have a boyfriend but because I knew deep in my heart that he is Jesus choice for me. 

Ruth Bell Graham once replied when interviewed that she would rather have her husband partime than having someone else fulltime. I’ve got the same answer. I would rather have my man than being with someone who has so much but is not trusting in Jesus.

By now, God has been faithful and we see His faithfulness for both in our lives. 

My prayerful boyfriend💗

My boyfriend’s generosity💗

Lord, Give Me A Husband

I always said that I belonged to the perfectly imperfect, lower class family. I grew up with no tv but a radio which was torn apart because I wanna listen to one station my brother don’t wanna listen and we pull this radio against each other and bang, it’s was broken (hahaha). I was so sad that I did it and I regret doing it but it was too late (regret is always at the end). But regardless of that poor state and imperfections, I wanna believe we’re rich. The place we live maybe the poorest to others but it didn’t feel that way because everyone was exactly like us. To many, our lamp is the moon at night and while we study in that light, friends and cousins came over and we get together and played. Oh, if I only remember the good old days, it was nothing but the faithfulness of God and a wonderful delight.

So, you might be asking, now, where’s the give me a husband here? (Hahaha). At an early age, I’ve seen my parents prayed. They said that God hears us when we pray. That He will help us. That He will one day change our lives. That He is compassionate to those who call on Him for help. That He is taking note of our heartfelt prayers. Although, I don’t completely understand who God was and I had no Bible to back me up then, I believe. I had the same prayer every night for my family and I name them to God one by one, I also had my personal requests. Yay.

I took faith to heart as a child and I talked to a God whom I believe can do anything and at eight (8) I prayed for my husband:

I said, Lord, please give me a husband who is taller than me (and with my height, every guy must be taller than myself hahaha), who is responsible and not a drunkard, who will not work abroad but here (Philippines but if he will, we must be together), older than me (now, he is way older in the way he thinks hahaha), who will bring me to church (promise, we didn’t even go to church then haha), and please let my first boyfriend be my husband, let him be my bestfriend first so I’ll know him, please give me a complete family and please help me to be pure until we get married.

I prayed that everyday at night and anywhere I get to church. I had suitors when I was in high school and I had my crushes too but I knew that they were not meant for me. I had good looking penpals who expressed their genuine intention, I believe, but we became friends.

I was thirty two (32) when I had my first boyfriend. I’m now thirty six (36) and as far as the thermother is concerned, it’s still normal, too far from convulsion (hahaha). I waited for twenty four years (24) to have my first Christian, professional, responsible, matured boyfriend
and to wait for another year/s for the wedding isn’t painful anymore. God has proven Himself faithful in the beginning, He is the same faithful God in between, and the same faithful God for the coming wedding.

Maybe, some of you had been waiting for so long too. Maybe the sight of couples holding hands while walking is painful to you. Maybe, you are heartbroken and the pressure from friends and colleagues are so intense. Maybe, you are asking,  if the best man and woman for you will come along too. Maybe, you passed the age of cultures definition of wedding and marriage. Maybe, you are in pain right now and February is a dreadful month for you.

I have no idea with the state of your heart. I have no idea with the pressures you’ve been through. I cried in those twenty four years too. But keep praying. Trust in the faithfulness of God. If marriage is for you, then, it is going to come in His timetable. He has His plans. He knows what’s best. The waiting maybe too long. The waiting maybe terrible. Yet, when the best one for you comes, I believe you can thank Him for the roads that seemed rough and for the story that seemed tough. As of the present and onwards, Jesus Christ is always enough.

Jesus said in

Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open. (AMP).

In Jesus, it’s always Valentines. In Jesus, it’s always a matchless love story.


Jesus Loves You🌻